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The time has come to approach life differently now I feel. For quite some time now many have felt frustrated that change is not happening the way we dreamed about, that nothing seems to change, but indeed it does. Many are trapped and tied down by their roots in the old paradigm we find impossible to sever, but we must. Those people are not seeing or feeling the changes because they remain locked inside the old paradigm, unable to see or feel the new world that vibrates all around us. We cannot embrace the new world as long as we remain connected to the old ways of participating in life. We think about it, we talk about it but so many are not living it. So how do we live it? First and foremost it will require our courage to let go of the old which in essence will require us to TRUST in ourselves and in the Universe. We cannot doubt ourselves and our abilities to embrace the new world. Doubt is the master creator of shaky foundations. We need to believe and not allow ourselves to entertain doubt on any level. In order to fully believe in ourselves without question requires a great deal of inner work to clear out the old ways that hold us back. It requires us to love ourselves so we must work to clear away any beliefs we have that stop us from loving and believing in ourselves. Most of those old paradigm beliefs are not even true anyway, we just imagine them to be true and we drag those false beliefs behind us wherever we go. Time to drop the baggage and sweep out the cobwebs.

Many often ask why it will take courage to move forward. In order to clear away old beliefs we must be willing to accept that all the living we have done up until the present has been false, an illusion, and who wants to accept their life as a lie? It is not our fault! Humanity at large has been brain washed and manipulated to think certain ways and see the world in certain ways, but those ways were false. There is no need to despair about this. There is no time to waste regretting our old lives and wishing things had been different. They are what they are, but we will find our way through the illusions, letting them fall behind us as we move forward. They are of no use to us any longer. Once we are able to accept that our lives were lies and illusions, we are now able to open our hearts and our minds to a new way of being.

The old paradigm was cold and calculated and often brutal and unkind. It was the survival of the fittest, we fought our way alone, we trusted very few and it was all about how successful we became, how many materialistic things we could obtain and greedily call our own. These are the old ways we must be willing to release. This new world vibrating all around us right now is far different. It is all about living a sacred life, a loving life, a giving life and a compassionate life. Living a sacred life is living a life that matters deeply, a life of meaning all the while showing great respect to all others as they create their own lives as well. It is honoring each and every one of us and the lives we choose to live. Humanity will always be considered as having a herd mentality,it is who we are, but we must look at that fact in a different way now. It is not about being sheep who follow each other, it is about discovering what makes each of us happy and living that life but being a part of the whole at the same time. We were misled into thinking selfishly that life was about what each of us needs and wants regardless of how we attained that, who we had to step on to get it. Our new life is all about being one, but allowing each other to be the individuals they are at the same time and respecting that. To live a sacred life one must have respect for all of life. Without respect there is no oneness, and you remain trapped in the old paradigm.

The new world has soft edges honed out of kindness and giving and caring. It is no longer sharp and severe and cold. The new world is asking us to let go, to release the old beliefs that restrict us and to open our hearts and see the beauty life has to offer if we choose to be gentle. The new world is not the cruel, brutal, murderous world we have witnessed. That is the illusion of the old paradigm we must forget. It is a matter of being willing to see the world through new eyes and establishing new beliefs. We have a choice of watching and believing in the old ways exploding all around us, or saying no, I choose to see life through kind and loving and open eyes. I choose to care about all others and stop seeing the world as divided into groups. It is being willing to say no when the old ways are demanding that we accept war and death and callousness, and instead embracing our abilities to love, communicate, accept, respect and care about all others and refusing to be a part of the fight. We can all do this, we can all choose to live our lives in sacredness and become a part of the new world.

Blessings to all,



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  1. Hi Vk,

    This is a great post.

    What is it that ties us down to our world paradigms? Is it the comfort of the known? Is it the hard-wiring inside us that supports us to choose a response in line with our past experiences? To me it seems to be a mix of both the above. The known, the familiar, that something which we have experienced before, allows us to create the occurring of the situation for us.

    So how could we shift this occurring of ours to enable situations to show up in a manner in which we get empowered?


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    • Hi Shakti…Good to see you! That my friend is the million dollar question I have asked forever.I agree that it is a bit of both. I feel that the hard wiring you speak of is perhaps a more important part of the equation. It seems it is human nature to cling to the familiar but why? We been brain washed all of our lives to be weaker than we really are so we could be controlled more efficiently by the masters? Lets face it, we were not brought up thinking we could do or be whatever we chose to do or be. That choice was erased from our training and so that weakened us and allowed us to cling to the familiar for our safety. As with everything I seem to contemplate, it always comes back to one core issue. Belief in ourselves. If we fully believe with no doubt allowed in, there is no room for fear which is what causes us to cling to what we know and get comfort from. This tells me it is imperative to master belief in ourselves in order to find the empowerment to do and be and finally release all that we no longer need. After a lifetime of being beaten down it is very hard to master that self belief but I think our answers lie within it….Thanks for stopping by and yes, making me think harder 🙂 Blessings….VK


  2. I think VK the baggage I have been carrying is finally being packed up and dumped in the bin.. What you say makes lots of sense.. We will be tested I know… but we came to be here at this time.. Its time we now remembered our sacredness, and embraced LOVE back in our hearts.. Love and Blessings as we continue upon our journey one step at a time.. until we all step in unison. xxx Love to you dear VK… DW x ❤

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    • Hey DW….If we choose to live life with sacredness everything changes. In order to live that way we have to shift our focus and in doing so it brings us a whole new perspective…Remember that saying ” you reap what you sow”? If we live from the sacred we receive the same in return. Imagine the world when we are all living in the sacred space of caring for others instead of just ourselves. Wow! Love…VK ❤


  3. Ah, thanks, VK… another message I need to hear.
    I’m feeling trapped, pushed, pulled and squashed at the moment; not very pleasant, but I’m getting through it. Obviously during this tugging I’m seeing the dark side of almost everything. I know that all of this is temporary, and I’ll be free very soon. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

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    • Hey TL….We all get grabbed from time to time but we work our way free and keep on truckin’….You will do this as well…Can’t keep a good man down 🙂 Weekends coming! Take a journey into the stillness of nature and reconnect. It works every time! Have a happy…VK


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