It’s All About You…..

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Well, here we go into the holiday season and for those of us living in the U.S.A. it is also a time of great upheaval. It is truly amazing to witness what is taking place these days. It is extremely  frustrating to see what politics has become and all the people politicians are willing to inflict pain upon in order to satisfy their need to get rid of a sitting President they don’t want in office. It is stunning to watch the players in action and the lengths they are willing to go to. It is both tragic and very sad. That said, that reality that the politicians are creating for themselves is exactly that, THEIR reality, not yours!

If one refuses to listen to the propaganda on television and stop participating in the war of insanity and words on Social Media, if one just tunes out the chaos and focuses on their own lives and making themselves the best they can be, that is where peace resides. If enough people refuse to participate in the drama eventually the tides will turn. The world needs each of us to do our part.  As I look at this country right now, I see no moral compass, no honesty,  no love and compassion, no respect, no acceptance of freedom of speech and no understanding of our oneness and what that means. It is a very sad state to find ourselves in. We have lost our way, we no longer are living by the life laws we have honored forever up until now. They no longer exist.

Life laws don’t exist in THEIR world, but that is most certainly not my world! This is why I say it’s all about you! It is up to us to honor our life laws in our own worlds reality.  I make it a point to reach out to those in need who happen into my life, I listen when someone is speaking to me, honestly listen, I respect each soul I interact with every day and to be a truthful, honest person whose compassion is unwavering. You can have a huge segment of society running rough shod over all others, but if we all are doing our best and living from our hearts, that percentage will continue to grow as those around us begin to do the same. You can be ugly on Twitter or Face Book or in the media where lots of people will give you kudos for being as ugly as you can be, but try doing that in an environment of positive people living from their hearts. Believe me they won’t accept any of that. That drama is not welcome.

It’s Christmas time and we should not be doing what we are doing to one another as a society. We are destroying ourselves very quickly! Please take the time this holiday season to reach out to those in need, be kind where kindness is scarce, respect all those who may think differently than you, that is their right! They just can’t force feed you those ideas without your consent.  Open up your hearts to others and open your minds to new ideas. There is no need to be filled with anger and rage in YOUR own reality. There is always room for love and compassion if you are willing to offer it. Your world and your reality can be a beautiful place if you have the courage to shut out the darkness and walk your own path into the light.

Merry Christmas season to all ❤

Blessings and love,


Changing Our Path…

I keep hearing people say or people write about the fact the world needs love. It certainly is a vast statement, but I get what is being discussed, I just keep wondering how that statement can become more focused yet simplified to help people understand the gravity of this moment on our journey. Yes it is a desperate fact that the world needs love but just how would we go about accomplishing this challenge? I have written about this before in other posts, but I wish to mention it again. Each of us when we come into being have a choice of living our lives in one of two ways. We can live our lives as either Givers or Takers. It really is as simple as that. Yes negative childhood influences can steer us in unwanted directions but still, in the end, the choice is always ours.

Perhaps one of the more profound ways we can help love our broken world back to wholeness is by deciding and committing to living our life as a Giver. Thankfully there are of course wonderful and inspiring givers in the world right now, but there are a great many Takers as well. It has become a true dog eat dog world out there, filled with sharp edges, rough surfaces and sadly, closed minds and hearts. We have been pushed and prodded into seeing and believing we are deeply divided, we are not equal, we are not worthy of respect and because of these beliefs this is how we manifest life to be. Yes there are a million different takers out there ready to rip us off, steal from us, use us etc. It seems like a huge task to hope we could encourage everyone to become a Giver.  It won’t just happen one day, we must strive for that outcome by changing our individual lives, by each of us becoming a Giver and interacting with life in brand new ways that lift up others around us and fill them with the inspiration to make changes in their lives as well.

I think the greatest gift we could give the world and give each other is to step away from the drama that has sucked the world into a web of negativity and commit ourselves instead to becoming a true Giver.  Cast aside the propaganda that is warping humanities thinking right now and be willing to become vulnerable, to stand up for ourselves, to become a Giver of life, to be willing to become who our heart would really like us to be. When we take off all of our masks that hide our insecurities, in the end will we be a Giver or a Taker? Being a Giver is the surest way of finding purpose and meaning for our lives which in turn will provide us with great happiness and pride and ultimately peace within. I challenge everyone to become a committed Giver if they aren’t already. As a whole we can change the world.

Blessings and ❤ to all,




Be The Light…

We have no higher purpose in life than bringing forth our light to shine upon the darkness we see all about us. We shine our true light when we do not judge, when we strive for equality for all, when we embrace compassion and kindness in our hearts unconditionally, when we honor our individual journeys here on earth and show each other a deep respect for their space and their choices and their right to live as they choose. There is far more healing power in connecting as one with our light and working together, instead of fighting multiple battles to try and repress someones freedom to be. Resistance tears down and destroys whereas unity encourages valuable growth and strength. Have a blessed weekend and share your light where it may be needed. If we all do it the world will begin to glow .

Blessings to all… ❤


Cosmic Weather Report…

Soul Level Astrology  ® |
Cosmic  Weather Report November 2019:
Graduating From The Almost Species
By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax
Putney Mountain, Vermont
Throughout November the cosmic weather remains polarized, with the personal planets on one side of the sky facing transcendent planets on the other side. This opposition cuts to the core of the human dilemma: Are we ever going to merge with our higher selves, or forever wallow in the ignorant self-destruction of our lower natures?
Humanity has become the Almost Species. Throughout history, and more so at present, we’ve  almost blossomed the love we’re made of,  almost risen out of the dark ages of fear, violence and bigotry.  We’ve  almost lived up to the great wisdom and compassion inside us mentioned by wise ones through the ages who saw through our false selves and tried to set us on a better path.
By Michael Divine
To grow out of the Almost Species into our true selves, we must heal this split and solve our core paradox: How come a race with so much potential keeps sabotaging itself? How come a species with so much brilliance chooses ignorance?
A gene seems built into humanity which makes us fail to recognize the truth of who we are and what we have until it’s almost gone. Our planet is burning and corporate greed is using this catastrophe to reap even more profits. Whistleblowers who reveal the stinking corruption of this are crucified instead of celebrated.
Yet, beneath this twisted karmic theater farce of The Final Act of a False Civilization, a great awakening is spreading from person to person across the world, as millions of people break out of numbness and complacency to realize they’re here for something more than keeping the Machine going. When you heal your inner split everyone else’s split has less power over you. When you awaken from the farce you get to play a lead role in the karmic theater production of The Lives We Were Born to Live, by using everything dark and deadly to catalyze everything bright and alive.
By Tomasz Alen Kopera
As corrupt power structures collapse we must claim the truth within. That means opening your heart and tapping deep reserves of creative soul fire. It means believing in the buried goodness inside our race and not letting anyone stop  you from throwing your strength behind it. Most of all it means teaming up with like-minded souls sick to death of living a lie.
As California burns and power company executives count their profits, we must shift allegiance from the Almost Species into the Transformed Ones. Like in the 1960s when the twisted lies of that time catalyzed a counter force of worldwide awakening, we need to awaken the great love and truth sleeping within:
We were talking, about the love that’s gone so cold
And the people who gain the world and lose their soul   
(From  Within You Without You by George Harrison)
If we use the hyper-polarization of our time to conjure the wholeness within, we’ll finally make the hidden promise of our species come true and  graduate from the Almost Species into the Fully-Arrived Ones.
Who Are You Really?  What Are You Here For?  
How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?
Master Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax
Mark Borax is a teacher, astrologer, musician and bestselling author who lives in Vermont and writes the monthly Cosmic Weather Report email newsletter. He offers readings over the telephone and in-person, and classes that catalyze individual evolution. His books
2012 and the  Cosmic Weather Report c an be ordered from bookstores and Amazon.