On Being Inspiring….

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Okay, how does one be inspiring? One must have passion for what they are doing first off. Inspiration is born out of passion I believe. Next comes a healthy dose of doing things just a little differently, doing it your way and feeling good about it. Lastly it involves offering it freely to the world with utter confidence and no doubts. No doubts because it is something you love doing and passion is what carries you along. What you offer is uplifting to others, it changes their lives for the better and in doing so it changes yours as well. Live an inspiring life, sparking like a sparkler wherever you go, grabbing someone’s attention because you interest them and change their frequency, not because you need to be noticed. You are always noticed naturally because you radiate a way of being that attracts others like bees to honey. It just happens. Choose to live an inspiring life, touch the world and it will hug you back.

Blessings to you all,