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I was talking with someone the other day and they asked me if I had gotten my Christmas shopping done. I answered that I don’t do Christmas. I don’t send cards, I don’t put up a tree, I buy a gift only for my son and his girl friend and all is well. They were horrified and I could immediately feel the guilt tripping begin, being accused of being a scrooge, why was I so bah humbug etc…Blah…blah…blah. I am beginning to wonder if people do Christmas more because they feel a pressure to comply or be regarded as a scrooge. I read a great many online blogs where everyone is talking about how they hate the pressure to buy, and bake, and party and deep down they don’t really want to. So why do they do it? I truly think it is pressure from their peers. Humans are a herding species and so what the majority does the others do as well and follow along. Is there a feeling that if we do not follow along we will be regarded as not part of the herd, an outcast, odd? This is a grand example of a situation we can take the time in which to explore ourselves. Do you have the courage to buck the system and follow what your heart and spirit are telling you? Do you have the internal strength to stand up for your beliefs no matter what other people say about you? Why are we being judged by others in the first place? The new world is all about living our lives as we choose without judgment from others. What concern is it of ours whether so and so has a Christmas tree or not, celebrates the holiday or not, if they believe in God or not? These are the areas we need to be aware of within ourselves because they offer good lessons for us to learn from. They challenge our beliefs in ourselves, they challenge our strength and our ability to live by our own personal rules and not somebody elses.

Everyday we come face to face with situations that can teach us great things but we must be aware of them when they present themselves. If we are not paying attention we miss a golden opportunity to check in with ourselves and see where we stand. My whole life is lived pretty much in simplicity. I find great peace and calm in simplicity and believe it or not, deeper meaning. Seems like an oxymoron. I wonder if many cling hard and fast to old rituals for security regardless if they feel right or not. The first year I didn’t have a tree felt odd in some ways but a relief as well. We decorated a tree outside with fruit and nuts for the animals instead of lights made in China. The house was filled with candles and soft lighting and shadows that wavered about. The presents were few but chosen for a definite reason. I found nothing lacking but instead found a deeper connection with my feelings and those of my son. The birds and squirrels were thrilled with their treats and that in turn filled my heart. Please find the strength and commitment to yourselves to celebrate the holiday in a way that your spirit finds peace and happiness in. Cast aside the pressure and the insecurity you won’t fit in and just do what your heart tells you to do. All will be well and the pressure will vanish.

Blessings to us all,



The Truth Of The Matter… Source:

It is astounding how a few simple words can sum up our journey here on earth. If this quote does in fact speak to why we are here, it would seem many are living life completely opposite of what we should be doing. This possibility is important to pause and think upon, for if we wish to make the world a better place, it would be wise for us to begin by living our lives accordingly. If we sit down quietly and ask ourselves “What did I go out of my way to heal today? What did I create today? Have I given the world my love today without judgment, what would our answers be?” These really are pretty simple concepts to live by daily and yet the world acts as if it never gives these things a thought. If we go back in time to the beginning of everything, it appears we have been ruthless and violent and disrespectful of life as a whole right from the start. Life in this world seems to have always been one of gaining control over one another, instead of attempting to live harmoniously with one another. It has always been about control and power and in the end greed. The respect humanity was owed so they could live their lives as they so chose to live them, has been ignored since day one and still continues today as we struggle to move forward and reinvent ourselves for the benefit of mankind. It is shameful humanity has been unable to move beyond this suicidal stage until now because of oppression. I say now, because I believe we are on the brink of a massive change, humanity can no longer ignore its desire to be free and to become respectful and loving human beings.

I watched the Congressional hearings for Johnathan Gruber yesterday because I wanted to see how he would respond to questions about his deceiving the American people about ObamaCare and calling the American people stupid. It was quite stunning to watch actually. I was quite amazed to see that the Democrats learned absolutely¬†ZERO from the trouncing they took in the midterm elections. They obviously did not learn from the fact if you disrespect the people they will vote you out of office! Here was the man who admitted on video after video that the American people were stupid and that the only way ObamaCare could be passed was by deceiving the people into accepting it and yet the Democrats furiously defended him, praising him and thanking him for all of his hard work. Really? It was disgusting to witness. What planet are they living on? How could they care so little about the American people that they would not stand up for them and castigate Mr. Gruber for what he has done and take actions against him? Because it is all about politics! They are so entrenched in politics they didn’t even learn their lessons as they lost their control of Washington and are now reviled by the people and they just keep on going. They even released the CIA torture report yesterday as well, endangering the American people and our foreign relationships and destroying their trust in us. What a very sad statement of where we are at this moment in time.

As I watch things unfold everyday around me it seems the chasm between Washington and the rest of the country is massive and growing wider everyday. The people continue to expand their consciousness and learn more and more how to open their hearts, be loving and compassionate and keep trying to fix what is broken and make things better, all the while the Government remains frozen in their ego games, their judgment and their sick and sad need to get what they want. The people are marching forward with heads held high while Washington continues to fail to do their jobs and refuses to expand their minds and move into the next level of existence. We have become a completely divided country, not because of white versus black, but because of the people who are becoming whole again as their consciousness grows and the ego driven failures of a Government who refuses to move themselves forward, preferring to remain stubbornly in place. It appears we are living in two very different realms upon one world. The people have outgrown their leaders!!!

Until we are able to make meaningful changes, the best we can do is to make sure we live our own lives with honor and respect one another, that we do no harm to one another and we continue to make an effort to create a better world for ourselves without our Government, that no longer serves us purpose. We will continue to try to heal what is broken and poisoned and protect the earth from further destruction. We will continue to speak out for what we believe in and bring to the world’s attention what is egregiously adverse to the way we should all be living as responsible stewards of the world. The people have grown up, but the Government remains immature and ignorant to the changes that are needed to evolve. These two forces cannot coexist in harmony and something must give soon. We are ready to be a part of the new world and we must not stop fighting for what we know is the proper direction we need to be going in. A direction that heals not harms, that loves not hates and what creates not destroys.

Blessings to us all,