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I have found myself thinking and thinking lately until my head is throbbing with angst over how we can change the world that has been set aflame before us by our overlords. I was reading an article on the internet about the Ferguson Missouri riots and the continual blather being repeated by main stream media like a metronome. The constant messaging being shoved into innocent minds over and over until it has taken root in our brains as our heads tick tock back and forth to the constant beat. Mainstream media is most evil but that is a whole other subject to write about. They are definitely culpable of assisting in the destruction of America through their non-stop verbal assault of lies dressed up fancy as the news. Reprehensible. So I read on in the article and saw where some sports group is now in trouble for raising their hands in support of Ferguson. One more victim in this deadly game the cabal are playing with the world. The raising of the hands has become a blatant symbol of what happened to Michael Brown just as now the chant of “I can’t breathe” has become the motto of the death of Eric Garner . Why are race wars still raging and what can be done about this once and for all?

I started thinking, if such things as holding up hands and chanting I can’t breathe have ignited people’s passions and brought people together, why can’t we use the same ploy to make a point for awakening people to what is going on in this insane world, that we need to create change? We see in no uncertain terms what is being used against us by fanning the racial flames, so why not use the same tactics to our advantage? How about holding up hands with our pointer fingers pointing towards the heavens and chanting “we are all one, end the race wars now!” I bet it wouldn’t take very long to make its way onto YouTube. I think we can learn a lot by watching closely what is going down around us and flipping it to serve us instead of them. This could be done with just about everything that is going on. I know a great many blacks hate white people and in many ways I don’t blame them for the injustices that have been done to them, but as with everything in life, not ALL are bad! There are a great many, maybe even the majority of people, who want to end the differences that have been created between people to keep us separate, thereby weaker and not a whole. The only thing is, the other side feeling persecuted needs to know this! They need to know and see and feel we are there with them and that we care, that we have their backs and that we want the race war to end and all to be equal.

Forever now they have been banished to the inner cities and poor slums of suburbia, their schools have no money to update and be current with what is needed to maintain a higher education. They have been dumbed down through neglect and oppression from the truth and we the people may not have agreed with this, but surely we are doing very little to change the situation. We assume this is the way it is, the way it was meant to be and do nothing. People sit home being entertained on television by what is taking place like watching a reality TV show, but where is our outcry for equality? Until we get off our butts and become active in MAKING change happen instead of just wishing for it, nothing will change. The cabal will continue with their charades of horror and the people will continue to watch and America will sink deeper into the cesspool. We are better than this! Lame Stream Media will continue it’s disgusting venting to keep the flames fanned and the stories on the nightly news front and center, but instead of watching those lies play out we need to be turning this around and tuning them out. How do babies learn growing up? By watching those around them and mimicking what they do. So in order to awaken the people, get them to see the truth and join us all together as one, we need to be OUT THERE DOING what we must, to see the change we wish to see. We need to be standing by their sides and showing them we are willing to fight for their freedom from this race war that was created and allowed to go on for far too long. It is time to end this insanity NOW!

Blessings and hopes for activating amongst us all….