The Time Is Now…

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It’s time everybody! The time has come to rise up peacefully yet strongly and take back our lives. We are NOT victims unless we choose to allow ourselves to be victims! I say rise up peacefully because there is no need for violent revolution. Rising up means changing our beliefs about life and about who we really are. It means thinking for ourselves again not just listening to what others want us to think. It means asking ourselves “What do I want for my life?” and going after it. Plunging in head first and going for it, not waiting for someones approval. Whatever you have chosen to do you have chosen because it speaks to your heart not your head or your wallet. How will it make you feel? How do you want to feel? We seldom ask ourselves such questions, we’ve been taught to believe it is not appropriate to put oneself first. Herein lies our problem. We don’t ask enough questions, period.

It drives me crazy to listen to the talking heads in the media screaming about the Opioid crisis going on around the country. People screaming for the wall to be built, giving ICE more powers, writing new laws etc. Hello? When oh when are we ever going to hear fresh minds asking the more critical question of “Why are people being driven to escape reality through drugs in the first place?” People are trying to escape the prison they find themselves in. It is not about walls or laws it is about the fact people are very unhappy being forced to live in a world where a few have it all and everyone else struggles to maintain with little reward or pleasure. It is about being brainwashed away from knowing ourselves. It’s about having our rights and freedoms taken away. It’s about being lied to 24/7 by the Government and the media, which keeps far too many in the dark as to what is REALLY going on in the world.

If we are going to change this sad situation we find ourselves in, we first must begin by changing our beliefs and perspectives about life, outside the box, which in turn will begin to change who we are. If you are brain dead and still believe “My government would never lie to me” then it is past time to update your belief system to fit the time frame we now live in. We are so terrified of change, a human trait that the majority of us all share. We would rather hang on tightly to what was rather than face what might be, no matter how bad things may be or how much better it could be. We are stuck on hold by staying in this mindset. Just look at what is going on today. The world is imploding yet we still keep doing what we’ve always done before!

Not only is it time we change who and what we are, I also believe the time is NOW for us to redesign a new way of governance. Everyone is sick and tired of listening to the babbling and squabbling going on in Washington. It will never stop until we demand a new way of governing ourselves that reflect our changing needs. What we have now is broken and outdated. We the people are evolving and we need a new way of being in the world. That too is part of the Opioid crisis going on, our children have evolved beyond us and are finding they are unable to live in these backward times. They know school is doing nothing more than brainwashing them to think the way Government wants them to think so they can be of use to them down the road. They know deep inside somewhere, it is NOT about money and career, it’s about living mindfully and appreciating what they have, finally valuing life! They know it’s not about cut throat politics and lies, it’s about truth and kindness and compassion. It’s about being able to finally feel ‘I Matter’ and not just always feeling lost and alone. They realize we are all one and it is time to start thinking and being as one.

We are presently watching the old system falling apart because it’s time has come. Things change, needs change, beliefs change, but the dark refuse to accept that truth. Everything changes because if it didn’t, life would remain stagnant and boring and meaningless just as it is right now. We know there is more to life than what we have been told. There is a great deal we have not been told! And yes, our Government DOES lie to us. If we wish things to change we must demand they change, stand up for those changes and push hard for them, speak out for them and accept nothing less. We must make it well known that what once was, no longer can be! We find ourselves at this juncture because it is the ‘perfect storm’ so to speak. We are all tired of the old, we want our freedom, we want to try new ways of being, we have new priorities, we wish to become more than what we are being allowed to be and above all we must change ourselves by changing our beliefs. We cannot create a new world if we remain harnessed by old structures and ideas.

The crumbling away of the old system becomes frightening to many because they have no grasp on a new direction to go in. They feel lost and feel like the old is safe because they know it. That need for feeling safe could easily throw away the key to our prison doors if we don’t pay attention. There has been a slow eroding away of our self confidence by Government always harping to let them do this or that for us. People have fallen prey to this generosity because it comes with a big rope attached. Nothing is free! Not even Obamaphones! Everything has a price and we have grown poor trying to pay it back. We have paid back with our freedoms and with our identities. We have come close to selling them our souls. Many have, but many have refused to go that far and they awakened. They have begun connecting the dots and understanding the truth of the reality they find themselves in.

The only way out of prison is to stop being who or what we are told to be and become who we wish to be, to begin to think for ourselves again, asking questions and no longer just believing what we are told, pushing forward in raising our consciousness to higher levels and raising ourselves up and out of that low,vibrating frequency of victim-hood. It is time to once again make our lives matter! We DO MATTER and it is time to believe in ourselves again. It is time to pay attention and reconnect with ourselves deep within. Therein lie the answers.

It’s time! The old is falling apart now because at this moment in time this is why we were placed here, to fill the void with something better and more suitable for who we are becoming. Just like the tadpoles that lost their tails and became frogs, we are becoming new human beings and we will adapt. It is time to reinstate our strong morals and respect that have been taken away, it is time to see that war and killing no longer are part of who we are, we must practice compassion, for caring about ourselves and others is now a top priority, it is time to reject dishonesty and embrace truth, it is time for us to finally BE in a new world!

Blessings to all,


Thanks to Sue ❤

The Journey…

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I have been watching and listening to people around me lately, trying to get a handle on where we stand as a society right now. Everything seems so off kilter it is hard to gauge just where we stand.  I do know there are record numbers of people waking up. They are still numb from sleep and they need time to be able to begin connecting the dots, but they will. One has to be aware of the world around them to grasp what is going on and have an open mind to take in the enormity of what is taking place. This isn’t just about who won the election and who hates who, it is more far-reaching and complex than that. We are witnessing the final battle for our freedom from slavery, lies and injustice at the highest levels. The old paradigm of wealth, control, oppression and greed is in its death throes and they will lash out at anything to attack.

How very sad. They don’t even know what they are fighting to hold onto. They are trying to hold onto a dying dream that is over but they cannot accept that. They are desperate to hold onto a lie!  They are so busy wanting, taking and having they don’t even understand it is all about mindfully living and being and interacting with their life, with each other. The main agenda of the Dark has been ‘distraction’. Be it war, race riots, school shootings, investigations into non-existent imaginings, whatever, all are designed to keep humanities attention trained on these happenings rather than on ourselves. To know oneself is to feel whole, strong and filled with possibility. Not good for the dark.

Knowing I think is the true reason we are on the journey we are on. To know ourselves inside and out, to conquer our fears and embrace faith in a better world. There is a certain thrill of working on oneself, helping yourself grow and become a better person. It is time we place our attention not on the insanity designed to keep us in fear and under their control, but on our journeys. A never ending grab for material gain to help define who we are, is poison to our souls.  Our soul wants us to experience life in every moment and to find out who we are and what we are by BEING IN our lives. We are not present if we are scattered between TV tragedies, the middle class disappearing, what we need to do for work, paying bills, working 9-5, or being torn apart by political discord etc.

Wake up each morning and ask what you can do to make the world a better place today and do it. Make it a happy habit! How can you show kindness to others, how can you bring a smile to someone, how can you help someone or something in need etc? There is powerful energy when giving of yourself that not only lifts up your life but it seeps out to those around you and gets replicated. We are never going to change how the dark think and operate, but we can change how we live our own personal lives. Will we do it mindfully and work at improving who we are or will we continue to be distracted by traumas destroying our ability to ever know who we are because we are disconnected from ourselves? As is always the case, the choice is up to us.

We bought into the lie that wanting, taking and having was how we were meant to live rather than learning how to become one with who we are and investing ourselves in living life to the fullest and to the best of our ability. That journey while often challenging is what produces true pride, self-esteem and self-worth, all of which a great many people in this world are lacking. Not their fault. It was driven out of us until we became the empty shells the dark could happily dominate. All of those traits give one back bone, strength and courage. Once again not good for the dark. It is time we took them back, stiffened our back bones and mustered up our courage to become who we were meant to be!

It is time to regain our values in life and place them back where they belong. It is imperative that we take back respect for life, right now it holds very little value. If we don’t value life and a persons right to live it then why are we even bothering to exist?     Without respecting and valuing life we have defeated ourselves and destroyed all reasons for being. If you don’t love and value your fellow-man why bother? We have been taught to devalue life and now we must make a rapid shift away from such thinking, deprogram ourselves. Each and every one of us matters and it takes so little to share that with others. We are starving to ‘matter’ because we have been shown we don’t matter for so long. We cannot give up! Help those around you feel they matter and that will ripple out into the world.  It is not about things, power, and control, it is all about living a life that says when I go I will have made a positive difference.

Blessings to us all,



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I haven’t written my thoughts in quite a while as I had to remove myself from the world just so I could gather my thoughts, regroup and try to find a way forward in this world peacefully. The insanity level in this country right now has become very dangerous and only makes me want to withdraw even further, if that is even possible these days. Even if one wanted to become a hermit, society today would find a way to label that not socially correct and begin to hassle the poor soul wishing to be left alone. This is not random my friends, this is orchestrated behavior to bring about a desired result. It is shameful, sad, disgusting and beyond tiring. I don’t even like to write about it as I don’t personally believe it deserves the attention.

We are witnessing the old paradigm of control, greed, power and oppression ending and the new paradigm of compassion, caring, honesty and togetherness fighting desperately to get a firm foot hold so it can proceed forward. The old paradigm is beside itself realizing it’s time is over and their dreams for a new world order and control over the world as a whole, is crumbling. Everyone who is awake to what is really going on, knew it was going to get rough making this transition, but I don’t think we quite expected what we are witnessing today! The hostility and violence are growing out of control thanks to the left-wing radicals, BIASED journalism, social media rants and worst of all, people NOT THINKING for themselves but rather following along as good little sheep.

If nothing else comes out of yesterdays tragic shooting assault on Congress members playing ball, it should become perfectly clear in people’s minds( if they use them) that WORDS MATTER!!!! They are not just random sounds, utterances coming forth from between our lips, words create reality!!!! Our thoughts create words and words create reality! The old paradigm continues to use television to pound their ideas into the people’s heads, false facts that are designed to make people think a certain way( their way) all the while these false narratives are sadly being presented as truth when in fact it is just the opposite. So lets wake up! We now have solid proof of what harmful words can do to a vulnerable society.

We have listened for months to hate filled ranting about the Republicans and President Trump, we have seen depictions of assassination and death threats on social media, in plays, in colleges, in town hall meetings, and from warped celebrities( who by the way do not deserve such a title). Now imagine the state of this country if the only words being spoken we kind, compassionate and understanding! This is the power words have, to bring people together or drive them apart, to create peace or create war, and yet so many people give no thought to what they are saying. Every single one of us alive today should make it a daily practice to question ourselves before we speak. We need to ask ourselves if what we are about to say helps make our world a better place and if not, remain silent.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has had one of the more vulgar, loud, violent voices of hate-filled speech out there, yet she holds a press conference yesterday spouting off about how we need to come together and stop the violent rhetoric. Will she adhere to her own words she spoke yesterday as the days go by or will she and many others return to their violent rants and continue to pour gasoline on the fire? We shall see. Personally I don’t see much change ahead, their minds are too closed and unable to expand. Their time in office is coming to an end as we the people no longer respect these leaders(ha!) and what they have done to our country and to our way of life. Speak up and speak out everyone! As long as the silence continues, NOTHING will ever change.

Read the book The Four Agreements and use it as a guide to live your lives in honor and dignity and RESPECT for all others everyday. It didn’t become one of the most widely read books for no reason.It is not just our Govt that has driven this country into the ground, it is also the people’s fault for not seeing that their own personal lives are in order, the best they can be and for not refusing to be a part of the destruction of America. It is ALL of us who must change our ways, all of us who must think before we speak, all of us who must learn the fine art of respecting others again since it has been dropped by the wayside and forgotten. We CAN do this! We can be a more compassionate country but the people have to come forward, speak out and demand better. Will yesterday’s tragedy be just another event soon to be forgotten? Will we ever learn our lessons?

Prayers to all the injured, prayers to all those who lost their lives in that disastrous fire in the U.K. and prayers as well to all those fighting to better the world not destroy it!

Blessings and prayers for a better world,


Full Moon Time Again….

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Here we go again. The full moon is here and it is a good time to focus on ourselves and making sure we are living and being who we truly are meant to be. Here is the article. Enjoy! By the way, when I changed the header on this site just now, for some odd reason, switching pictures wiped out all my posts back to May 29th? So sorry about that. If I can get them back somehow I will. I just can’t imagine what happened. Like falling into a time warp. This odd happening chose to delete back to May 29th, my Simplicity post. I guess maybe that is a message for me…?


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In today’s world it seems there is nothing but complexity on every level of our being.  I see and hear about so much dissatisfaction, fear, confusion, anger, dishonesty. There is so much discord around the globe one can’t handle too much more it feels like. So I started looking at everything going on and began a deeper search for one over arching fact that was part of each and every situation. Society has become too complex, too digital, to removed from nature and reality, too ungrounded to function smoothly anymore. People’s heads ache from overload, their bodies drag along from fatigue, their hearts have closed up because of all the hatred, vengeance and division we are watching taking place. It really must stop right now. I think mankind is screaming out for simplicity in their lives.

I find it personally offensive to realize the world has now  succumbed and accepted to walking around everywhere with heads bowed down to smart phones unaware of who is passing them by, nor do they care, snapping selfies non-stop promoting further the ‘ME’ generation. I hear constant chatter about AI ( artificial intelligence) and how robots will take over the world and they are well on their way right now. Is this what we want? All this crap is driven down our throats without our input on what we want or think. Now they want cars to drive themselves? Come on! I can hear the people in favor of going down this road screaming ” You can’t stop progress!” Wrong! Whose world are we living  in any way? Told what to think, what to do, what to be. It never stops. We are headed down a very dangerous path here where simplicity becomes obsolete and yet it is exactly what humanity needs. Sometimes progress needs to be redirected to a better road to travel down.

I think it would be very beneficial if society  returned to the calm of simplicity. To once again enjoy silence , to have less but feel richer,  to find meaning in what truly matters and not in a contrived, superficial reality.  We are losing our connection to nature, the worlds most powerful anti-depressant.  Our social media activity isolates us physically and we have lost touch with real interaction with others. Our lives are becoming Twitter abbreviations just like letters no longer grace our mailboxes. Yes I am all in favor of change, but change that will be best for mankind not harm it. Television and movies have dehumanized death and murder and torn our morals asunder.If we are honest about what we are witnessing we would have to admit our ways are lessening society,  not improving it. We are coming apart.

Just because a few rich people in leadership roles desire the world to be a certain way doesn’t mean we have to go along with their ideas, but we have. What do WE want? I would venture to guess most of us want a safer and more loving world.  We want honest news and reporting not partisan lies and propaganda. We ache for honest leaders who have our best interest at heart. We want to end the disparity between the few and the many, equality and justice for all not just for the rich. We want to be free to live our lives the way we desire to live them, we want the judgment  to end, closed mindedness to end and refreshing, inspiring new thoughts offered to lift us up and guide us in a better direction. We refuse to buy into fear any longer, we are onto the game and we have removed ourselves from playing along.

The world seems to run by what the wealthy want rather than what the people as a whole want. I think the time has come for society to stand up and demand better by our actions. We must support the way of life we desire and refuse to be a part of what we don’t want, no matter what. The world has become manipulated by Corporations who want everything their way including your money. Keep it, don’t make them richer than they already are, learn to live happily with less, ignore the 24/7 mind control on television to buy this and buy that, you need this, you need that. This is what is making people’s minds feel like they are about to explode. We are being hustled every moment of every day and it is sucking the meaning out of life.

People seem to be falling apart everywhere and they don’t know what to do to save themselves. Turn off the TV, simplify your life, live with less and enjoy the true appreciation of what you do have and stop worrying about what you don’t have. Do you make time to eat your meals around a table as a family? Do you make it a priority to do things together as a whole instead of doing what you want to do alone? Begin to wean yourself off of social media, each week allow yourself less time to be on it. It’s an addiction just like drugs or alcohol, so it will not be easy to do without it. Anyone who is held captive by addiction does not live free. These are the kinds of hard choices we must make if we wish to return to a more peaceful and meaningful life. If you can successfully create a more simple life for yourselves you can step away from the chaos and find yourself again.

Lastly I would urge everyone to relearn the fine art of asking questions. Stop believing everything you are told, learn to connect the dots so you can be conscious of what is really going on around you.  So step back, detach from the insanity and concentrate on making a simple life for yourself and your family. Rediscover the meaning of why you are here, what gifts do you have to offer the world and how we can help save humanity by standing up for what we want. So many people think there is nothing they can do, we are doomed. Think bigger, think outside the box, allow yourselves to stretch your mind and step over boundaries that have been holding you captive. Breathe deeply and open your arms and heart to a better way of being in this world and leave behind the insanity so many are drowning in, This is freedom at its finest! It’s your life, how do you wish to live it?

Blessings to all,