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I’ve been quiet lately, not really sharing my thoughts. I’ve been battling my own demons and working to set them loose as well as just trying to find ways to survive the full frontal assault by the dark ones. These are definitely insane times that demand our apt attention to what we are thinking and doing at all times. It is far too easy to fall into the death grip of what is happening. I was channel surfing the other evening and happened to cruise by a news station that was going on and on about the drought in the West and how new rules were being put into place to try and save water consumption. Really? It of course infuriated me as it is the Chemtrailing and weather modification being blasted upon the west coast that has not only caused the drought, but could very well end it if it so desired, yet it is the people as always, who must bear the brunt of this catastrophe and suffer. I was born I guess with the Justice gene as anytime I witness injustice in the world it drives me crazy. It angers me terribly and so I try to stay away from news as it is almost always filled with injustice against the people.

I went out for a walk after witnessing this latest bash of injustice being rammed down peoples throats to try and calm down and reconnect with nature. I kept asking myself and spirit as I walked along just what is it that we can be doing that we aren’t doing that is allowing what is going on to continue. What can we do? So I asked myself” What would Gandhi do? I realized first off that no matter what we decide to do, we must have FAITH. We must sincerely believe in our hearts that we can do whatever it is we are planning and that we CAN make a difference. I think after being battered and abused for lifetimes, we tend to harbor a powerful voice that resides within that says “there’s nothing we can do to make things different.” Up until now that voice would most likely be speaking truth, but it is time for us to silence that voice and make a huge effort to have faith and belief and trust in ourselves and our abilities. We tend to be magnificent doubters and it is time for that to stop. Above all else we must learn to have faith in ourselves and in humanity itself. We cannot come together in unity if we do not have faith that we can all do this together if we are inspired and trust one another. Gandhi’s very core premise he worked from was inspiring the people to believe not only in himself and what he was doing, but in themselves and the power they possessed in unity.

It is not enough just to live in non-compliance( which is essential to our journey), one has to believe in what they are doing is making a difference. It is time now we all start to be non-compliant and most importantly believe what we are doing is the right thing to do! Stop feeding the beast as we so often hear this referred to. As long as we continue to live our lives exactly as we have been doing, nothing will change. We need to find ways to inspire ourselves as well as others to be non-compliant. That was the wealth Gandhi harbored within, he believed and had faith that what he was doing would change India’s plight to be free, plus he had the wonderful gift of being able to inspire others to follow him. This is what we need. A way to inspire others to follow us and to also believe that non-compliance is making a difference. It will take a strong being to walk in these shoes. Far too many people live in fear these days, fear of those who keep the key to our freedoms from us, those who threaten and abuse us to gain their control over us. As long as we cower in fear and obey their every demand our situation will remain dire. We have not seen another Gandhi pop up in the world to travel about spreading his inspirations unfortunately, but maybe it is possible to work the internet in inspiring ways that pull in the masses to follow along. It is certainly worth a try.

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Gentle reminders are a great way to stay on track and focused on what we are doing. A colorful bracelet with the lettering NON-COMPLIANCE may inspire some to remember how to live their new lives of non-compliance and to stand up for themselves at long last! Every time you saw it on your wrist or saw it on other people, it would help you remember and it would create unity and a reason to communicate and join together with each other as well as spread the word. We all need to be Gandhi’s and make how we live our lives our statement of who we really are. Are we cowards who avoid the masters lashes by doing as we are told, or are we stronger than that? Are we Gandhi’s who have faith in ourselves and in changing the world around us for the better no matter what happens to us because our belief in being free takes precedent? I think most people would opt for the latter. Gandhi really was no different than you or I except that he had a vision and a true devotion to that vision and he never harbored doubt about his mission. I would love nothing better than seeing thousands and millions of colorful bracelets wrapped around the wrists of people all over the world and all those people talking amongst themselves and giving each other the inspiration to keep going, to stay strong and to fight for the right to be who they really are. It is time to REALLY walk our talk and makes these changes happen through our actions. It is time to be the new Gandhi’s.

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4 thoughts on “REALLY Walking Our Talk…

  1. Maybe we are the ones VK who are linking our world together via our thoughts.. I know I can often get disillusioned with what is going on in the world.. I had my own rant this morning as hubby informed me he had watched the News about Air quality over the South of England London in particular being very poor today in a smog.. In one breath the news reader was saying new laws on levels of of pollution were being drawn up by the EU, and in the next breath they were saying the cloud poor air had been brought in my the wind from from the EU.. Laughable..
    I ranted to hubby saying as he said they were blaming it on vehicle exhaust levels.. I pointed to the sky as another web of Chemtrails were over head.. saying what about them and all they spew out..

    Yes sometimes its crazy, then sometimes we just have to step back.. Walk out in Nature.. and let go of it and have that Faith… that somewhere the Universe does have a plan.. and all is as it should be..
    I hope so…
    I Trust so…
    In the mean time.. We are the Web…as we hold each other together.. xxxx Love and Blessings my dear friend…
    Thank you for all you bring with your wordsxx Love DW xx


    • I feel like I should nickname you Charlotte as in Charlotte’s web…We are the web yes….I still think we can be doing more however. When the you know what hits the fan for real I think everybody is going to be wishing they had done more. I don’t want to be standing in those shoes. Very frustrating…Oh well…Have a very happy and smoggy weekend. I am sure you and hubby will be at the allotment doing stuff…Have fun and stay connected….Many hugs….VK ❤ xxoo


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