Tiger In A Cage…

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Have you ever been cornered by a problem you must face and feel like a wild animal trapped in a cage? Well, that is exactly where I am at right now. As I jump about from blog to blog these days it seems others are pressed up against the wall as well. Clearing out our stuff as painful or fearful as that may be, is mandatory for us to move forward and grow into who we are meant to be.  I have found convenient ways to avoid my issue my whole life but now as I am supposed to be winding down my life, I find I am being forced to face this wild tiger at long last and make friends with it. Wow! I don’t have this tiger by the tail at all. I am up at the top of the bars clinging on for dear life as the tiger paces back and forth beneath me waiting for me to lose my grip. It is exhausting and at times I just want to walk out of life and be done with it, but deep inside I can’t do that! I am not a quitter, I am famous for being resourceful, so why am I in this position? If I look honestly at what is transpiring, I would have to admit that I must be lacking belief in myself, questioning somewhere in the back of my mind if I can in  fact solve this issue once and for all. I am lacking that gutsy ” Of course I can” attitude. It is inside me cowering somewhere, I just have to go in search of it again, if I want to leave this cage alive!

Procrastination is illusion at its finest! We think by putting off something it will magically go away and yet it is patient, like the patient tiger that waits beneath me. It never goes away, it lurks like a deadly disease that just waits for the immune system to weaken enough so it can make its debut. I wonder why I have allowed this game to go on for so long. I am getting tired as I age, this is something I should have faced when I was younger and filled with the energy to conquer it, rather than stealthily walking around it thinking I could wait it out. Now I am face to face with it. A part of me is terrified, still looking for ways to get around it, when in actual fact I must walk head-on into it. Silly me. Still trying to out smart it.

This clearing away, stripping ourselves bare, is part of this process we are slogging our way through to our freedom that awaits. There are steps that must be taken on this journey and as we go along we tick them off as we complete them. There is no way around this process no matter how much you wish for it to be so. I don’t know why I procrastinated, it was easier perhaps. I see now, as we are all stretched so thin by all of the chaos and crises in this world, I should have faced this sooner when I had the energy, but I also firmly believe that things always happen for a reason, there is always purpose behind everything in life. I will not get down on myself for having put this off. No. It was for some reason that the timing to tame this tiger is now, at this late stage in my life. Being kind to myself and not laying blame at my feet it much like feeding chunks of meat to the tiger to lessen his hunger pangs.

And so I keep going forward, searching for answers and the courage to jump down into the cage for a face off at last with the tiger. Will I survive the encounter? I won’t know until it happens I guess. Will I find the courage? That is up to me to decide. I always have that choice as to whether I will face things nor not, I just don’t have any control over when in this case. There is no way out of this dilemma except going past the tiger and through the cage door. Many are fighting tigers right now. We have done the peripheral cleaning out that we thought we mastered by going within, but we soon discover there is something we have done our best to avoid for so long now, our Life Lesson, but time is over for procrastination. It is the last and often biggest vestige of our issues we have to face, but face it we must if we wish to keep moving forward and expanding into more of who we truly are and who we really wish to be. Good luck to all who are on this journey as well. Have courage!

Blessings to us all,


The Haircut…

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I was commenting on another site the other day about the fact this person had just gotten their hair chopped off and I mentioned how strange that was as I was ready to do the same thing, and I have coveted long hair my whole life! Then I noticed another blogger had left his comment that he was doing the same thing. Okay, once is interesting, twice is getting up there towards what’s going on, but three times? The magic number of synchronicity! So I was trying to figure out what was provoking people to chop off their hair. I mean, hair seems to be the one thing we cherish and hang on to as our way of saying who we are, a huge identity promoter. So I am wondering if at this time in the scheme of things, are we now changing the last vestiges of ourselves having done the inside, now mounting a campaign to change that last little bit we have been hanging on to so tightly on the outside? It is a well-known fact that hair holds a huge amount of meaning to our identity, we cling to it and yet I keep running across people who are chopping it off! First of all I do not believe in coincidences, I am firm believer in synchronicity, the fact that things happen for a reason, and that following those synchronicities takes us further down our path to wholeness.

It would be interesting to take a Pew poll and see how many people around the world are being driven by some force within to chop off their hair. I bet it is far more than we’d imagine, if in one post alone three people were doing it or getting ready to do it. It is that last little bit of control we are suddenly willing to release and go with the flow of whatever happens just happens. It is that last gust of trusting wind that lifts us up and propels us forward, freeing us to accept what is and letting go of the need to be in control of the outcome. Controlling outcomes is a very limiting need so many people have, there is no give and take, just a need for things to be the way we want them to be. Letting go of that need says we are free to just be as is, that our centering and stability no longer relies on having things go our way. We are strong enough now to handle whatever comes our way and we no longer fear it not being what we want. We are growing and expanding towards wholeness. Acceptance.

If anyone else out there is thinking about cutting off their hair and getting free, let us know. It would be interesting to know if there are others experiencing this same desire to change. I would imagine there are many as I feel great change sweeping the planet in many forms and stages. The awakening is in full swing and as we have learned on this journey so far, going within and changing ourselves for the better is a major first step in the process and now it seems changing the last little( but major) bit on the outside is happening as well. Just another one of my random thoughts I’m expressing as I view this journey closely and take notes.

Blessings to us all,



Random Thinking…


What a strange night I had. I fell asleep early to the wonderful patter of rain drops on the skylights. It is not often we see rain in winter as it usually turns into snow, but this time it was warm enough for rain. I didn’t mean to fall asleep so early, as it means I awaken way before I want to, but my body had different plans I guess. At three o’clock I awoke and decided to go to the kitchen and get something to drink. I made my way in the darkness down the winding stairs, just barely missing stepping on the cat, and felt my way into the kitchen. I turned on the outside light and saw white everywhere so sometime during the night we turned from rain to snow. Ugh! More shoveling in the morning. I grabbed a glass of kombucha and Hibiscus tea and began my journey back up the stairs and back to my room in the dark. Made it!

Of course falling back to sleep again was going to be next to impossible because I had already slept my usual number of hours, but I was not wanting to be up in the wee hours of the morning when everyone else was nestled beneath the covers. I found a position that felt comfortable and decided to just lay there and let the thoughts come, whatever they were, wherever they chose to go. I kind of had an Ah Ha moment so to speak. I know my ideas may be far-fetched for many of my readers, but my mind is wide open to understanding as much as I can about why we are in the tight spot we are all in today. It requires thinking way outside the box and not shutting the door to new ideas because they seem too unbelievable. I have no desire to stay trapped in this three-dimensional world of shallow thinking and following the masses. That is what got us all in trouble in the first place.

So, what was the Ah Ha moment? I suddenly realized that Near Death Experiences were not some woo woo thing that happened to weird people, or some effect of a medical procedure or failing organs in the body. Nope. It is not random like that, it is not some extra special state of mind. It occurs because in a near death or temporary state of death we are too far out of range for the mind control our planet is held captive by to keep working. Because Near Death people are free of controlled thinking, their whole mind, all 100% of it is free to experience life as it really is. They are able to see everything as connected( because we are) and connect the dots and see things we in 3D cannot see because our abilities are being hampered. It is a brief glimpse into the true reality of who and what we are, not what we have been made to think. It is why everything in those brief moments make sense at long last, we can see the reason for things and view the world from a whole new wide open perspective.

This is why I often tell people in my posts that they should consider turning off their televisions. Our TV’s are just one way our thoughts are being controlled daily, our minds being molded into thinking a certain way. If our thoughts are controlled and steered in the direction they desire us to go in, then compliance by all of us is guaranteed. This is why New Death Experiences have been given such a bum rap, made to look like a medical fluke or a wild imagination. We are not supposed to experience 100% brain function like NDE’s or else we would not be so easily imprisoned. Waking up is far more than just knowing the truth of what is going on in the world and who is doing the manipulating, it is all about getting our minds out from under to be able to think freely again and experience the wonders of a fully functioning brain. We think we are totally awake, but we have only just begun the journey I believe. Perhaps meditation can take us far enough outside the gates of our cage to experience free thinking as well? Having our minds tweaked and tinkered with is something many can’t even entertain happening yet it is. I think we still have a long ways to go yet before we can really claim we are awakened, so until then practice patience!

Blessings to us all,