There Is So Much more Than Ourselves… Source:

For quite some time now in the awakened circles of people on the internet,- I keep hearing others state that it is indeed time to face our truths, clean house within, move forward. Wow! A huge task to undertake, but it is so true. As long as we remain locked in our worlds of issues we cannot move forward. We must come to that time where we face our demons at long last and put that all behind us. Until we do, we remain a hostage within our own lives. Going through this entire process of soul searching is where we will find the long-lost key that opens the door to our prisons. Not an easy thing to accomplish. If it were it would have been done already would it not? We avoid that big issue forever for a reason. It might be fear, lack of understanding, denial, any number of reasons. I know personally I have one issue I have dodged my entire life and even thinking about facing it head on creates panic within at times. I have managed to dance around it all these years so a part of me wants to continue the dance, but I know I cannot do that and move froward to where I want to go. Bite the bullet as they say.

I started to read a book quite a while ago and then it sat on my shelf unfinished until I came across it again, picked it up and started to refresh my memory. It is a book called “Writing Down Your Soul” by Janet Conner. What an amazing book. I guess now was when I was meant to read it and work with it in its entirety. There is definitely a timing for everything! In essence it is a program of writing everyday for thirty days ( no breaks or you start again) for only ten minutes or as long as it takes you to complete your writing. It is a wealth of information on learning to connect not only with yourself, but with your unconscious mind and writing from that space. That space is where all our answers lie, we must be willing to dig deep then dig deeper still beyond what it uncovered. It is quite the process to go through. It is a whole ritual for 30 days. When you write from your unconscious mind you begin to see and understand things you never gave a thought to before.

For anyone wishing to learn how to go deeper and get to the core of an issue you wish to resolve, I suggest reading this book and doing the program. We all have to face our truths sooner or later and at this particular time in our lives, now is when we must do it! Saving humanity from destruction depends upon us completing this process. There was a part in the book where A German Monk and Scholar by the name of Meister Eckhart talks about a conversation he had with an ant. He asked the ant if it had ever been to Paris and the ant said no but he would like to go. Then the ant asked Meister Eckhart if he had ever been to a major ant city and he answered no but he would like to.He came to a conclusion from this interaction that there is much to life we do not know of. That really struck me deeply. I suddenly realized there is so much to life I know nothing about, that life is more than just myself and my world. Why wouldn’t there be major ant cities, or butterfly villages? I had never thought about those possibilities. It showed me that I need to get beyond my own life so I can see more of what is out there.

We have been so well-trained in the school of ” This is all there is thinking”…It is time we expand ourselves far out beyond those prison walls that have held us firmly in place for far too long. It is time we start to ask questions, lots of questions, about everything! It is the only way we are going to get beyond where we all find ourselves stuck right now, stuck in that old world of believing everything we are told as gospel truth. The recent fiasco with the NBC news anchor Brian Williams is a classic example of being lied to by the media. That is hardly the only lies being told by them! It just happens to be the first lie exposed and uncovered for all to see. The media are a wealth of lies and propaganda and it is critical we learn to begin to listen to ourselves, to what our own gut instincts tell us. The animals do this for survival and it would behoove us all to do the same for our own survival! Stories are being woven constantly to guide us down paths in the direction our oppressors would like us to go and what to believe. We must question ourselves at great length and at far deeper levels to unearth the core of who we are, what is bothering us, how to fix it and above all what is the truth! Give it try. This book is a great master plan for getting to the truth, a wonderful guide for us all to do what we must do to go forward and become more than we are now, to become all that we can be.

Blessings to us all,