Education 101…

This is very important to know and understand. Isn’t it time we take back what is rightfully ours and oust those abusing their powers against us and oppressing our freedom?


7 thoughts on “Education 101…

  1. We have to rise above the information we see,hear,read from media….AND STOP THINKING ITS TRUE OR REAL We have to as individuals ….reprogram our mind/computer…upgrade it WAKE UP NOW
    If we all simply BEAMED LOVE to all helpful and positive things we make INSTANT changes because we the MANY outweigh the few ‘Elitist’ controllers at the top when we fight (LOVE) as ONE


    • Beam that love Phil but unless you are willing to take action as well, all will be lost. Sorry. The light beam thing I bought for a very long time and I still believe it in my heart, but I also realize that we need action! It’s not just the elite we are up against, there is a whole other matter we face with other worldly beings…Until one can open their mind enough to accept that, we will continue to tread water…Sorry. Love is a key component, but action is as well…..Blessings…VK


  2. Yes deception. VK… and even though I am not a USA citizen.. WE the People all over the World Need to stand up once again for our rights and freedoms.. Many thanks for this video..

    Also so pleased to see you were able to post a comment.. I am working my way to answer them… Love and Blessings your way my friend.. I hope you are well, and have not had to dig yourself out of those horrid snow storms that have fell in so many places.. xxx Hugs and Keep warm.. Love DW xx


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