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Oh my goodness! Have you had enough yet? I feel just like this woman in the picture. Enough already! No more lies! Every time someone in Government opens their mouth, nothing but lies come out. We are being programmed yet again to get to a point where we accept lying. DON’T ACCEPT IT! It is by far the most frustrating time to be alive. We are closing in on the next presidential election and the lies will only get worse. We HAVE to step up and put an end to the lies. It is so out of control. How horrible to live in a society where we have to question every little thing, but we do, we have to. Society continues to sit quietly as their demise draws ever closer. The silence and lack of opposition to what is going on is deafening. We have stopped thinking for ourselves it seems because if we were truly thinking for ourselves we wouldn’t be digesting these lies and hopefully we would be demanding the truth. The only way we are going to stop the demise of our country and our way of life is to think for ourselves and refuse to hear the lies any longer. It is time to clean out Washington. Nobody on Capitol Hill is listening to the people, they do what they want, say what they want, lie if they want, make our lives worse when they want. We voted the Democrats out of office last election, but the games continue and the lies continue as we all sit and watch the world implode. Time to vote them all out of office and start again. We did it once, we can do it again! If we don’t restore honesty and integrity to this country we are doomed. Now Net Neutrality is about to destroy the internet and still silence from the masses. I am done asking what will it take to wake up the world.If people being burned alive in cages didn’t do it, nothing will it seems. I’m just trying to figure out how to get out of this nightmare right now. Enough is enough is enough. Done! If there is some brilliant thinker out there who can figure out a way to bring people together to start solving problems then please, do it! That is what is needed. Each single person feels so small and overwhelmed by what is going on, they need to have a way to join together to fight against what is going on. Please someone figure out how we can do this? My mind is exhausted from trying to find an answer.

Frustrated but still fighting…