Courage… Source:

Now is the time to be prepared for where we find ourselves right now as well as where we are headed. I have noticed lately the pulling back of people, less participation in blogging many times and staying within the inner realms of ourselves. People seem to be trying to collect up their courage to deal with what they are finding themselves faced with. Tough times right now for sure and so many negative, horrible tragedies occurring everywhere one looks it seems. I guess we could put our blinders on and just see the chaos churning through the world, but I choose to take them off and allow myself to see beyond the periphery of everything, to see the new world filling in the voids left by the old world falling away into oblivion. Yes it takes courage to stand strong amongst all of this chaos and still keep ourselves focused on the good, but this is why we are here, to hold the vision of the new world in our hearts and to help it manifest into being.

Just about everyone I bump into these days is fighting with the demons within, fighting to expel them creating more space for the good within to take hold. These are the last steps we take to prepare for what lies ahead. We must be strong and secure within ourselves and if we are still being held hostage by our own demons from the past, how can we be strong and fully present? It takes massive courage to face these demons, after all, we have kept them at bay for a very long time, refusing to acknowledge them, for if we do, then we must deal with them. For a very long time it has been easier to ignore them, but we are sensing now we can no longer put off the inevitable. We are sensing that ‘now or never’ feeling that pushes us forward despite how frightening or painful it may be to dance with the devil. We thought for a long time now that we were blessed to be able to ignore it all and keep living life as normal, but underneath it all the angst kept growing. It has gotten so large we cannot ignore it any longer and so we roll up our sleeves and attempt to get to work. Spirit is asking us to make ourselves whole and to shift our priorities off of ourselves and onto the world as one entity. The boundaries of division are beginning to blur and we are realizing we are all one, we all matter and if we fail then the world fails.

I urge everyone walking this road right now to find your courage and more importantly, if you need support to ask for it! We have been brainwashed into thinking asking for help is weak, that we should be able to stand on our own and suck it up. No! That is not how we humans are meant to live our lives. We live our lives by reaching out to others and offering to help each other up. Has it worked up until now being isolated and standing alone to fight our battles? No. I have often said the best way to live your life is to do the very opposite of what the Government tells us. The information they spoon feed us is for our demise not our well-being. Realizing this and choosing to live our lives according to our own rules gives us greater strength to be who we are meant to be. If you have your life together and are in the flow, bless you. If you are struggling to make things right within, stay strong and know you are not alone on this journey to wholeness. We are all in this ship together sailing into the unknown, but if we have courage and stay together as one, we will soon see the struggle was worth it and faith springs eternal. We are close to the end of the epic battle for our freedom. Believe in it and it will be.

Blessings to us all,