A Gentle Reminder…

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Lets admit it. The world is insane right now, falling apart at the seams, imploding. All very scary but necessary stuff in order for a new world to be born. The question of the day is, “What are you doing to help birth the new world?” We have a choice of sitting by as spectators as to what is taking place around us and feeling fearful and hopeless, or we can expend our energies instead on helping to create new ways of living our lives to replace the old ways quickly deteriorating. We don’t need to be a Thomas Edison to become an important creator. All it takes is finding the courage to voice our ideas to the right people or better yet seeing to it that they become reality ourselves. Take a moment to look around you and notice what is no longer working, then put your brain to work on finding ways to change that. It calls for us to become observant and not just sleep walk our way through life. If we are not paying attention how on earth can we possibly know what is and is not working? Our participation in life is essential as to how successful we will be at changing the world. This was how the Organic food movement became a much needed reality as our food supply became increasingly more toxic to eat. People were aware of what was happening and farmers and distributors stepped forward to begin farming in new ways without pesticides and GMO’s.

It appears we are at a critical juncture in our journey. We have always known as the old ways blew apart the dark ones would fight with every trick in their bag of evil to hold on to what they see as theirs. The world has always been THEIRS not ours. We are only just now realizing this truth. Like a caged animal they will lash out and inflict great pain at all costs to hang on. We are seeing this unfold right now. It can be a dangerous time indeed, but we must stay observant and keep moving forward no matter what comes our way. There are two key things we need to stay on top of. The first and most obvious being not to allow ourselves to buy into the fear being heavily promoted by the media and secondly, to realize that the change we desire must first begin within ourselves! Now is the time to face all the dark sides within ourselves head on and work diligently to release all that is no longer appropriate. Yes, the change from the old paradigm to a new one will often times be chaotic and dangerous, but let us keep in mind at all times what is at the end of this dark tunnel for all of us. Freedom! Stay strong, do not buy into the lies and fear and use your smart brains to help create a better new world.

Blessings to us all,