Changing One’s Life… Source:

A great many of my readers are well aware of what I am going to write about here, but I am wondering if there aren’t still new comers out there in the world confused and wondering about how to fit in with the world. Nothing seems to be the same anymore, everything is upside down and inside out. One cannot expect to continue on as usual in their life and have everything be hunky dory, not unless they were highly advanced to begin with. The majority of the world is struggling to come to terms with things as they are and find a way to continue living a life that makes sense. I remember years ago seeking out spiritual sites that were offering guidance on how to prepare for the upcoming changes. What I read made sense at the time and I tried to follow a path I thought would lead me to where I wanted to go. Do this and end up there. Well, life doesn’t actually work that way and often throws curve balls at us and we have to be ready to take the detour being shown to us and go with the flow. What I have come to realize is that the change can only come about within ourselves first. I don’t think any of us ever really expected to be a witness to the insanity we are watching unfold before us today. I think it is rocking many people to their cores and making sense of anything has become a thing of the past. So what do we do to make it through these times with as much grace and fortitude as possible?

I think first up is accepting that our old way of life is gone and will not return again. That is very hard for some. Many wish to cling to what is familiar with the old ways, but clinging to the old ways of living is like clinging to a sinking ship. There is nowhere left to go but down to your death. No, one must be willing to accept how they once lived their lives is gone and now they must open their minds to new ideas and new ways of being. I know it helped me a great deal to sit down and write out what truly mattered to me in life and then I wrote out a list of things I would need to do or change to actually live a life that matters. I called the list my ‘Ten Life Covenants To Live By’. I make a conscious effort to live each day by these Covenants by staying aware of how I think and what I do at any given moment. If you can get yourself in a ritual of watching your thoughts and actions at every moment, you have already won half the battle. It sounds tedious, but after a short amount of time it becomes automatic that you do this. It becomes a way of life you no longer even have to think about. You just automatically do it.

For so many of us, we have grown up in a world that was anchored in materialism and true heart-felt living was non-existent really. Slowly over the years we have begun to awaken to what is going on in the bigger world, not just our own immediate world we have selfishly existed in. We have begun to be aware of other people, to reach out to other people in need, to notice our shallow way of living is no longer working. We were all missing something deep within, we could feel the void but we still weren’t sure what it was. It has taken the painful and brutal actions going on in the world around us today to bring our attention to what matters most in life. Sadly it has taken great suffering by many to reach a point of awakening for the people. Many have still not awoken yet and we must move on without them, for we each have our own timing as to when we will awaken. Their time will come one day soon, but until such time we must keep moving forward if we hope to change the world for the better. The world needs us all.

Here are the Ten Life Covenants I chose to live by. My main overall covenant is to always try to do my very best. One can’t ask much more of themselves if they live up to that. Take time to make your list and put it somewhere you will see it everyday to remind you of how you wish to be. It takes 21 days to create a bad habit, so allow 21 days to undo the bad habits and replace them with your new ones. Be patient. It truly does work. A great tip is to ask yourself before you ever say or do something, ” Is what I am about to say or do going to make life better for myself and everyone around me?” If not keep quiet.

1. Always live life from a loving heart.

2. Always trust in Creators guidance and generosity.

3. Always honor, love and take care of myself.

4.Always be mindful of my thoughts and think positive.

5. Always be giving and kind to others.

6. Always seek the truth and be honest.

7. Always be grateful and honor the abundance you are given.

8. Always have high morals and be respectful of all others.

9. Always remember NOT to judge others.

10. Always look for the good that lays hidden within the bad.


Blessings and good luck to all,