Where Do We Go From Here?

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I was watching this You Tube video and felt such a wave of desperation flood over me. How can so many people stumbling along through life, like zombies, be brought back from the dead and saved? At first when I watched it I felt utter disgust, but inside I could hear the voice that keep saying love everybody, this was not their fault. Perhaps it isn’t, but why is half the world awake and rejecting this kind of mindless behavior and the other half is deep into it. Look closely at them. They look like they are under mind control or drugged out of normal reality. I tried to sit quietly and imagine what must be going on in their minds to make them act this way. I just couldn’t comprehend it. My world of reality is so far removed from this form of ‘being’ in the world. How did we get here in this massively divided world? Every time I think about this my mind goes straight to one place for the answer. Television and a lack of good education! If people were not being brainwashed by watching TV and constantly being made to believe they¬† have to have this and that to be happy, what we are witnessing would not be happening. So how do we help people get off their addiction to Television and begin to tune back into themselves? I’ve written about it for a long time now warning folks to turn off their TV’s.¬† People seem totally unaware of what is happening to them if they continue to watch. As I watch these people, however, I feel my insides seize up out of concern at how large a percentage of the world is still brain-dead to the reality of what is going on. I see these same zombie faces and dead eyes when I go into stores. Buying anything has become autopilot and people don’t even think about what they are doing. Yes we can all take care of our own little realities and not partake in what is going on and yes we always hear it takes one person at a time to change and eventually change the world. But is this really the way to go or is this just more spiritual rhetoric to keep us from becoming activated? My heart says it is.

I watch the faces of the rioters in Ferguson Missouri and I see the same blank stares in their eyes and anger roiling up out of their depths. Again I have to ask how did we get here? Why are we allowing this to continue? If we do nothing as the spiritual rhetoric would have us do, how will anything get fixed? Yes we might fix ourselves, but what about the thousands left behind? We may have the knowledge of how to detach from this insane reality we have been living in, but how do we show the others what we know? I don’t honestly think our knowledge is doing that much good if we keep it to ourselves! How are these people ever to be enlightened without the abilities the enlightened people have? How are they to learn when they have been subtly brainwashed to stay distracted from reality on their cell phones and i pads, heads down and oblivious to the world around them. Technology was not just some neat thing that came along. It came along alright, but it’s been controlled and shoved in our faces and abused like everything else to keep people entertained and unknowing of what is going on or where they are meant to be going to succeed in life and free themselves from tyranny? They don’t know any better because for many, they weren’t given the same opportunities that many of us were. Their schools provided little or often inadequate education needed to survive. The dividing line between rich and poor has left a huge segment of society lacking the very skills they need to survive. Knowledge!

We are just as much to blame as those rioters in Missouri, because forever we have done nothing to demand better for those who have less. We have allowed the divide to continue, we have not stood up in their defense and demanded better for them. As long as the world we lived in was stable and provided what we needed that was all that mattered. Well no it wasn’t. We ALL mattered but we did nothing. Until we do, nothing will change. Until we realize we are all one, until we see that we cannot make the shift we desire for the world until the majority is awake and that the majority is NOT awake because we allow them to slip through the cracks denying them what they need, nothing will ever change. That is what the unrest in the world is all about. It is shining a mega spotlight on injustice and it is screaming at us to FIX IT! There is a huge segment of society that needs our help, that needs us to reach out and offer a hand up, to stand up alongside them and demand better for them, to demand equality on all levels. We have a great deal of waking up yet to do and it is not all about ourselves. Yes it begins there, inside, but it requires us to reach out together and work to change the situation we find ourselves in. These are very tough times for all. The realities staring us in the face are harsh and cruel and cannot be ignored. Time to activate people!

Blessings to all,