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It feels as if we are a world of robots. Many live their lives on autopilot. We do what we are ordered and we say what we are told, we eat what we are made to eat, we inject poisons into our children because we are told to, we believe what the television tells us, we work 9-5 so we can turn around and give our money to the government. The list is endless and for many people they are following it to the letter of the law. There is no thinking involved in this kind of existence. Little by little under great duress and fear mongering we have given away our freedoms, we have allowed our Constitution to be hacked apart and reworded according to the gospel of the dark ones holding this world hostage. The time has come for us to step out of this illusion and join reality. It is time to stand up and begin to live our lives according to what we choose. Life is not flowing and free because of one very powerful reason. We are not living the lives our souls wish for us. We operate mechanical lives and have erased all original expression that should be flowing outward into the world creating the reality we so deeply desire. This is not how life works. Our world is created by the ideas and intentions expressed by millions of people, but our sense of beauty has been shut down. We are seeing the results of our creation, but it is not multidimensional. It is flat and colorless and without heart or passion. Our world is violent and greedy and completely disregards respect for one another.

It is time we open our eyes and become aware of what we are doing. The Government quietly slips new views on life into our system and then amps them up on a steady basis until a complete change is well under way unbeknownst to the public. Take political correctness as an example. It started out as one thing unto itself and has mushroomed under the Governments guidance into something totally out of control. Colleges have now confused it with free speech and they are all jumping on the ridiculous bandwagon of banning this and banning that, stopping everyone from being who they are. These ideas didn’t just materialize one day. This is a careful orchestration designed to stifle how we are allowed to interact with life. Slowly all our interactions are becoming unacceptable which in turn is shrinking down our access to being who we truly wish to be. Because so many minds are still closed and they are firmly entrenched in the grand illusion we call life, these insidious changes continue to be quietly worked into daily life and soon everything shifts around those new changes and how we live life now changes dramatically and becomes the new way of life.

Closed minds are very dangerous minds.Ā  Without the ability to see the bigger picture, without the ability to be aware of what we see as a threat to our way of life, without the ability to see things a new way and accept the new ways, we remain stuck in a very dark and toxic hole. We don’t grow, our spirits don’t roam free, we stop trying new things, we see things only one way whether that way is right or wrong. This seems to be where the world is stuck right now. Too many people are going along with the program, too many have allowed fear to keep them from speaking out or standing up for what THEY believe in. We have forbidden ourselves to look too deeply at anything thereby allowing ourselves to deny reality. These are very dangerous times. Will we finally push back, will we finally stand up, will we finally speak out, will we finally allow ourselves to become who and what we were meant to be? We are close to the edge of the precipice and if we are not careful, all those following along behind us will not see where we are standing and push forward shoving us into the dark abyss. It is time to turn on all the lights in the room and aim them to shine brightly on the truth. Time to stop allowing fear to keep us from becoming the most that we can be. The push back need not and should not be violent. It comes by refusing to no longer comply and play by the rules put forth by our oppressors. It comes from all of us standing up and screaming NO together. It comes by finally loving ourselves so much we will do whatever it takes to be who we are meant to be and feel pride in that person we have become.

Blessings to us all,


4 thoughts on “Robotic Existence….

  1. Yes its time we woke up to the manipulation that is ongoing. It starts small then expands, and agree totally with Tom… Because its for charity they think we can just nod and agree.. While I give to several charities and have for a while… I had to take stock of my own personal position when I retired and no longer had any income coming in…
    You should see the constant bombardment in email by phone and letter to rejoin a certain charity..
    When you see the waste of monies at the TOP executive end of these charities its scandalousness the amount of Pay and Perks these people get while little old ladies give of their last pennies to help..

    Yes… Its time we started to think more clearly and use the word NO more often..
    Love and Blessings DW


    • This is why we are where we are…We don’t question rather just go along with the program! NO>>>NO>>>>NO….! This has got to stop. Tom did just the right thing. We need more of this taking place, people quietly but firmly saying no and refusing to be suckered in. Time to use our brains and think for ourselves! No more following….Blessings to you DW…VK ā¤

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  2. I said No in work the other week, VK. They wanted to deduct some pay to donate to charity for dress down days (I don’t dress down) and they decided to go with the majority vote on the idea. I voted No, the majority voted yes, so the company advised us this was what was happening. I sent a strongly worded email advising I had clearly voted no and did not give my permission for any funds to be deducted from my pay. I’ve since been excluded from this ‘scheme’ and told that under no circumstances would any money be deducted without prior consultation. I’ve noticed my manager has been ‘odd’ toward me lately… although he is usually odd anyway, so that may be me.

    I usually go with the flow with regards to work… go in and go home, I want nothing more to do with it, but this latest scheme made me speak up. OK, it was only for myself, but if I didn’t say anything I had a nagging thought that this deduction was the first in a long line to come.

    Sometimes, enough is enough. I know that now!

    Sorry for the long comment, VK… just rambled on there! šŸ˜€

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    • Bravo TL !!!! That is so great. This is how it is done and it all begins with ourselves. Caring about ourselves enough to stand up for ourselves. So many people just go along with the herd rather than rock the boat. This is why we are where we are today! We need many boat rockers churning up the water! Glad you did that and please feel good about what you did. Do it once and the next time it gets even easier! Fabulous…..VK šŸ™‚

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