Farewell 2014….Greetings 2015!


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Wishing all of you a safe and happy new year’s eve…I hope we can all spend time thinking about the world and how we can help to make it a better place to be, rather than just getting drunk. That is so old school now. The new world resides within the energies of 2015 so let us go forth and become the best that we can be and shed the darkness of 2014 behind us. The whole world lays ahead of us to do with as we please. Happy new year and thanks so much for being a part of my life. Stay safe! Much love….VK ❤


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Last year I joined this blog called one word 365. Instead of rifling through long lists of new years resolutions which you probably won’t remember anyway, you choose one word to describe who you wish to be or how you wish to live your life for the next year and devote yourself to doing just that. This year I chose the word COURAGE. There are still changes I know I must make in my life, things I must give up, things I must face. I am weary from this long journey we have all been on and so I ask for courage to face what I must and accomplish what is necessary! I choose courage to be my friend for the next year ahead. What will you choose for your word and how will this change your life? Hopefully for the better!

Can You Feel The New Energies?

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I don’t know about anybody else, but there sure are strange new energies whizzing about in my immediate world. It is all very subtle as to what is actually going on, but you can sense something new moving in. At times it literally makes your hair stand on end. Most of us can surely sense that something big is close at hand, but there is no panic laying beneath the surface, more an acceptance of what is and continuing to move forward. It is a feeling of knowing that no matter what comes our way, we can handle it, whatever ‘it’ is. It has been three years plus that many of us have been traveling down this path of boulders, bobbing and weaving our way in and around on a quest to reach the new world. “IT” has always been lingering just off stage in the wings, waiting to make its appearance on stage. I am sensing the end of the play is drawing near and our names are being trumpeted loud and clear to step forward and do our thing. Do our thing? What thing?

At this critical juncture in time, it seems we are meant to be reviewing our to do lists so we are in the best possible position for being of service to this paradigm change taking place. I could be very wrong, but what seems of most importance right now is honing our abilities to master our thoughts so we are able to better alter the frequency we are swimming around in. The frequency of fear is being overplayed to the hilt in hopes we will fall prey to it weakening our strength to resist. This above all else we must not allow to happen. It is time to be hyper-vigilant, watch our thoughts closely and use them to our advantage. There is still quite a sizable portion of humanity that remains asleep and unaware that they are being manipulated to obey. Because we still have a way to go to get more on-board and awake, those of us already awakened and trudging down this dark path must be the ones to inject hope and love and goodwill with a positive attitude into the universe, all the while shining our light brightly so that others may follow if they are lost.’

If the majority of humanity remains stuck in the frequency of fear, our hopes of winning this battle lessen greatly. We must somehow help others around us see the urgency of staying calm, positive and secure in ourselves and our decisions. This is no time to allow doubt to creep in and sway us. Like the marathon runner who despite his exhaustion surges forward the last 1/2 mile to cross the finish line, it is up to each of us, to walk our talk and maintain our forward position in this battle of the frequencies and not give in. We are being baited into race wars in the hopes we will turn on one another, cop hating in an effort to divide the people from those who would help them, we are being threatened by brutality from outside forces which may well exist only in the minds of those wishing to keep control. As each fear is danced before us and hyped up 24/7 by the media, we are now seeing those threats weaken and quietly fade away. Ebola, Ferguson etc. Their main purpose was to distract us from such issues as Obamacare, illegal immigration, the border wars,the IRS scandal etc and yet the people have not forgotten these things nor will they allow them to go away. Distraction no longer is working.

The dark have decided we are meant to be fearful, we are meant to accept division among the people rather than remaining together as one, we are meant to live with doubt and hopelessness, but we will not succumb to this! We will continue to keep all of that at bay, as hard as that may be to accomplish, and we will instead center our thoughts on positive outcomes, on caring about one another, on finding new ways to create a better life for all, of staying strong within and knowing we can count on ourselves to carry through with the task at hand. For every one of us who can make this happen, there is some other soul just awakening who will be attracted to our light and follow along as they begin to face the truth of their reality. It is never an easy task so we must be there for them so they can be reassured what they are doing is the right thing to do. To break free of this illusion we have all been living forever so that we may create the new world we long for. In order to win this frequency war and be free at last, we must strengthen our positive, loving frequency as high as we can make it go and that means strength in numbers.

Everything is racing along at warp 10 right now, dizzying and exhausting, but we must remain focused on what we must do regardless. The best way to maintain a higher frequency is to live from your heart, to live a life that matters. To do this we must be completely honest at all times, be loving and accepting and caring, to make the effort not to judge others, to help others, in other words to live life the best way you can and be the best person that you can be no matter what else may be going on around you. It is living from the heart that will keep your frequency high and the more people who are doing this the better chance we have at seeing this battle end at long last. Hang on tight as we careen along, not out of control, but rather headed in the right direction towards a world of love and peace.

Blessings to us all,