Ranting….Waiting = Insanity

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I don’t watch TV very often unless it is to figure out the latest lie the main stream media is peddling to the comatose masses. It’s to the point now when I observe what is going on it is pure absurdity and I can’t take any more of that. I feel as if I were drowning in mind altering absurdities. The chatter of insanity today is that our Marines are being surrounded as ISIS takes over yet another town five miles away from the base they are stationed at. President Obama is taking selfies on a stick on the same day a female American Aid worker was murdered. How long are we going to put up with this before we do something to end this tyrannical control over us and the world at large? Our country is being systematically destroyed, Christianity is being destroyed while Islam is being promoted in schools everywhere now. We are the United States, we have a massive military. Are you going to tell me that we can’t see ISIS like ants marching along in the middle of the desert with nowhere to hide and we can’t bomb them into oblivion? How do they get to within five miles of the base without being seen? Because Obama is not really fighting ISIS, he’s protecting them. This is the absurdity that is driving me insane! Even more is the fact we are doing NOTHING to stop this Government from destroying OUR LIVES and OUR Country! They play partisan games like three year olds, if you do that then I won’t do this. It is beyond humiliating and embarrassing. We act as if there is nothing we can do. They are a few thousand, we are millions! We need to be talking and figuring out ways to take action to take our country back and save the world. Where are the discussions? Where are the ideas being shared? Who has even found the courage to face reality? This is the true absurdity, that we do nothing while our country, our freedom and our lives are on fire! When are we going to grow a pair and take action? Wait much longer and there won’t be any need for action….Can we not see what we have become?

Frustrated Blessings to all….


5 thoughts on “Ranting….Waiting = Insanity

  1. You know VK.. like I do, its a game which those in the know control to a point.. Here we see also the Cat and Mouse games in the Ukraine as Myrtle goes out to speak in person, to avoid further bloodshed asking for a ceasefire .. While Greece is suffering.. and may well split from EU…. What better way to build up a failing EU than create another War in Europe..
    People should look up their history and see what happened after the last great Depression, and how the infrastructure was boosted… War creates wealth..

    I had a vision some years ago now VK.. and I only hope I am so so wrong.. but my gut is telling me WW3 is being instigated and so many Many people will suffer.. Its awful for many in the Ukraine now.. I did watch a news bulletin the other day.. It showed old age pensioners hiding in their bombed out basement.. they had no water, no food.. the government had cut off their pension incomes, they had no means of support.. And were risking their lives every time they came out to get something off the land to eat..
    Its winter, cold, snow.. Towns are rubble.. we are not seeing the whole picture of the destruction which is occurring out there.

    Yes and I know I am also ranting.. to the Insanity of this world.. Some times I just want to get off this planet, but I know I have lots to do yet šŸ™‚ xxx šŸ˜‰ Love to you xx


    • That’s the scary thing DW….We can’t get off the planet and here we sit in the middle of the turmoil awake and knowing but unable to really do a whole lot. At times I wish I didn’t know the truth, how much easier it would be, but we signed on for this, so we must see it through til the end…Sigh….The world is inundated with suffering and misery right now. It is so hard to believe people still think the way they do….War is the answer! Oh really? I’d prefer to try peace myself. This is the mindset of the off planet creatures holding us hostage. We are not fighting against anything human and this is why it is so difficult to get a handle on. Talk about uneven playing field! We will win in the end though DW I just know we will. I just hope that time is not too far off. I am very tired of it all…Hugs 2U….VK ā¤


  2. I have an idea…
    Maybe we should take those “bombs” and use them on the ones allegedly financing “ISIS”. And that would be US and other world govs.
    We are financing this every time we “pay” our taxes. With every single purchase that we make. We are ISIS.

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    • Je suis ISIS huh? I don’t know anymore, I am sick to death of all the games being played by our supposed leaders. They are such a disgrace. They embarrass me and anger me for their ego driven games. This world, our country, our lives are not a game! Why are we allowing this to be heaped upon us all? How about we stop production of all lethal weapons world wide and let them fight it out with their bare hands and see who wins….Happy day to you Skyz šŸ™‚ ā¤ VK


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