A New Moon Coming Our Way….

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Once again I am sharing this new moon information as new moons always signify the beginning of new ventures and changes. One should set into motion plans and action for what they desire for their future during the energies of the new moon. Let’s take all the help we can get! Here is the article. Enjoy.

Finding Our Courage To Face The Truth…

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It always amazes me when a crisis takes place and catapults everyone out of their slumber, everyone runs around in a panic looking for answers, but never asking the right questions and they certainly never accept the truthful answers they may be given. So here we are facing not only world-wide extremist attacks but also home-grown extremist attacks as well.  When it occurs, the news coverage is 24/7 in hopes of building up our fears, everyone wants to know where they went to train, where they got their guns, are they lone wolves or part of a terrorist cell organization. While I agree it is important to know those answers, is it not more important to ask WHY kids have chosen to do this in the first place? Lets face it, if society is totally honest with itself(which is doubtful) we have to admit we have had our heads buried in the sand, in our cell phones and ipods, in shopping outlets or on Dancing With The Stars. For quite some time now we have not been paying attention to our lives, to our Governments actions and most importantly to our children. Pursuing our own selfish dreams has been front and center for most people for as long as I can remember, nicely aided by a Government seeking to control us and in doing so, turning us into a Nanny Nation.

We have abandoned living the simple life in favor of a high-tech life that pulls us away from family and community and isolates us with our machines because we have made them a greater importance. Take an hour or two one weekend and go sit in a busy section of your town or city and just watch people. I would venture to guess at least 85-90% of those people walking by will have their heads down texting or chatting on cell phones oblivious to all those bustling around them. It seems we rarely interact with one another anymore. We live our lives according to schedules, we fill up any and all free time, we eat on the run, we work on the run and as a result we have lost touch with the very essence of our lives. We have lost touch with our children. Our knowledge of what our children are doing, who they are, what they want in their lives, is minimal at best. Is it truly any wonder we see young people being attracted to terror cells where they will be treated as brothers, given attention, are told this is how they can make a huge impact on the world and they will be important? They are starving to feel important because many people have not made the time to make them feel important because they ARE important.

While we are busy blaming Muslim extremists for the horror we are witnessing around the world, we must also blame ourselves for dropping the ball as well as dropping out of society in pursuit of our dreams. We have allowed ourselves to become slaves and in doing so have allowed our family life to be upended, our time hijacked, our purpose for living buried and forgotten. Children have grown up without purpose, without security, without a solid family life and we wonder why they have gone astray. Children are not as important in a materialistic society struggling to survive. These are young adults walking their way through life with massive holes inside them that need filling with love and affection and attention and above all, purpose, but we have been too busy to fill those holes because we are trying to survive and get by. We are a society of beings whose lives have been stolen to support the lavish lifestyle of the few and sadly our children are a by-product of this neglect. Schools have brainwashed them into becoming slaves as well, they are not learning what is important to help them find themselves and live a meaningful life, they are learning how to obey and memorize, their creativity has been crushed, their voices silenced. They are being told what and how to think!

Everything we see happening did not just come about suddenly, it is the result of decades of sleepwalking our way through life and NOT asking questions! Our values have been decimated and because of this we give life in general very little respect. Our children have grown up in this atmosphere without valid guidance from leaders they can look up to and emulate. There is such a massive vacuum of good in the world. There are endless supplies of evil and hatred and greed and despair,  but so little good and joy and caring. It is not only our children who are harboring huge voids within because of this, a large part of society is as well. We must wake ourselves up to not only what has and is being done to us, but what we have done to ourselves as well, accepting some of the responsibility so we can move forward and better ourselves by staying awake, asking questions, simplifying our lives, paying attention and finally living our lives as if life itself matters, because it does! Yes we were forced into slavery, our lives and our money stolen, our purposes for living eradicated but this does not mean we must remain victims and do nothing! It is time to admit our part in this societal breakdown and fight back by bettering ourselves, once again respecting all and by saying to our oppressors, NO, we will no longer comply and allow you to destroy our lives. Let us regain our pride and create a life we are proud of, make our children an essential part of our lives again and be the teachers they need to follow and look up to so they can get their lives back on track. If kids felt whole and happy and needed and important, they would not be joining ISIS to find importance. This is a wake-up call to society to find its way back to what matters!

Blessings to us all,