Going Out On A Limb….

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Okay…I am going out on the proverbial limb here even mentioning vaccinations which the media has blown up into a major drama, again! The fear mongers are running rampant and the political idiots are grabbing hold of this incredible hot potato and using it to bash one side or the other. Yawn. Have we not heard or seen this insanity before? I just have to speak out and say what is twisting my brain into a painful knot of frustration.

First I want to speak to the outrageous dialogue taking place on Lame stream media vilifying the Hippie, free thinkers as being the culprit for this out break. How dare they!! I have NOT heard one word mentioned on the news about the millions of illegal aliens now in this country, most of whom I would venture to guess have never been vaccinated and could be carrying disease. If our borders were closed we might now be facing this problem right now, but that is a whole other matter. Lets be fair here when laying blame for who created this drama.

Secondly, I wish to point out a very blatant fact that everybody seems to be overlooking while they spout their venom over vaccinated versus unvaccinated. I keep hearing the argument that kids should be forced to be vaccinated because they will bring disease to all the children in school if they are not. Hello???? If kids are vaccinated why should they worry about sick kids coming to school or not? The vaccines are supposed to work according to the CDC are they not? So why are they worried? Because many times they do not work!

I am not going to try to convince anyone about this subject but I do want to say that people need to do their own research and decide for themselves. Measles and chickenpox were not terrifying when I was growing up. As a matter of fact I was kept home with my brother so we would get it at the same time and be done with it and my father was a doctor. The hysteria we are seeing now is their last feeble attempt at getting mandatory vaccinations put in place and just one more of our rights to decide for ourselves taken away. I urge people to open their eyes to BOTH sides of this debate and educate themselves for once. I am leaving a few links below for people to look at. For once I ask everyone to stop just accepting what they are told and do some researching for truthful answers instead.

Always standing up for truth and confronting lies….




http://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/Concerns/thimerosal/  Lets have the list of which ones they DO put Thimerosol in so we know! Would be helpful!




5 thoughts on “Going Out On A Limb….

  1. Hi VK,

    Your post educates.

    I suppose it all comes down to the trade-off we are prepared to accept as societies between the openness brought in by increasing Globalisation, the benefits arising thereof, and the negative fallouts from the same. In today’s world this becomes a political stand and is a function of constituency support bases.

    So how do you see the future panning out?



    • Hey there my friend 🙂 That is a huge question to answer but I can say in the end I am still a staunch believer that the light will win out over the dark and we shall see freedom from this crippling oppression we are living under. It may take a while and the road is sure to get far bumpier, but we shall reach our goal. I believe one of the hardest things one must endure these days is being fully awake and having to watch the illusion unfold around us. One of my strongest traits I am known for is integrity, so for me, trying to co-exist in a world fraught with deceit and lies is absolute torture. Good seeing you here Shakti. Glad you found your way back 🙂 VK

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  2. Hey thanks DW….It really amazes me how people allow themselves to be scared into believing just about anything! Nobody questions anything anymore. They take what they are told as gospel truth and go along with anything. We have something like 100 cases of measles right now over here( Don’t quote me on the amount) and the usual fear porn mumbo jumbo is all over the news; we are in an epidemic so they say and now it has become a part of the talk among presidential candidates and the call to make vaccinations mandatory has become the new drum beat pounding loudly. My God, I am so weary of all this crap, it never seems to end. 100 cases out of billions of people and they are freaking out! I fear for any young child now a days with the number of vaccines they are being bombarded with, many at the same time with NO regard as to what their ingredients may do when mixed together…it is pure insanity….Don’t get me started. I’ll shut up and let others voice their opinions. Not many people comment here anymore so I doubt there will be much feedback. Once again I am wondering why I keep blogging here. Sometimes it feels like a waste of time….Stay well my friend and hugs to you…VK ❤


  3. I know I am in the dark here a little as to what has been going in with Vaccines in the USA..But I know when my children were small I did not let them have the MMR vaccine, because of the Autism scare.. And found out some facts for myself… I was not popular at the Dr surgery and some other Mums did not agree..
    My Children had measles, mumps and chickenpox and Although I know measles can be nasty in some cases.. Growing up with 5 siblings myself I had everything going plus Hooping Cough.. We all recovered and we build up our immune systems .

    While I agree some vaccinations appear safe.. and we have irradiated Smallpox And TB.. even though through the migrant populations from Asia there have been some new cases in cities where ill people have travelled from abroad..

    I dread to think about my 4 yr old granddaughter and what cocktails are awaiting her still, she has already been subject to many in her little body.. Some of which I did not agree with but I could not intervene.. Her latest one in October of last year was a Nasal Flu vaccination.. I was horrified when I found out.. She has hardly been free of a cold and runny nose ever since..

    I am sure many will have their own stories or personal opinions… I know we are never afraid to share ours…. And you are not on a limb on your own..

    Love DW xxx


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