How Can We Reengage Ourselves…? Source:

I keep observing the daily insanity of a world in free fall, where double speak has replaced meaningful conversations, reality has become unreal and everything that was right side up is now upside down and inside out. Not much of anything makes sense any longer and that is the way the oppressors want it. They want our minds stretched to the breaking point, minds so stressed we tend to blank out for survival. At this critical time in our evolution it is so important for us to keep our minds operating on a positive level. If we take our brains off of life support and turn them on again, we can create ways out of this mess we find ourselves in. I know it’s easier to just blank out and turn to mush, but that will not help us survive this major assault we are all under. We cannot allow ourselves to partake in the zombie shuffle and move silently along with the masses. Our brain is like any other muscle in our body, if we stop using it, it becomes weak and unable to help us move to safety in these dangerous times. We need to unplug from the continual drumbeat of manufactured news intended to wear us down. I mean, how in the world is anyone supposed to stay sane if their minds are ready to explode with information that makes no sense? None of what is going on makes sense and so it is up to each of us to unplug from the craziness being provided by Main Stream Media as distractions from what is really taking place in the world.

We are talking about survival now. It is only the active and alert brain that can think for itself instead of being told what to think. Our active and alert brains are our only way out to freedom and yet so many still march along in a brain fog like sheep going to slaughter. It couldn’t be any clearer what is going on in the world, who is trying to take control, how they are doing it through manipulating the truth to serve their needs. It is not easy to know these days who is telling the truth and who isn’t, so stop listening to everybody and start listening to yourselves. What does your heart say about what is going on in the world. Lying has become an integral part of daily living. Truth no longer is considered worthy if lies can produce the outcome people are looking for. It has become the downfall of America’s morality. It is up to us to turn off the brain washing machine and exercise our brains again as much as we exercise our bodies. I know you are tired, I know your brain probably aches from being over stuffed with garbage, but it is imperative we take care of our brains, keep them strong and alert, forever working to be positive and eager for forward movement to a better way of living.

The noose around our necks tightens everyday and it is getting harder to breathe. That is because we are not using our brains to get ourselves out of this insane asylum. It is always the sharp thinker that finds the way out of difficult situations, it is the sharp thinking rat that always finds his way through the maze to the food bowl. This is no longer just a case of hearing we need to turn off our television sets, it is now a matter for our survival. Like the picture above, we must be that smart thinker who finds a way to move through life more easily and efficiently. We are being dumbed down at every turn and we need to know how to avoid this. The foods we eat, the television we watch, the water we drink, it all has additives designed to dumb us down. Take better care of how you eat, what you drink etc. Detox your bodies to clear out your brain. We are all saturated with chemicals. It is one of the reasons why we are witnessing silence and no push back over what is being done to us today. This has got to stop now! We need to be alert to push back and stand up for ourselves. If we don’t do this we are marching our way to slaughter. Keep your mind active, air it out in nature as often as you can, read, think up ways we can all fight back. A good brain = a good life.

Blessings to us all,