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Are you a bit dizzy from swirling about incessantly in today’s world of chaos? Just when we think everything can’t get more unstable around us, it does so. In order to survive this whirlpool and not get sucked down in, we summon up our own inner power, grab hold of the side of the blender and pull ourselves back out. That power to get out that we exert, comes from having the understanding we are limitless in our abilities. We are finally learning that the way we perceive life’s reality can be the very thing that holds us back from what we desire. We have allowed ourselves to accept all that we have been told about ourselves and about life and we operate from those perceptions we carry. What if those perceptions were incorrect? Surely most of them are! If we maintain our beliefs in those old, incorrect perceptions then we stay stuck living in that preconceived world and eventually get sucked down into the blender. Our unwillingness to open our minds and look at things in news way hinder us, yet we hold on desperately to the old, usually out of fear of expanding ourselves beyond what is familiar. Only now are we beginning to grasp the enormity of the power of our thoughts. Even now those who are awakened intellectually understand, but until we understand it from our hearts not our minds can we fully understand.

All the different processes we must go through to awaken require one important element for us activation. It requires our minds and hearts to be open, and loving and desiring good for all of humanity. We have to be coming from that space within ourselves to be able to comprehend what we are going through and in the end possess the power to make change happen. This is why we find ourselves still captive in this swirling, chaotic world. Intellectually many in the world are awake now to the truth of what is going on, but they are not able to make any changes because they are not residing in that space of power found only in the heart. You can intellectually know a great many things, but if your heart and mind remain closed and still tethered to the old perceptions of how the world operates, nothing new can be created.

It takes a great deal of courage to let go of how you have seen the world your whole life and open yourself and your heart and mind up to the unknown, but that is exactly what we must do to have access to that power. The world may seem out of control right now, falling apart, becoming unsafe and all the other things we have been led to believe, but what if they really were not? If you choose to believe all you are told and you see the world this way, that is the reality you will occupy. But what if the majority of what you see and hear is not the truth? What if you chose to see the world as vibrant and alive and filled with good and loving people? That would be the reality you would occupy. Why do you think the media and the Government work overtime to deliver such desperate and hopeless news to everybody? It is desired that we be sucked in by that scenario and help them create the reality they desire for our control. If we live in this reality they are creating, we lose our power because we are living in fear and not from our hearts.

The time is now to reclaim our power but in order to do that we have to open our hearts and minds and live from a place of love and compassion. Once we accomplish this, now we have access to our power to create whatever we desire. So it stands to reason our main mission at this point is to master the art of letting our old perceptions of the world go, and begin to live our lives with love and compassion for all beings( animals included ) free of all judgment. If we remain open to new ways of seeing the world and new ways of thinking at the same time we live life from our hearts, we have all the limitless power we need to change reality. This world and the life we live is vastly different for every soul on earth for each of us has a different perception of how the world operates. What if we were able to join together in a global perception of how the world operates ? Would we not create a world of love and compassion and caring for our fellow beings all residing in peace?

Blessings to us all,