Can You Feel The Pull?

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Living in this moment in time, is somewhat like being in a taffy machine being pulled in all directions, being stretched thinner and thinner to the breaking point. As you look around, you see so many faces wearing the mask of shell shock, they are not sure what is happening to them, they just know life as they knew it to be is no more. Shock wave after shock wave has been sent hurtling through the world at the speed of light and only a few people have grasped the understanding of how to adjust to the horrors taking place and remain safe. As I have so often said, it is all by design to break us down and weaken us, so that we comply with whatever elite agenda is on the docket for the day. Ever wonder what happened to Ebola? That fell by the wayside for now while race baiting takes front and center. All these sick agendas being carried out to disturb you into begging for Government intervention, leave us exhausted and shell-shocked if we allow ourselves to be sucked in by them. The constant pulling and tugging at our spirits can often be confusing to many, and that confusion demands our attention dragging us away yet again from what we should be paying attention to. Ourselves!

Time and time again I hear people asking “How can we ever stop what is going on?” Sadly most people are still looking outside themselves for the answers, and this is why the struggle continues. Every new catastrophe being thrown in our faces really is not the elite agenda as they would like to think it is. No, they are nothing more than messages from the universe telling us to do our work. That work we are being asked to do is very hard but also very necessary for the world to shift away from where it is being held captive right now. That work that we must do, we must do on ourselves! Going deep within and taking a clear inventory of what is still of importance in our lives and what is no longer appropriate and should be tossed out. Scary thought seeing as how it forces us to face the very things we have been escaping looking at for all these years.It is we, every individual on the planet, that must shift finally and allow a whole new perspective on how we view life to enter in. It is no different from h buying a new car or upgrading our technology, how we view life grows old and outdated and it is time to freshen things up. We see it happening as laws change due to pressure from people seeing things differently, like marijuana for medical reasons, the acceptance of gay marriage by many, the balking going on against fast food and junk foods now that we know more about their health dangers. It is time to update how we think.

As we change our thinking and begin to accept life through new eyes, it is up to us to voice our wants and needs to support our new changes. The elite would like for us to remain stagnant and keep our mouths shut, but that is not why we are here right now. We see the changes that are necessary for humanity’s growth and it is up to each of us to step forward and put things into action. ACTION = aware, caring, thinking, intuitive, open and non-stagnant. This is who we are and why we are here, to fulfill our roles and make ourselves heard. Silence from us is inexcusable. We have been gifted with the vision to know what is right, what is needed, what must go. To allow that gift to go unused as the world continues to spiral out of control just cannot be. We must clear out our own baggage and steer clear of the agenda traps being laid to pull us all back in. And so we pull and tug and lean into a forward step trying to break these ties that bind us at the same time the elite is tugging and pulling to drag us down further into the muck and mire. Find the courage to face yourself and all of your hidden demons( we all have them) and work hard to unleash them and kick them to the curb. It requires admitting often painful truths about ourselves but what good have those been for us other than holding us back? It requires us to finally accept ourselves for the beautiful beings that we are. Be kind and forgiving with yourselves as you lay yourselves bare and let go of what was. In doing so we can now claim our new identity and move forward with an open heart and an open mind accepting of all life that flows through us and no longer just around us.

Blessings to us all,