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Last year I joined this blog called one word 365. Instead of rifling through long lists of new years resolutions which you probably won’t remember anyway, you choose one word to describe who you wish to be or how you wish to live your life for the next year and devote yourself to doing just that. This year I chose the word COURAGE. There are still changes I know I must make in my life, things I must give up, things I must face. I am weary from this long journey we have all been on and so I ask for courage to face what I must and accomplish what is necessary! I choose courage to be my friend for the next year ahead. What will you choose for your word and how will this change your life? Hopefully for the better!


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  1. Thank you so much dear friend!!! It has been a challenging year on so many levels but we all seemed to maintain our balance and keep on moving forward. It has been quite a march we have been on, no? Back when we all started to blog around the 2012 happening I never would have thought we would go through all that we have and with still more to come. Whew! Unity is a super word and you are so right about wanting us all to unite together. It is the next phase we must go through. It may take some doing but I have complete faith that we will prevail. Thanks so much for being such a steady and faithful follower on here and all of your wonderful comments. It truly means a lot!!! Let us all ‘courageously unite’ and get this freedom party underway at long last 🙂 Blessings and love to you DW. Have a wonderful new year ahead…..VK ❤


  2. Dear VK.. what an excellent and yet challenging word to choose.. Yes we all of us need courage in the face of our uncertainties… You made me ponder long and hard as to the word I would choose to help see me through 2015..
    I think your choice is so apt as courage is what we will need in the face of things to come.. both on a personal level and at National Level..
    I hope through the ‘Courage’ we show.. we can also unite… So if I were to choose a word.. Mine would be Unity…. as we blog uniting others together.. I hope in 2015.. to tap into those realms of thought which have eluded me the latter half of this year.. As I adjusted within my own time-table of settling into a routine to be less hectic..

    So I wish you dear one all the courage you need… as we stand together in unity in our pledge to bring Light and awareness to the world..

    Thank you dear VK for being part of my world.. Happy 2015 to you.. Love and Blessings in ALL you do..
    Sue .. DW..

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