Happy Solstice And More…



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The magical day is upon us with so many exciting energies all melding into one. I hope we all use this time and the help of these powerful energies to release what is unwanted within us and work hard on creating what we do want with the new moon giving us a helping hand. It is a great time to do a ceremony and connect with the earth and all the love she has to offer each and every one of us. Have a memorable day and stay in your heart. We can accomplish a great deal if we all do our part. Many thanks for being in my life here on the blog. It is truly a joy having you all here. Happy Solstice/New Moon.

Blessings to us all….. Visionkeeper

Find Your Voice…

bicycle-bike-black-brain-bycicle-Favim.com-215896Everyday in every way the strength and security of our country falters just a little bit more. The longer we allow this steady destruction of our Constitution and the moral and spiritual fabric of our lives to be torn asunder, the more difficult it becomes to repair the damage, if that will even be possible. A large majority of the people are still watching and believing the Koolaid news they are given by mainstream media, which in itself is extremely dangerous. That is NOT the truth being doled out by silver spoon. If the truth had a fair shot at getting out to the public, perhaps more people would be very upset with what is going on and take a stand. I am beginning to think many prefer hearing the Koolaid news because the truth is just too difficult to digest. It is because of this inability to face reality head on that the seriousness of the position we find ourselves in grows to dangerous levels. Our Constitution constantly is under attack by this administration( here is an example ) and new moves are steadily underway to further undermine our Constitution everyday. Without the guidance and trust in our Constitution, what do we have left to rely on for keeping things intact? It seems constant lies spew out of the White House, their minions that work for them deliver these probable lies as a steady diet to who they regard as “Stupid Americans”. How many people have taken it upon themselves to keep up with what is going on with Fukushima? According to the deadly silence by our Government and Main stream media, that problem ended a long time ago. Not so fast! It has not gone away like magic but rather grows in size and severity all the time. It is seriously impacting our health and the health of the planet.

The steady stream of propaganda has become a very frightening part of this battle we are up against. If people are believing even 1/10th of what they see on television, we are in serious trouble. The war stories being offered up are all part of their design to mold people’s minds into believing what they want us to believe and see the reality they wish us to see unfold. It is anything but the truth. It is quite remarkable to witness the pathetic display they put on daily, most often for nothing more than distraction. They fuel the race drum beat in hopes of dividing the people further for their own protection should we all decide to come together to fight back. Remember that old saying United we stand, divided we fall? It was said for a very good reason, it is not just some random quote pulled out of thin air. The war drums keep pounding as well and this administration keeps creating situations with our money and without our consent or agreement. WE THE PEOPLE are NEVER consulted about anything anymore. Mr. Pen and phone Obama has decided to rule this country by himself and do what he wishes without anybody being consulted. Is this the way you wish to see your country run?

We have run out of time to sit back and just observe what is going on! If this continues we will no longer have a country to worry about. We will no longer be considered Christians as this administration seems to much prefer The Muslim Brotherhood way of doing business. I by no means disapprove of Muslims living in our country but they follow OUR laws, they play by OUR rules not the other way around. Everyone seems to have forgotten America is OUR country, it does not belong to any administration residing in the white House, or Congress or the Senate. It belongs to THE PEOPLE and outsiders choosing to live here are more than welcomed, but only if they respect the AMERICAN way of life. Is anyone even aware of how much of American land is being sold to foreign countries? Pretty soon America will no longer be America, and isn’t this something the American people should be consulted about? If America belongs to WE THE PEOPLE, should we not be asked about such important matters? I seriously hope people turn off the God forsaken television and begin to research on the internet what the real truth is of what is going on today. Our lives and our Country depend upon us staying awake and aware and on top of what is taking place. Mr. Obama has all but destroyed this country in my opinion and he has two more years to finish his job. Are we willing to wait and see what happens or are we willing to stand up and refuse to play his game any longer? If we love our country and its fine people we best start speaking out now while we still can.

The corruption in Washington is out of control.Everything is upside down and there are no safe guards in place, the fox is watching the hen-house and it all needs to stop now! It will take the American people waking up first but more importantly finding the courage to face the truth they ultimately find and not distract themselves from it. It is not easy facing such a grim reality, but we best do it now. For every being waking up and popping the blue pill of truth they must not lose hope. It is up to each of us to put our energies into creating the new world, finding new ways to deal with life as each corrupt way is torn down and done away with. There are many, many fine minds wide awake out there willing to help create the new world and not let it fall apart. There are many, many great minds working behind the scenes who are putting in place measures right now we can take when needed as the old, corrupt way of doing business is brought to a halt! It is up to each of us to do our part as well if we wish to bring about change. We must give up the illusion and grasp reality as painful as that is, we must stop listening to the lies and search for our own truth, we must be quiet, gentle resistors refusing to go along with their plans any longer. No violence needed! We can be useful in helping our towns awaken and set up spaces to bring the community together to help one another get through tough times. It is all about helping each other now, this is what the new world is all about. Find your courage and help those around you. Together we WILL create our new world but not unless we face the truth and take a stand.

By the way: Please take note of the links I have provided on the right side of this blog site. Go search for yourselves as to what the truth really is!

Blessings to us all,