Do You Dare…?

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To be perfectly honest I have not watched this film nor will I. I am not strong when it comes to seeing the suffering of animals, but I am well aware of the subject matter and know the message it is trying to send out to each of us. This film would haunt me forever. To watch this film I am told is to change your life forever. If you dare sit down and watch it, share it, and get the message out. This is a part of our culture that definitely needs to be rethought and changes made. I think we could include zoos along with what is being messaged here. We have lived for so long not really knowing the reality of what we are doing because it all takes place behind the scenes that we don’t see and I think it is time we woke up, took a long hard look at it and choose to create a different way of living our lives. I hope some of you will be brave and watch. I felt this was a message to share.

Where Do We Go From Here?

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I was watching this You Tube video and felt such a wave of desperation flood over me. How can so many people stumbling along through life, like zombies, be brought back from the dead and saved? At first when I watched it I felt utter disgust, but inside I could hear the voice that keep saying love everybody, this was not their fault. Perhaps it isn’t, but why is half the world awake and rejecting this kind of mindless behavior and the other half is deep into it. Look closely at them. They look like they are under mind control or drugged out of normal reality. I tried to sit quietly and imagine what must be going on in their minds to make them act this way. I just couldn’t comprehend it. My world of reality is so far removed from this form of ‘being’ in the world. How did we get here in this massively divided world? Every time I think about this my mind goes straight to one place for the answer. Television and a lack of good education! If people were not being brainwashed by watching TV and constantly being made to believe they  have to have this and that to be happy, what we are witnessing would not be happening. So how do we help people get off their addiction to Television and begin to tune back into themselves? I’ve written about it for a long time now warning folks to turn off their TV’s.  People seem totally unaware of what is happening to them if they continue to watch. As I watch these people, however, I feel my insides seize up out of concern at how large a percentage of the world is still brain-dead to the reality of what is going on. I see these same zombie faces and dead eyes when I go into stores. Buying anything has become autopilot and people don’t even think about what they are doing. Yes we can all take care of our own little realities and not partake in what is going on and yes we always hear it takes one person at a time to change and eventually change the world. But is this really the way to go or is this just more spiritual rhetoric to keep us from becoming activated? My heart says it is.

I watch the faces of the rioters in Ferguson Missouri and I see the same blank stares in their eyes and anger roiling up out of their depths. Again I have to ask how did we get here? Why are we allowing this to continue? If we do nothing as the spiritual rhetoric would have us do, how will anything get fixed? Yes we might fix ourselves, but what about the thousands left behind? We may have the knowledge of how to detach from this insane reality we have been living in, but how do we show the others what we know? I don’t honestly think our knowledge is doing that much good if we keep it to ourselves! How are these people ever to be enlightened without the abilities the enlightened people have? How are they to learn when they have been subtly brainwashed to stay distracted from reality on their cell phones and i pads, heads down and oblivious to the world around them. Technology was not just some neat thing that came along. It came along alright, but it’s been controlled and shoved in our faces and abused like everything else to keep people entertained and unknowing of what is going on or where they are meant to be going to succeed in life and free themselves from tyranny? They don’t know any better because for many, they weren’t given the same opportunities that many of us were. Their schools provided little or often inadequate education needed to survive. The dividing line between rich and poor has left a huge segment of society lacking the very skills they need to survive. Knowledge!

We are just as much to blame as those rioters in Missouri, because forever we have done nothing to demand better for those who have less. We have allowed the divide to continue, we have not stood up in their defense and demanded better for them. As long as the world we lived in was stable and provided what we needed that was all that mattered. Well no it wasn’t. We ALL mattered but we did nothing. Until we do, nothing will change. Until we realize we are all one, until we see that we cannot make the shift we desire for the world until the majority is awake and that the majority is NOT awake because we allow them to slip through the cracks denying them what they need, nothing will ever change. That is what the unrest in the world is all about. It is shining a mega spotlight on injustice and it is screaming at us to FIX IT! There is a huge segment of society that needs our help, that needs us to reach out and offer a hand up, to stand up alongside them and demand better for them, to demand equality on all levels. We have a great deal of waking up yet to do and it is not all about ourselves. Yes it begins there, inside, but it requires us to reach out together and work to change the situation we find ourselves in. These are very tough times for all. The realities staring us in the face are harsh and cruel and cannot be ignored. Time to activate people!

Blessings to all,


Thanks And Giving To All…..

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To all of my readers, may you have a meaningful day of thanks and giving. Take time to look for what really matters most. Reach out to others and bring them joy. Open your ears and listen deeply. Smile brightly and open your heart and share your love. This day we all celebrate is only what we make of it. Cut your ties with corporate rule and simplify your life, taking it down to the bare bones where authentic meaning resides. Above all have a happy day!

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I spoke in a recent post about taking action and the way I was mentioning to take action was to not shop at Big Box stores. That is one way, along with clearing out all of our unwanted issues that keep holding us back. Here is another way we can activate ourselves at the same time we keep moving forward. I think it is important to know HOW to do these things we need to do, not just know about them intellectually. A very powerful way to boost yourself into action is by choosing to live a better life and DOING it. I’ve mentioned it before so I am sorry to repeat myself, but for new readers, I suggest reading the small but oh so powerful book ‘ The Four Agreements‘ by Don Miguel Ruiz. Take note at the number of readers of this book and the high position on the rate scale, that should tell you something. There are four agreements to make with yourself in order to live a better life and they are at the core of how we choose to live in the new world.

I think one of the biggest traps we all fell into in this dense third dimension we find ourselves in, was the trap of judgment. Many judge themselves harshly and they judge others harshly, and when they do this, they lower their frequency and are living their lives from the lower levels. It is impossible to get your life together while living at the bottom of the barrel. As easily as we have become accustomed to judging, we can just as easily become accustomed to uplifting others and ourselves instead. It is nothing more than making the choice to do it. Everything about living a better life is begun by making the choice. Every time you get ready to speak your mind, ask yourself if what you are about to say will help the situation, is it positive, is it being the best you can be. If it is not, it would be wise to silence your words or else change what you were going to say. If every single soul living on the face of the earth were living the best lives they were able to create, imagine what the world would be like! It seems these days that Washington continually judges everyone and usually in the negative. What a poor role model they are for our children. This is why it is so imperative we as parents be the best role models we can be so when our children go out into the world, we set them free with a strong foundation upon which to build their lives.

So if you want to take action, read that book and begin the journey into living a better life. It truly feels wonderful.  Not only do you dramatically change your life, you also change the lives of those around you merely by your actions. The world will not change until we ourselves do. Let’s get busy.

Blessings to us all,


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We are only a few short weeks away from the over blown Christmas holiday. Credit card companies are already sending out deals in the mail for using their cards for all of your purchases, computer apps are being created to make buying easy and literally one stop shopping. The push to engage consumers to buy products always doubles and triples during the holidays. The true meaning of the holidays has been lost and buried beneath corporate greed.

In a previous post I wrote today, I discussed how now was the time to no longer remain silent but rather speak out, stand up for truth and above all get ourselves in the action mode. Well now is a great time to practice being active with the hopes of making a difference. We all would like our freedom back, we all would like to see the control of humanity end, we all would like the elite to just disappear! Well we can all play a part in achieving this goal by refusing to shop at big box chain stores. If you take the money out of corporation pockets you take away their power! You take away their power and you begin to level the playing field. So don’t fall into the corporate trap of feeling you must spend money you probably don’t even have to purchase meaningless presents. If you absolutely must, buy from small Mom and Pop stores or make your gifts and make gift giving mean just that much more.

Please see if you have the inner strength to let go of the manufactured fantasy of Christmas and stay far away from Big Box stores and save your money instead of lining the pockets of Corporate CEO’s. Think simply, buy or make gifts simply and bring back the true meaning of Christmas. Find new ways of celebrating with family that opens up hearts and makes you feel good. I remember when people began to stop making Thanksgiving all about gorging on three helpings of the Thanksgiving meal and instead reinstated the art of giving thanks as a family together, concentrating instead on what they were grateful for. If we want change it begins with taking away the money which feeds the power machine of the elite. It becomes a two for one special! You begin to bring down our oppressors and you bring back the true and loving meaning of holidays in your family.

Blessings to you all,