The Haircut… Source:

I was commenting on another site the other day about the fact this person had just gotten their hair chopped off and I mentioned how strange that was as I was ready to do the same thing, and I have coveted long hair my whole life! Then I noticed another blogger had left his comment that he was doing the same thing. Okay, once is interesting, twice is getting up there towards what’s going on, but three times? The magic number of synchronicity! So I was trying to figure out what was provoking people to chop off their hair. I mean, hair seems to be the one thing we cherish and hang on to as our way of saying who we are, a huge identity promoter. So I am wondering if at this time in the scheme of things, are we now changing the last vestiges of ourselves having done the inside, now mounting a campaign to change that last little bit we have been hanging on to so tightly on the outside? It is a well-known fact that hair holds a huge amount of meaning to our identity, we cling to it and yet I keep running across people who are chopping it off! First of all I do not believe in coincidences, I am firm believer in synchronicity, the fact that things happen for a reason, and that following those synchronicities takes us further down our path to wholeness.

It would be interesting to take a Pew poll and see how many people around the world are being driven by some force within to chop off their hair. I bet it is far more than we’d imagine, if in one post alone three people were doing it or getting ready to do it. It is that last little bit of control we are suddenly willing to release and go with the flow of whatever happens just happens. It is that last gust of trusting wind that lifts us up and propels us forward, freeing us to accept what is and letting go of the need to be in control of the outcome. Controlling outcomes is a very limiting need so many people have, there is no give and take, just a need for things to be the way we want them to be. Letting go of that need says we are free to just be as is, that our centering and stability no longer relies on having things go our way. We are strong enough now to handle whatever comes our way and we no longer fear it not being what we want. We are growing and expanding towards wholeness. Acceptance.

If anyone else out there is thinking about cutting off their hair and getting free, let us know. It would be interesting to know if there are others experiencing this same desire to change. I would imagine there are many as I feel great change sweeping the planet in many forms and stages. The awakening is in full swing and as we have learned on this journey so far, going within and changing ourselves for the better is a major first step in the process and now it seems changing the last little( but major) bit on the outside is happening as well. Just another one of my random thoughts I’m expressing as I view this journey closely and take notes.

Blessings to us all,