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As I channel surf past the incessant coverage of the race riots these days, I certainly don’t feel scared or hopeless or lost. Nope! I feel a great sense of NOW. This time in history, this moment in time, this is our chance to push our message home and hopefully change the world once and for all. There is a huge hole in system right now as it continues to come undone, that needs to be filled and better we fill it than getting more of the same. The “race riots” the media is so fond of drilling into us 24/7 are really not about the color of skin nor’ about some people getting squashed down while others are lifted up. Granted both are part of the picture, but no, these riots are not what they would have us believe. The uprising of people we are witnessing is not even really aware of its true purpose I do not believe, they do not realize the true core belief that the masses are sharing with one another. It is not skin color, not inequality, it is the spirit in all people rising up to say enough! People sense the injustice of what is going on in our world but many don’t even realize it, they are so lost and buried in the story and the illusion of these times. Their natural senses fortunately are aware of something being wrong but they are not necessarily keyed into what it is, but still they feel it, however distant and confused those feelings are. These riots, the discontent in general, is being fed by the stifling oppression of our Government over the people, and the people’s desperation to be free at last to live their lives as they are really meant to be lived. The charade is up.

Now is the time for the awakened ones to step forward and help the mind controlled people see what is happening, to lead them out of the illusion and show them the truth of what is occurring. Many think they are just rioting about black children dying and the violent actions of overly aggressive police forces around the country. Well yes that is true, but they need to understand the bigger picture the awakened ones can provide. It is time for the world as a whole to at long last connect the dots and understand truth. This message needs to be released to the masses and let it be carried along by the crowds joining together at this time in the streets when minds are more open to hearing the truth. Distrust and victimization are magical doorways into opening people’s minds. This opportunity must not be missed. They dark ones have that wonderful saying of taking a moment of chaos and using it to their benefit. Well I say we use it as well but for far different reasons! When people are in chaos and confused they welcome someone who can come along and offer a direction or a way out of the chaos. This is our time and we have waited far too long to finally be of service to this paradigm shift. Now that the time is here what are we going to do about it?

If Face Book and Twitter are successful in starting riots around the world I say let us use them to plant seeds in people’s minds and then send them out into the streets of discontent to chant and join together in the bigger cause, the deeper reason of why everyone is up in arms and speaking out! If they don’t know why, it is up to us to explain the reasons and plant the seeds, so we may harvest peace and freedom in the end. We have worked very hard to get to where we are now, please don’t let this opportunity slip away from us. Get those hash tags going!

Blessings to all and a call to activate…