I just wanted to share with you my newly renamed business that goes along with my blog name. I chose this because I strongly believe that in order to change the world we all must change within ourselves first. That is what these difficult times are all about. Are we handling them well, and if not, why not. The world is rapidly changing and is not the same world we knew a few short years ago. It never will be the same again. It is up to each one of us to learn to adapt to our new surroundings and build a new and strong foundation upon which to rebuild our lives anew. It takes a deep trust, inspiration and hope to find our way through the maze of craziness going on today. Rise above the drama, always look for the good in the bad and believe in yourself. These are warrior times and we will find our way to freedom.

2 thoughts on “FYI….

  1. I keep trying to look for the Good that comes out from the Bad.. And it will happen.. My own lessons which held me in a dark place, I can now see held good for me.. Its hard when you are in the tunnel to see the end of it.. But there is Light I know at the end..and every cloud has a silver lining.. xxxx ❤


    • Exactly….it is almost impossible it seems to see it in the moment of bad, but it is at that time we have to at least remind ourselves that there is indeed good associated with it…Easy to write about, hard to put into action…sigh….VK ❤

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