Thoughts Matter!

When was the last time you sat quietly somewhere and thought seriously about everything going on around you and more importantly, what kind of world do you wish to live in? Whatever world we slip into next will be the world we all choose with our thoughts and desires. If we wish a happier, safer, more honest and compassionate world, we need to stop always thinking about what is wrong in the world and spend more time thinking about the world we wish to create!

I know which kind of world I choose to live in. Perhaps you’ll put down your smart phone and give some of your free time to imagining the world you wish to inhabit and if we all do this, the sooner we can move forward and create it! If we can create war, we can create peace! If we can create hatred we can create love.

My quick choices for a new world:

  1. A society of people coming together as a whole and sharing compassionate living ( Love)
  2. A society centered around honesty and gratitude and awareness
  3. Inspirational leaders with integrity and strong morals who honestly CARE
  4. A society with open minded and open hearted thinkers with critical thinking skills
  5. A society of people who are Givers not Takers, a planet that shares life experiences together not separately
  6. A society of people who desire a simplistic and more meaningful lifestyle
  7. A society that has respect for one another, that HONORS and loves their children not abuses them
  8. A society with less intrusive and abusive technology who chooses technology geared towards helping humanity evolve to a higher consciousness level
  9. A society of human beings with authentic feelings and ideas, not robots,
  10. The FREEDOM to be whomever we choose to be!
  11. Last but certainly not least, a society that no longer worships Money but values their existence in this lifetime instead

I hope you take some time and visualize the world you wish to live in and do this often. The more we envision a better world the more power we gain to create it!

Blessings and love to all ❤


Full Moon Shines Bright….

The Full Moon in Virgo is Tuesday, March 7 at 5:40 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST)

During this “worm moon”, any decision that is made has a permanent quality and intention to carry it forward with confidence and inner strength. There is excitement for movement and action, and support for making a leap of faith when you know something is right. Some plans may need adjustments, and the cooperative quality of the times breeds community involvement and co-creative involvement in projects.

Practice gratitude, spend some time in self-care and enjoy the potential for growth that any challenge or opportunity may bring you at this full moon. Set a clear intention that whatever support or medicine you need will make itself available to you clearly and effortlessly. If problems need to be solved, use creative thinking and try new approaches instead of going for what you know from the past. This is an energetic time. The body can take advantage through movement, breath, and perhaps some new and helpful disciplines. Use your discernment to avoid stepping into another’s karmic process but be aware of and take responsibility for your own.


Lena  (source)

March Forecast…

Well dear readers it sounds like we best prepare ourselves for rough waters ahead! It seems fairly obvious these days. Be kind to yourselves as we forge ahead and be kind to those around you as well. We are all going through this drama together. Make the most out of the March madness and stay true to who you are and what you believe. Do not comply but rather Inspire! Here is the article.


Blessings and love to all ❤




I’m sitting here watching the snow falling down outside and it got me thinking. Times are so tough right now as our countries are being set on fire creating ecological devastation, food and gas shortages, and of course FEAR. Always we must be afraid. NO! Please let go of fear and use that energy to begin to find ways to go around the obstacles being thrown in our faces and begin creating new ways of living our lives. The universe is calling out to us to wake up and become active in saving humanity. It’s imperative we have clear minds capable of thinking outside the box. We must become visionaries and put our creativity to work! For every freedom being taken away from us we can and we will find other ways to accomplish our goal. We do not need guns and armies, we require RESILIENCE! It is time to stand strong and put our energies where it is most needed and that is in finding the courage to wake up and face the truth of what is happening all around us today. There is a war going on yet so many may not even know it.

Rather than crumpling up into a ball of fear because we are being attacked from all sides, say NO! Do not fall prey to that distraction. Find ways to remain calm and in control in a world that is totally out of control. That calm often comes when we feel secure in our decision making and that can only happen if we are awake and aware of what is going on in the world. That requires shutting off the lies of the main stream media and searching for your own knowledge and answers on the Internet or through other people around you. We are being asked by the universe to reignite our critical thinking abilities that have been stifled by the maniacs running the asylum, to create an alternate reality of peace and compassion and equality and justice for ALL. Not the few.

Please clear your minds, go decompress out in nature, let the trees and sunshine and wind sooth your soul and restore your energy and resilience. We can do this! We have to find ways to circumvent the insanity and begin building a new world and we can only do that if we have the resilience to keep fighting, to keep not complying, to keep ourselves fit and healthy both mentally and physically. Be kind to yourselves for these are unprecedented times of stress we never asked for yet we are dealing with them. Praise yourselves for remaining strong and keeping an open mind. We will win this war, but we must do our part and take action! Be kind to one another and reach out to others in need and each time you do you add your positive strength to the battle. Silence the fear and build up your resilience! We are all in this together!

Blessings and much love ❤


New Moon Cometh…

New Moon in Pisces was Monday, February 20th at 12:05 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST)

We are still in the field of this New Moon energy and it is a good time to revisit your desires and intentions for the year. Do they still feel right? Have you had recent experiences that are nudging you away from something old or towards something new? All signs and emotional responses should be paid attention to and, if you stay present with what you feel, it will give you a chance to explore your next move from a place of personal authenticity.

We are entering a new cycle that requires and supports imagination, self care, rejuvenation, and a commitment to something that truly inspires you. It is important to distinguish between doing something just because you have always done it that way, doing something because you feel an obligation from the outside, and doing something because you love it and it makes you feel good, productive and satisfied.

This time is also about balance and addressing balance in your life. Discipline is good, but don’t forget to nourish yourself with the gifts and pleasures of life. Raise the quality of something in your environment even if it is a little thing but one that you would notice and appreciate every day. 

There is good momentum for those new beginnings. Make sure the direction is truly what you wish for.