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I was searching around the internet this morning looking up inspiration and came upon the video below, which many of us have probably seen before, but it made a clear point to me this time around. Yes, leaders are critical for the evolution of mankind, but followers are needed as well and by that I mean a person willing to risk following a positive leader which in turn gives others the permission in their minds to join as well. Followers has taken on a very dark meaning in these times so perhaps ‘Joiners’ is a better word that would be more acceptable. We need to nurture the courage to be that first follower/joiner on our mission to change the world.

I sit and wonder constantly about why we can’t seem to make a move towards ending the insanity going on in the world today and how we all keep saying we need to wake more people up. No! We need a whole lot more first followers/joiners to have the courage to follow along with a leader who is working towards positive change. I personally have seen this hesitation when there were plans for people to stop paying their taxes to make a statement. Sounded good, seemed like a great idea, but everyone was afraid if they did it no one else would do it along with them and they would be sitting in jail alone. We don’t seem to trust that our fellow beings will join us and take part in the movement towards change.

I have written to attorneys galore trying to get an answer to my burning question with no luck. Why is there not a way for the people of the United States to toss out a sitting President if he/she is destroying the very fabric of what we stand for? Seems like a very logical move. The constitution is all about ‘by the people, for the people’ and yet the people have no say what so ever in the running of this country. There is no law protecting the people against a tyrant dictator, but there should be. I would love nothing better than to see a movement start to gather the people together as one to demand that President Obama step down or be tossed out, whatever the case may be. Another two years of his destruction could well be what brings this country down completely.

It seems time to recognize our need to be powerful first followers/joiners and come together as we venture along on our journey to change the world. This says to me that the core element involved with being a first follower/joiner, is the essential foundation of TRUST! We have lost our trust in one another to have our backs. I personally am working on trust right now as life circumstances blew mine up a long time ago and I know how essential it is to living a strong and healthy life. Trust is a very shaky emotion for many people to feel good about. Look how many times our Government has turned against us and destroyed our trust through lies and deceit. I am sure I am not the only one whose past has played an integral part in hampering their ability to trust willingly. It takes hard work to break free of being a skeptic. It is key to everything! If we want the world to be a better place, we all have to relearn how to trust again and be willing to take a risk like the first follower/joiner in that video. Give it some thought and see where you stand on the subject. I think it is the key to our getting free!

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes following is good….

  1. The problem with politics VK, is that it is my opinion mainly a sham… That we the people think we have control in voting such said people in office.. Yet in truth.. DO WE?… I often wonder what would happen if everyone stayed at home on polling day, and no one voted any one in.. Who then would take charge.. you can bet your life someone would declare themselves a leader.

    The whole system is now ‘Outdated’ especially here in the UK.. they sit in judgement in judicial courts with Wigs on their heads . The house of Lords, and House of Commons… LOL.. Its no longer fit for purpose.. As they banter two and fro..

    You see VK… we were never in the running for rule… we are just the pawns, the ones whose hard work and taxes keep the bigger cogs turning.. And when we start getting too confident.. We then find another war, and another attack some where or other which sends everyone scattering fearful of their rights..

    We have just seen a prime example of that in Russia where one ex prime minister got silenced for good.. And no doubt some poor soul is taking the blame. as we have seen in the US.. in the 60’s with JK..

    Sigh……… but we know deep down that the darkness has already been beat.. its just as yet got to be played out here on Earth. 😦


    • Soon things will change around DW…The people want a different way of running our countries and the number of those people is climbing higher by the day. The tipping point is indeed very real and it doesn’t take many people to actually trigger change…We have to stop accepting what is and excusing it as just the way things are. This happens all the time. It is time to say no and demand a new way of doing things. It will come. I have faith in that…VK ❤

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