What Do You See?

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What are your perceptions of reality? With each and every one of us being unique and different, we can’t possibly see reality through the same eyes. So if we all have a different take on reality, how in the heck can we all come together and agree on anything? It’s obvious how divided we have become because of the shallowness of politics.  It seems to me the only way we are going to return to  common decency and sanity is by adhering to sensible life laws that pertain to the whole of humanity. We have tossed aside the ones we used to live by. Do not tell lies, treat one another as equals, do not judge, show kindness and compassion, help one another, always live with honor and integrity and always show respect for one another etc.  We do not share the values we once did, they have faded away and disappeared from our attention. In other words we no longer have a central ‘anything’ to bring us together in commonality. We have splintered and separated ourselves into isolation. It is time to break free of outdated perceptions and open our hearts and minds to creating a better way of being in the world, a new reality, a new story..

If we have learned nothing else since 2012, it is our understanding that we each create the reality  in which we live.  We share the planet, we share our lives, but we each have a separate reality. Now it seems the biggest question of all shouting out to be heard and answered is how can we bring a gazillion separate realities together to coexist in harmony? Hmmm….Good question. I think it would begin by having a shared concept and direction that we all need to be going in together as one force, but we need to share our desires first. We never come together to discuss such things. I never hear the people being asked what we want! Do we even know what we want? You can’t just say we want peace, that is too vague to work with. Break it down and find the core.

It is time for dialogue amongst the people. We need to begin talking face to face again and getting to know one another, what we want, what we think. It is an obvious fact now that we need each other to survive and thrive in the world. At present we exist in our bubbles oblivious to who floats by our space and making no attempts to reach out and communicate with them. We need to figure out who and what we are so we can figure out where we want to go and the best way to get there.  As it is always pointed out, it unfortunately/fortunately requires us getting our own lives together first. We have serious issues that need mending from the suffering and abuse that has been heaped upon humanity throughout the lifetimes. We carry many deep scars from our pasts and sadly they creep into our present and disrupt the process. It’s why we must be straight with ourselves first before we can be straight with each other.

Learning to handle ego is a huge problem for us to deal with as it spider webs off into a billion different directions, most of which hamper our forward motion. We get hung up in judgments, jealousies, anger, insecurities etc. They warp our perceptions of life and therefore we can not expect to create well thought out life laws to live by. If each of us is together and strong and thinking clearly we can create healthy and secure life laws to guide us forward. I cannot emphasize  the importance of self discovery enough and the critical but plain old hard work of letting go so one can move ahead. We are being distracted daily from this necessary work as an informed and together population is a threat to those wishing to keep control over us. Stay focused! Do lot allow yourself to be dragged off course by manufactured drama. Stay present, stay true to yourselves.

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The snow left two days ago and today was the first day of sunshine in many days! It is wonderful to see and feel its warmth. Not only did it bring me back to life, it brought out the crocus at long last! Yay! Spring has finally sprung. New life is emerging on so many levels. While the flowers are busy unfurling their blossoms in the sunlight, we too are busy unfurling our new selves as we leave behind what no longer serves us and we move on to whatever more we can become. The opportunities are endless. Happy spring and happy weekend to all.                                                                            VK ❤

Break Free…

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Rain and ice here today and down right chilly. Where oh where is spring? I stayed hunkered down beneath the covers in bed late this morning until my stomach began demanding food. It was so warm and cozy underneath I didn’t want to crawl out. I was thinking as I sat there about how I would like to live out the last quarter of my life. Simply I decided. To live in my small house with my devoted cat and the wonders of mother nature and her creatures all around me. To live my days not by a calendar or clock but by the seasons and the moon and the sun.  It seems like such a simple desire and yet I cannot do it because of humanities lack of insight early on when it chose to become caught up in the money game.

As I wrote that first paragraph I could feel other people already putting their stamp of judgment upon me, not maliciously, but because it is what they have been taught to believe. Why do any of us judge another’s life, where or why did we turn that corner in life that said ‘go ahead and judge, it’s okay, it makes you feel better.’  To many the simple life I desire could be considered less than, not evolved,  a waste of possibilities, dull and uneventful. We can think such things because they have been bred into us over generations, we were made to believe that what we do in life defines who we are. Are we a Dr. or a Lawyer or an Indian Chief? Such titles and degrees define us, to not have one makes someone less than, uneducated, lower class, less worthy. And yet…

I was well-educated at private schools, my mind is sharp, I communicate well with those around me, I am a far-reaching, big picture thinker and yet I don’t have a career that defines who I am nor do I desire one. Shame on me! Are we not made to believe if we don’t desire the climb up the ladder we lack inspiration, a desire for growth, we have nothing to offer the world? I could be accused of not engaging with life, wasting precious time dripping through the hour-glass, I am not accomplishing anything in the eyes of many. Just whose standards am I being measured by in the first place? Who made up these rules of life we live under? Did we all choose to live under these rules freely or have our ideas about the way things should be been bred into us over generations  of time unquestioned? Therein lies the problem.

Early on in societies development a certain group of  wealthy people with a particular mindset saw an opportunity for wealthy gain and control of the people. We used to be simple hunter/gathers, we didn’t have money, just survival skills, a sharp mind and resourcefulness. We survived back then but could not survive easily now without the security of money. This is when life became an experiment about control. Beliefs were implanted into our unsuspecting minds that subtly began to siphon away our freedom. Today we are so entrenched in this money trap it seems impossible to escape. We have unconsciously created a system to live by that has given over total power and control to strips of green paper and round, shiny, metal coins, locking us into our cages.

This monetary system of living not only ensnares us, but many do not even realize they have been trapped.  They buy into the money game and their lives instantly become a quest for more and more and soon new problems unfold. As our money game begins to take root, judgment is injected into our thoughts and the haves and have-nots were born followed soon after by ego and its swagger of jealousy, greed and self-importance, which began to reconfigure our beliefs. Life was no longer about simple living and survival skills, now it’s focus had become fixated on green strips of paper and round, shiny, metal coins. It dominates our focus and dominates our way of living and entraps us in our self-made cages, stealing our freedom to live how we wish to live and be who we wish to be, if we don’t have money!

We have become slaves to ourselves, to a way of life we have been made to believe we want and that we never question! Blindly and devotedly we struggle to acquire money, yet we do not fully understand for what purpose. Sadly the more money we have the more we want. The Gerbil wheels within our cages spin continuously 24/7 in our exhausting pursuit for more, all the while simplicity and real life passes by outside our barred windows just out of reach.

And so I long to live quietly with my cat and nature, yet I cannot do such a simple thing without money to pay the bills and put food on the table. I came to earth and once here was made to live an acceptable life by someone else’s standards by accepting their beliefs and becoming ensnared in the money trap. Now with my life 3/4 over it is hard to break free without money. The circle is complete. I often feel like I was born at the wrong time as these standards of living are not mine! They hinder my freedom to be who I wish to be and live how I wish to live.  Nothing should EVER have the power to restrict someone eles’s life dreams. It’s a tough quandary to find oneself in. It is what I am working my way through right now, trying to figure out how to live out the last quarter of my life the way I want to without money. The ultimate challenge for sure.

Blessings to all,




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It is cold today and raining. I live pretty high up on a mountainside and so we were literally in a cloud all morning. Very strange feeling. I have been loving the rain as finally the snow has gone except for a few small patches beneath trees deeper in the woods. Now I hear 1-3 inches of snow tomorrow. It makes your heart sink just a bit. I know it won’t last long, but I just didn’t want to look at white again! Such is life, one must go with the flow wherever it takes them. I have chosen to look at the weather as my mentor this morning teaching me how to accept what is.

This morning I found a photograph of the caterpillar I discovered one fall that I kept in a ball jar with screening over the top on my kitchen counter. He ate voraciously on milk weed pod leaves for days and days. He quite quickly went into his pupa stage and became encased in a jade green house trimmed in shiny gold. I was stunned by its beauty. I had no idea nature actually worked with a gold coloring to create it’s wonders. I assumed gold paint color was man made. Live and learn. Everyday I would watch the little green pod as it began to change in color as the caterpillar began to grow into a butterfly inside. The shell was becoming transparent sort of and you could begin to see the pattern of the wings within. It was a fascinating transformation taking place. I realized while being a part of this amazing feat, the true meaning of dying so you can be born again. I realized at that moment I was watching reincarnation taking place. How holy!

As luck would have it I was blessed to be present when the birthing began. What a huge struggle they go through to force themselves out of such cramped quarters. The struggle went on for quite some time until eventually the body was free and slowly, ever so slowly the wings began to unfold. The next couple of hours were dedicated to drying its wings by carefully fluttering them up and down in a rhythmic motion. Several hours later I took the branch it was on outside and left it on the deck railing. It was cold as winter was already scratching at the back door to get in. This little guy had been late in getting started. Eventually he threw himself off into the air and wobbled along on shaky wings across the pasture until I could see him no more. All I could do was pray he made it to warmer spaces before the cold settled in. God speed little Monarch.

Much like the young butterfly placed himself in his protective chrysalis where he orchestrated his amazing death and transformed birth into something brand new, we too seem to be taking this time to build our own chrysalis in which to undo what we no longer need to define ourselves and begin to grow into something new. It takes great courage to embark on such a journey. It is grueling at times, painful, isolating, confusing and challenging and yet deep within we know we must make this journey in order to grow and change. Imagine finding the courage to give up who you once were for what you can be. Terrifying in many ways. You feel ungrounded, untethered, adrift. It is these very times of upheaval that move us along. We must learn to make friends with uncertainty and accept the discomfort. Above all we must have the faith within that we will become the butterfly and fly free if we are patient.

Now is the time we are being asked to create our chrysalis and go within to transform ourselves into who we are meant to become next. The choices are vast and deep, chose wisely. We are being faced everyday with what is wrong in the world, it is time to pull back and simplify our lives and take the time to undergo transformation. This is why we are here, this is how we change the world, by untangling ourselves from it and creating ourselves anew. If you are craving truth instead of lies you will find it within. Have the courage to unfold your wings and fly off into a new you…

Blessings to all,




There are many truths in this short analysis of April…So far it has been grueling having to uncover the deeply hidden truths, but it must happen. I think many of us are on this journey and we are never alone. Good luck and stay the course! We’ll get there eventually.    VK ❤

Soul Level Astrology | www.markborax.com
Truths of Love and Wholeness


by Mark Borax
Putney Mountain, Vermont
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Via A Different Kind of Art

Throughout April Pluto inhabits 22 degrees Capricorn, adding a layer to the Saturn-in-Capricorn themes of the year: Getting Real with how we deal with power and how we deal with time. (See my New Year’s report.)

As the deepest-rooted planetary force in our solar system Pluto establishes the foundational frequency, and the foundational frequency prevailing this month is that of a truth inquiry. Underneath the strange changes of our time a profound restlessness is stirring the species regarding truth and falsehood. A similar stirring was stirred up during my teen years in the 1960s, when world youth rose up to expose the lying hypocrisy of their elders.
During a time when flat-earthers deny the very roundness of the planet, and fear is used as an instrument to keep people fighting amongst themselves rather than overthrowing corrupt power-brokers, mass media has become the international oracle most

By Jen Delyth

people get their truths from. In one of the main ironies of the current political moment, the idea itself that mass media is false and filled with lies is both true and false. Like many hyper-polarizing ideas, the truth itself is usually more organic and paradoxical than the polarizing forces would have you believe.

The kind of person who bucks the system, goes off on their own, and wrestles with life to earn their own truths through rigorous hands-on experience is becoming rarer. But that’s who we’re all being asked to become this spring — awakened individuals willing to challenge the dominant paradigm and find deeper truths of love and wholeness.

The Time Has Come….

I recently picked up a book from the library. I’m not sure why, as it was nothing like most books I read. Something intrigued me about it and so I brought it home. It was short and I read quickly, so I thought what the heck, maybe I’ll even like it and so I sat down and began reading. Wow. I whipped through it and it stayed in my mind for a long time. I kept mulling it over trying to figure out why I found it so appealing. Like I said, it was not my typical reading material. So I thought on it for days and finally the answer popped into my head! The book gave me a journey into a world I WISH we all lived in. In these times where so much about everything in this world is wrong, this book presented a world that was all about right for a change! People actually caring about one another!

So I of course had to go deeper and figure out more, looking for the core reasons for my feeling the way I did. There is a great deal of hopelessness in the world these days and it is bringing everybody down. Lots of frustrated, angry, betrayed people walking around out there today, and rightfully so! I know personally I long for a world where people care about one another and aren’t afraid to show or express their love and caring. I long for a world again where people talk to one another face to face and no longer stay physically attached 24/7 to their smart phones, heads bowed and thumbs fluttering on the keys like hummingbird’s wings, a world where morals are strong and respect is a normal way of life. A life that holds a far deeper meaning than we are experiencing right now.

It’s frustrating not being able to advance meaningful change in the world more quickly.  Hopefully soon we will see change begin to emerge more forcefully and  universally and things will begin to shift towards something more positive. Until such time, like the story in that book, we can change our worlds by our actions, by making sure we are honestly living our lives to best of our ability. We are at that crossroads in life where we can go one of two ways. Into the future of great growth and possibility or down the road of familiarity that skirts the outer reaches of our comfort zones but goes no further? Will humanity wake up in time to embrace our evolution into becoming better stewards of life? I hope so….

Blessings to all,