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It certainly does not take a rocket scientist to see how chaotic these times are, everything turned upside down and inside out.  These are the times we were sent here to bring in higher consciousness, to help guide others in the right direction, to be the glue that holds the world together. It is appalling to witness our Government baiting people to do battle, urging unrest amongst the people, lying to us straight-faced, imploding any trust the people may have had left for their Government. We are being pushed and squeezed from all directions in an effort to bring us to our knees under the pressure of continual dysfunction. It is up to all of us to not give in to this pressure, but rather stand strong together knowing in our hearts that we are correct in our beliefs and the new world we are creating. We shall not take the bait and fall apart. Hopefully the people of Ferguson Mo. will not take Al Sharpton’s bait to riot and act out as so implied by Obama’s statement “to stay the course.” No Mr. Obama we will not stay your course! Our course calls for quiet understanding, for compassion, for rising above our old ways of war in favor of communication and listening and above all caring for one another.

Humans are a herding species and so they do what the masses do, most will follow along behind. Far too many are still asleep and taken in by the lies and sadly many will probably follow along into unrest, but let us keep putting out the message, showing others by our own actions, taking the time and patience to awaken others. All the time now we see bits and pieces of change taking place, like the latest election outcome, the response to Obama’s speech by the Republicans and their not taking the bait to over react, to laws like Medical marijuana loosening and being more widely accepted, how different countries are reacting to us now and no longer going along with the plans laid out by Obama. It is all becoming undone and we are here to fill in the holes and build up the new foundation and structure of the new world. It is we who will not give in or accept what is going on. We can see where changes must take place and it is up to us to instigate them. It is not easy to stay upright in an upside down world, but we must velcro ourselves in and stay OUR course. We will get this done, no doubt in my mind. Let us all be there for those who need us and for each other. Go forth and spread your light in all the dark corners of the world.

Blessings to us all,




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Change Is In The Air….

I have spent three years now posting via my blog One World Rising. I hope to soon have everything switched over to this blog as I feel it is time for change and new energy. One World Rising was all about the awakening of people in the run up to 2012. While many are indeed still awakening at their own pace, I feel it is now time to focus our attentions on changing ourselves within and by doing so, change the world. These are very trying times and I am sure there are many confused people stumbling along trying to make sense of the chaos. The only sense to be made of it is to understand we are witnessing the downfall of the old paradigm that is no longer needed, and the rising forth of the new world and a new way of being in this world. It is time to share our growing together and encourage each other to embrace who they really are and live their life accordingly. This living comes from the center of our hearts. May we all share our ideas for a better world and work together to make them come to light. And so we shall journey forth on this new path and keep the energy from the old blog moving forward in powerful togetherness. I hope all will share and offer ideas on making this new world a better place. Thanks for coming by.

Blessings to us all,