I just wanted to share this to further show you to what lengths the Pharmaceutical Corporation will go to to control your body. More and more people seem to be waking up to the truth but just in case you are still sitting on the fence, take a look.

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  1. Wow.. someone did their investigative work well… And I now see what you meant about the measles and people wanting vaccines.. Makes one laugh at how she is covering her family assets rather than her families health

    I was a young mum and didn’t let my children have the MMR jabs.. I was called by the medical profession at the time Of being irresponsible.. When I knew of Mums whose children had been fitting after the jabs… who were fine before hand..

    My children had Mumps, Measles, and Chickenpox.. as did I…Our bodies need to build up their own immunities. which is not happening as Young mums give their babies and young children pharmaceutical drugs constantly at the least sniff… I wish they could wake up to the damage these drugs are having long term on our children.. ( And I get really sad, as my own granddaughter is constantly given Paracetamol based medicines.. which I dislike, but have to live with …


    • You’ve probably read in one of my other posts on this subject how my parents put my brother and I together in the same room when one of us was sick so we would both get whatever it was and get it over with. And my dad was doctor…He certainly would not have done that had it been dangerous. Measles are not dangerous like they would have us believe. We have forgotten how common place they used to be and no big deal. Now they are hyping through the roof to try and get vaccinations mandatory…I’ll leave this country before I allow that to happen. America ain’t what she used to be! Very sad….I feel very sorry for that woman’s soul for what she has done to millions of children because of her grotesque lust for money. I find her despicable! Quite honestly I am very tired of trying to wake people up. They show little desire to know the truth….I just long for that end time when all the truth comes out at long last and we are no longer freaks of nature 🙂 Blessings and love DW….VK ❤

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      • Yes we too used to visit sick children to catch what ever was going it didnt do me any harm or my family..
        Many thanks for the film.. I watched it.. and shed a few tears along the way, as the systems in place is full of deceit and corruption geared up not for health, but for profit… And its sickening…

        My own granddaughter Had the nasal flu spray in October.. she is 4.. since then every other week she has a cold.. She looks pale, and sickly..
        Last week she ran a temperature for several days up and down, no known cause.. Sigh…


      • Supposedly the nasal flu spray is a live virus….It is dangerous in the sense the live virus can be spread through sneezing , dirty tissues etc. Think about that. Why in God’s name would anyone want to spray a live virus up their nose? Insane. It is all insane. Poor kid. I hope she gets better. If I had children now I would home school and refuse vaccines! I’m surprised they allow vaccinating coming from your family and your knowledge. 🙂 Maybe they will learn and stop doing it….It is frightening how deeply ingrained peoples beliefs are due to the brainwashing…..Hang in there my friend…Hugs…VK ❤


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