Dancing With The Wind….

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I feel great change is upon us. Soon the pangs of change will spark fear in many, for to give up what is familiar is to walk into the unknown, but we must! I sense a moment coming soon when life as we know it is going to radically change. How that change manifests itself is up to each of us and how we interact with change. Are our hearts filled with faith, do we believe in ourselves, are we open to perceiving life in new ways?

How can we prepare for the inevitable? The key to our survival and our road map forward is incumbent upon one important ability we must hold onto for dear life. The ability to dance with the wind, to bend and sway in any and all directions when needed, we must learn how to let go of what we think life should be and be willing to float confidently wherever we are meant to go, doing whatever we are meant to do. Staying strong in the moment asks us to be willing and able to bend to whatever circumstance comes our way and not falter., to shuck our rigid ways and open our hearts and minds.

So much of what we see playing out on television these days is honestly hard to watch. We are seeing the rigidity of the old paradigm unwilling to release their hold despite the fact the ground beneath them is crumbling away. It is painful to watch the ego in action, controlling lost souls who are unable to see anything outside of their world. Eventually their hands will tire of holding on tightly, they will cramp and grow stiff, giving way to their fall from grace. The fact they are unable or unwilling to bend, to flow or to move forward outside their comfort zone is their undoing, let it not be ours.

Begin today practicing letting go of your need to have things the way you want them. We are entering a new paradigm, a new era of BEING, we must begin by building new and stronger foundations from which to construct the new world.  I always refer back to Albert Einstein when he said man cannot solve its problems with the same minds that created them. This is where we must begin, by opening our hearts and minds to new ways of being and trusting that all will be well. One can’t risk and rebuild without trust and faith. Honor them, nurture them and practice becoming a new you with love and compassion. The crack in the armor has opened up and the light is coming in, there is no turning back now, only forward we go!

Blessings to all,


Bizzy Returns…

Despite another four inches of snow and driving winds, sweet Bizzy was able to leap through the snow drifts to come and eat his tasty treats. I am so thankful he began coming to the porch and I was able to help him survive this brutal cold. One more day to go Bizzy, then we have the 30’s back again. This cruel cold will dissipate. Yea!

A Small Tale Of Wonder…

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As many of you are aware, where I live and so many others in the North East as well, we are being frozen by unrelenting, sub-zero temps and snow storms. Seems like an active start to 2018. I wonder what lies in store for us? We had a light snow fall the other day and when I went out first thing in the morning, there were rabbit tracks all over my porch. Odd. I’ve never seen them there before. I do have a rabbit I call ‘Bizzy’ I see zooming along the snow-covered fields in winter and munching happily on my back lawn in summer. I like Bizzy, I enjoy interacting with animals in the wild, especially when they interact back!

I decided to try to put a few carrot sticks outside near where Bizzy’s tracks were and see if he would come back and find them. The following morning two carrot sticks were gone even though they were rock hard and frozen solid. To Bizzy I am sure heaven dropped down from the sky. The following day I went out to check and sure enough more carrot sticks were gone. This is great! It feels really wonderful to help others, be they human, animal, or plant. They must be suffering terribly in these frigid temps. Tomorrow is to be 23 below zero. Cold paws and noses I would imagine, so any help I can give, I give gladly and pray hard.

I have no idea why Bizzy came to my porch in the first place as we have never interacted before.  Perhaps the dangerous cold made him desperate for food. I decided to look up rabbit medicine to see what message he was bringing me. There were many messages, but if one looked at the whole overall picture it seems rabbit brings motion/action. It feels as if the message for me as well as all of us, may well be to take action now, the time has come, see what needs doing and get it done! We have looked and studied about our situations long enough, now the time has come for creating anew. Rabbit symbolizes fertility most often so let us all create the new world and come together as one to finally birth it. Love and compassion are desperately needed in the world only the world doesn’t even know it. We will be the force to show the world.

I will let you all know what becomes of Bizzy and our new-found friendship.

Blessings to all,



Put A little Joy In Your Step In 2018….!

Happy New Year everyone….It is coming in ‘very cold’ for a lot of us, but that said, in some ways it is good. It is keeping many home and quiet and hopefully taking time to go within to complete our work for moving forward in our lives. Wishing the best for each and every one of you in 2018. Let’s work together to bring peace to our hearts and to the world. Blessings to all…VK ❤