What Have We Learned?

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If we take a moment to sit and ponder this question of what have we learned at depth, there comes to mind one very clear lesson we should be putting our attentions on. Our chronic rigidity! The world creaks loudly as it moves it is so rigid. Over and over we hear the phrase¬† ” Go with the flow,” but I wonder just how closely we really think about those words. Take our schools for instance, our Governments, our religions. Each institution has strict rules and guidelines to be followed that never change year after year. School curriculum’s never change, it is the same old reading, writing and arithmetic agenda. Medical diagnoses rarely change, medicines chosen for specific illnesses rarely change, individual town and city ordinances seldom change. We are stuck in how things should be in our minds but we do not take into consideration that the world is constantly in motion, forever changing. We are forever changing and evolving as a whole. Change and flowing with the changes are a natural way of life for everything on the planet and yet we as a society, spend an inordinate amount of time trying desperately to hold everything in place and continue to function the same way year after year, decade after decade. It makes no sense except to those wishing to control us by keeping us restricted. It seems amazing that the entire world around us moves and flows and alters itself and yet we blithely have gone along with being told we must remain inflexible. Nature changes, seasons change, animals change and yet we never question why we are not changing, why how our Government functions never changes. Look at the changes the world has gone through in just the last two years, look at the changes humanity has gone through, our consciousness rising and yet our institutions remain stagnant, continuing to do business as usual, but we are no longer the usual, we are eons ahead of where we were.

Everyday we change in small, often unnoticeable ways, but we are forever changing. Is this not the main crux of what we are supposed to be learning in these precarious times? Yes we as individuals must learn to go with the flow and learn to accept things as they are, not how we wish them to be. We are working hard on this, but is not the bigger picture for us to apply this fluid motion to all aspects of life, institutions included? Our minds are definitely very different now than the way we thought two years ago, even two weeks ago, so why would we expect our children to be taught the same way they were being taught ten or twenty years ago? We are all moving and changing as human beings, but the world we are surrounded by is standing still and weighing us down. Is this not the time at long last to be demanding change with everything in life? Our political leaders and our Government are still pushing agendas that are woefully outdated. People in this country have long since given up the warped idea of two parties of Government and yet that is all we ever hear about. Republicans and Democrats and yet we don’t want either one anymore. That is so not how the people think any longer.

If politicians want a platform to run on that may actually get them elected, then they should be promoting updating the whole country top to bottom with mutable laws that no longer require our world to remain static under the same laws year after year just because it is easier. No! It is time for this country and even the world to function freely as a living, breathing and shifting entity that is free to alter its ways whenever the desire arises without question. This concept we have ingrained in our heads that this is how things must be because the laws say so or because the country couldn’t function properly without these restrictive laws is just insane on every level. These times we are in at present are asking us to see and accept that all life changes constantly and to try to hold it in place goes against the very laws of nature. We are learning now to go with the flow and accept things as they are, it is time the entirety of the world’s institutions begins to do so as well.

Blessings to us all,