Change Is In The Air….

I have spent three years now posting via my blog One World Rising. I hope to soon have everything switched over to this blog as I feel it is time for change and new energy. One World Rising was all about the awakening of people in the run up to 2012. While many are indeed still awakening at their own pace, I feel it is now time to focus our attentions on changing ourselves within and by doing so, change the world. These are very trying times and I am sure there are many confused people stumbling along trying to make sense of the chaos. The only sense to be made of it is to understand we are witnessing the downfall of the old paradigm that is no longer needed, and the rising forth of the new world and a new way of being in this world. It is time to share our growing together and encourage each other to embrace who they really are and live their life accordingly. This living comes from the center of our hearts. May we all share our ideas for a better world and work together to make them come to light. And so we shall journey forth on this new path and keep the energy from the old blog moving forward in powerful togetherness. I hope all will share and offer ideas on making this new world a better place. Thanks for coming by.

Blessings to us all,


Please share your thoughts so we can all come together...Thank you.

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