Do You Dare…?

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To be perfectly honest I have not watched this film nor will I. I am not strong when it comes to seeing the suffering of animals, but I am well aware of the subject matter and know the message it is trying to send out to each of us. This film would haunt me forever. To watch this film I am told is to change your life forever. If you dare sit down and watch it, share it, and get the message out. This is a part of our culture that definitely needs to be rethought and changes made. I think we could include zoos along with what is being messaged here. We have lived for so long not really knowing the reality of what we are doing because it all takes place behind the scenes that we don’t see and I think it is time we woke up, took a long hard look at it and choose to create a different way of living our lives. I hope some of you will be brave and watch. I felt this was a message to share.