Stormy Weather On High Cosmic Seas…

By Zen Gardner Feb 12, 2015

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by Zen Gardner

I don’t even need to ask who’s feeling this. We’re all experiencing turbulent vibrational times right now. It’s a very real challenge. Whatever the source, we’re going through a kind of vortex of change and disturbance that needs to be acknowledged and addressed.

I don’t know the so-called “reason” for it, but it’s there. This is confirmed by good friends and a variety of sources, but with even a cursory look at the world around us, we’re passing through some serious stuff. And it can be quite disconcerting.

I’ve said many times this was coming in previous articles, but as always, when it hits it’s another story. We can observe something inside the “washing machine” with a safe distance between the event and ourselves, but when we’re actually in it personally – man o’ man.

Symptoms and Possible Contributors

The affects in times like this include scrambled sleep cycles, a sense of tension and difficulty in concentrating, low energy and health challenges, emotional turmoil, and even degrees of confusion in our thinking processes. It really helps to look outside for influences so that we don’t lose perspective on the event we’re part of or get lost in futile introspection.

Astrologically speaking, we’re in a very powerful vortex. Currently the mercury retrograde is having its usually somewhat disempowering effect. It’s said to always be a good time to back away from major decisions in our lives when this is happening.

More substantially is a major influence called the Pluto-Uranus square, an infrequent alignment that has drastic implications on social and personal situations. This was brought to my attention by a dear friend Kit Walker who has been deeply immersed in astrology for much of his life and follows these trends passionately. Apparently this same squaring happened in the ’60’s and contributed to the rise of the cultural and spiritual revolution at the time, and is about to happen again once the direct squaring passes.

Which happily is soon! Beginning March and April this year, it portends an uprising of convergence of social activism and increased awareness which will give tremendously greater impetus for spreading this awakening amongst a much larger swathe of humanity and help dismantle the ruling oligarchy.

Happy thought? I thought so too.

Surreal Signs and Screwing with Humanity

I don’t know about you, but just observing the daily news and events is enough to make your head spin. The obvious lies, reversals, omissions and outright blather, negativity and fear we’re being bombarded with is surreal. That so few can stand back and take notice of this charade is another mind-blowing factor.

It’s increasingly hard to even peruse the headlines as it’s so shockingly bad. But remember, that’s the intention – “shock and awe” at their sorcery and draconian power plays.

For many of us, that anyone can even begin to fall for the mainstain portrayal and explanation of anything is hard to believe. But to so many this is their way of life, as incredible as that may seem. How they’ll snap out of the hypnotic trance is a question we all ask ourselves.

Again, remember that detachment is the key to keeping a well balanced and conscious outlook.

What’s Going on in the Etheric Realm?

Good question. There are a lot of explanations being posited. Spiritual and inter-dimensional attacks, electromagnetic influences, chemical, radioactive and genetic degradation, mind control programs and on and on. Personally I take them all seriously and put them into the mix. It’s out there to be investigated.

The point being, a very serious affront, or bombardment if you will, is now accosting our planet and spiritual sphere. That’s what we’re feeling and is twisting and turning so many and causing this sense of disassociation. We can’t lose our conscious footing due to “circumstances” and outside influences.

This may seem like ethereal cereal to some but those who are experiencing what I’m talking about understand.

Know you’re not alone, first and foremost. This is hitting all of us. But it can be weathered with full empowerment. Those on the cutting edge of understanding and consciousness already know this, as it’s not a new routine. We’ve faced these onslaughts many times over, and much of it continually.

My intention here is to bring clarity and a general sense of common awareness. In unity we are strong, and as we share these common influences in open communication we’re able to better understand and ward off these affronts.

Much love, and power to the True People,


My Thanks to Zen for so clearly putting into words the insanity of the moment. Hang tight everyone, we will get through this hopefully sooner rather than later….

3 thoughts on “Stormy Weather On High Cosmic Seas…

  1. I could not agree more with these words VK.. a washing machine is how I felt… and sleep cycles all over the place.. Today I am feeling drained, having spend some time catching back up with comments.. I am ready for a PC free day tomorrow before getting ready for my Aunts farewell on Monday..

    I know I am on my own personal high seas at the moment,, but so many more around the world are so much worse off than we, so I am always thankful of the blessing we have.
    Thank you for keeping us informed, and uplifted VK..
    I so thank you for being my lovely Friend..
    Hug DW xx


    • Yeah…Zen said it quite clearly….I agreed with it as well…Feels like I have been in a blender for weeks on end. I always try to remember how many more are worse off in the world than I. It gives me some perspective on the reality today. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own issues. I think we are all doing quite well considering these times we are trying to maneuver through and without a flashlight…Just our own light to shine the way. Hope your high seas calm down a bit after the funeral. Time for a rest and some deep breaths. Take care and thank you as well for your friendship 🙂 hugs to you…VK ❤ xxoo

      Liked by 1 person

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