What Are The Lessons?

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Well, here we are beginning yet another journey into another new year ahead of us. To date our journey has had so many twists and turns it is almost hard to remember where we have been. So as we pause a moment and look back over the past year, it is good to ask ourselves ” what have we learned, what were we shown, what messages were we being given?” It makes no sense to battle our way through these countless years as they unfold before us if we don’t learn to look for and understand the lessons we are being taught. So much tragedy has befallen the world, I cannot believe it has occurred without reason. Perhaps we are being taught the fine art of compassion at long last? Perhaps we are being shown how brief life can be, all the while no one ever knows when it will end. Are we being shown how valuable life is and how we must learn to appreciate it and make the most of it? It seems to me along with learning these lessons, we must also cultivate the ability to look beyond what is in front of us and uncover the deeper meanings that lay hidden. If one looks back and just observes strife and anguish and pain, that is not a very encouraging vision to carry with us in our hearts. Yes there has been much tragedy and pain, but along with it has come the exposure of the truth, of what is really going on in the world. As we awaken, these truths become more transparent. As unsettling as the truth may be for many, it certainly begins to answer a lot of the questions we have all carried in our hearts and minds for so long now, the questions that have never allowed us to feel comfortable in our skin.

These lessons set before us almost sound cliché in so many ways. It makes one want to search for even deeper meanings to what is going on and why. Perhaps we need to not look at each lesson separately but rather see the whole of what we are being shown. It seems to me not concentrating on each individual lesson allows us to see we are being asked to take notice of the illusion itself we have been living in, so we can begin to understand life is not what we have been told. The illusion is multifaceted and for so long we have been oblivious to it because we were so much a part of it. We were the illusion, living in our comas doing as we were told. Yes we must learn to cultivate compassion in our hearts for all beings, we must reach out to all those in need and give of ourselves unconditionally, to be love, but more to the point we must finally learn to open our eyes and accept the lies we have been living. Once we accept the truth into our hearts and awaken, all of the rest will fall into place. The truth is our sunshine and rain and we cannot bloom into the powerful souls we truly are without it. Once we blossom forth everything else will make sense. Shifting into this new paradigm of living becomes easier and easier once we embrace the truth of what is and are willing to change our ways accordingly.

I accepted the truth many, many years ago and so this shift has not been as traumatic for me as it is for many others. I can honestly tell you that once you allow yourself to acknowledge the truth, life becomes altered dramatically for you and faith in the whole process now becomes a part of who you are. Knowledge is the greatest gift we can possess.The truth snagged my awareness back in 1996. It exploded into my consciousness like a heat seeking missile and blew apart my life as I knew it. I literally paced around my house endlessly for three days unable to comprehend the truth. When I finally did accept it and opened myself up to it, life changed forever. I never looked at the world the same way ever again. It is empowering in so many ways to know the truth, and it is sad we fear it as much as we fear change. Both can be exhilarating when faced and because of it we grow and expand into whole new beings. Yes we need to spend time making the changes these lessons are asking us to make, but even more, we need to embrace the truth thereby breaking the bubble of illusion and moving forward in our process of being. Let courage be your friend in this new year ahead and it will take you to so many new places and life will hold a whole new meaning for you.

Blessings to one and all,



5 thoughts on “What Are The Lessons?

  1. A very profound thought…what to learn from the lessons of life and how much to emulate from the past learning. When we look back, yes, the world is full of struggle and pain and many times we find it real difficult to swim through the challenges and the miseries the people around us confront. It is a divided world there are people who are so fortunate who don’t know what poverty is and there are sections of people who have never seen the comfort of life…the paradox. What is the meaning of life and how exactly is the world composed of, is there any rationality or is it an absurd world.

    Accepting the truth is not easy but it makes a huge difference in our life, we start seeing things differently and yes ‘Knowledge’ is the greatest gift we can possess, we need to nurture it and use it creatively and use it intelligently to transform our life and life around us, we all can with our little effort and good intention can make a great difference to our society and make it a better place to live and grow…

    A very Happy New Year to you and wonderful way to start the year with such powerful thoughts for all of us to pause and reflect…


    • Thank you Nihar….Happy new year ahead for you as well….It is usually fear that holds most people back, sometimes even frozen in place, and that fear usually stems from the unknown. If we embrace the truth and the knowledge it imparts to us, then we always know what we are dealing with and that can bring a sense of security that allows us to go forward. You are so correct in saying that we need to use the knowledge we gain wisely and I say above all for the good of all mankind and animalkind. This is perhaps the biggest challenge before us right now. Learning how to use our knowledge the best ways we can. Thanks for popping in and commenting. I always enjoy reading them 🙂 Blessings…VK

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      • I must admit it was a very insightful post which made me to think and think deep and wide…absolutely true that it is the fear that stops us from achieving and reaching many things in life.

        We have to break free from the barriers of fear and liberate ourselves from the clutches of unknown, we have to keep exploring and expanding our horizon and create new knowledge along with creatively using the existing set of knowledge, sharing of knowledge empowers us…

        Yes, learning the art of effectively using the knowledge can make a huge difference in what one knows and how one uses them…we keep learning and at the same time we have to keep unlearning old habits and outdated practices and keep updating our knowledge repository to be current…and it is not at all an easy proposition, it needs good amount of effort and commitment to achieve it.

        God Bless you, and looking forward to reading more such critical post…:D


    • Thanks Nihar….You are spot on…I guess if we break everything down to the core issue as I so like to do to get to the heart of what matters, it all really begins with believing in ourselves. You can have all the knowledge in the world but if you don’t believe yourself worthy or capable of creating something meaningful with it, nothing will get done. We must believe in ourselves! Blessings…VK

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      • Yes, you are right…self belief and the self confidence, within makes a great difference in what we are capable of and what we can achieve…

        We all underestimate this power, and under-utilize this latent force which we all can challenge and garner the energy towards breaking the barriers and achieving the unimaginable…

        The power of belief is so profound…needs to be nurtured.

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