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I look around at the world these days and I see many, many people whose eyes are glazed over and absent any spark of fire that screams “I am alive and my life is on fire”. Instead they are vacant and shallow and confused. Many have lost their way amidst the chaos of  a world out of control. I posted earlier the video about followers. Followers are people without a recognition of their own valuable being. Their minds have stopped questioning and have switched over to autopilot, and they follow whatever suggestions are thrown their way, no questions asked. The world is full of followers today. Their individuality has been lost as well as their importance and place in the world. It is we the people who are going to save this world and so it is vital we all re-engage with life and let it flow through us instead of around the periphery of who we are.

How can we re-engage with life meaningfully? We can do it by living a life of inspiration. It is a wonderful and uplifting feeling to inspire another person and change their life in small ways. An inspired life is a life of meaning and depth and it is a life in motion. Motion or movement allows us to flow along and keep reinventing ourselves from moment to moment. When we live in movement we have no time for stagnation or boredom, life continues its perpetual changing and we are given the opportunity to be many people, whomever we choose to be at any given moment. Followers are born out of lives that have little meaning and no movement. There is no reinvention of oneself, only the empty shell of who we could be but never seem to become. This is the kind of life that extinguishes our fire within and leaves our eyes dull and lifeless, because our souls are lifeless and we have lost our ability to interact with life and become a part of it and move along with the flow.

Living each day with the intent of being inspiring either to ourselves or to someone else and becoming a participant in life rather than the observer, fills our soul and heart with meaning. How hard is it to go out of your way to do something inspiring for someone else? It doesn’t take but a few minutes perhaps. Words as well as actions can inspire, take your pick. To inspire another is to help another be lifted up and out of their empty life and once lifted up often times that in itself inspires that person to keep moving forward eventually reinventing themselves. It is a rich way to live, improving others lives and making the world a better place. It is easy to sit still and wallow in the pain of what has become of our world and it brings us no joy or fulfillment within. To inspire others or ourselves, we come alive and reconnect with what matters most and that ignites our fire and we begin to blaze. Throw away the fire extinguishers and live life with the intention of setting fires in people’s lives and hearts wherever you go. It will make not only your own life complete and ablaze with meaning, but it changes others lives as well and eventually the entire world .

Blessings to us all,