No Wonder It’s Been So Hard…..



I found this article interesting and wanted to share it with all of you. I have always felt like what we have been fighting against was a force greater than ourselves. It is even more important it seems for us to come together as one than we imagined. We shall keep working towards this end. Keep the faith and stay in your hearts. This will ultimately be what joins us all together one day and hopefully soon!

10 thoughts on “No Wonder It’s Been So Hard…..

  1. You know VK.. this article and the second video on the site I listened to in full, Makes a lot of sense to me.. I had for a long while said our race had evolved ‘War-like’ and you know when the space launches recently went wrong I said to Hubby someone out there is stopping us from exploring further at the moment.. And I can see why that would be… So Many thanks for this link.. Loved my visit both here and there xxx ❀

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  2. That’s an interesting article, VK. Half of me thinks it’s a bit unfair that we’ve been left here, cut off like that for centuries, but then the other half thinks that at least we have chance to grow and develop ourselves individually. Although we do have a LONG way to go with the second half, methinks. Collectively, anyway. Maybe being quarantined isn’t such a bad thing for us after all… hmmm.
    Hope you’re having a good Sunday,

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