Look Beneath The Surface…

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I first and foremost wish to apologize to my foreign readers about this post, as they will not be familiar with what I am writing about, but in some ways perhaps you will reap something from it as well. I was seeing some of the Baltimore riots recently and was very disturbed by what I saw. Yes the violence being generated by mere children was horrendous, but it was the fog of the underlying reasons for it that I found even more upsetting to witness. I saw angry faces twisted with hopelessness, exhaustion and defeat. Yes they were mostly black faces of people who have been stepped on and oppressed for eons, but I also saw the faces of the world. I saw people who have been refused the right to grow into who or what they choose to be. I saw minds that were not allowed to grow and expand because their schools for them have little to offer them. I saw these people as victims of small- minded thinking by the people who lead them, who they themselves have not grown beyond the narrow thinking of racism so they can embrace all of humanity as equal. I felt as if I were watching a movie about the world condensed down to Baltimore Maryland. Yes a great deal of this is about racism and oppression, but it goes deeper than that and that is why it effected me so.

I saw more than black angry and hopeless faces, I saw the plight all of humanity is fighting against. All of humanity has been denied the right to be who they want to be, they are held captive by the mind control of a few who are pulling the strings of the political puppets. The same ones yanking at the purse strings as well, stealing and looting people’s pockets and leaving the people with very little to exist upon. The same ones who have refused to offer aid for education to the poorest of communities, perpetuating the problems further, for without education and money there is little hope for getting ahead and living the American dream or the world dream of so many. Granted the blacks have suffered far greater in many ways I do not think most people can even comprehend, but the whole world is suffering as well. It made me want to jump up and find a way to collect the money to improve their schools or help rebuild the city of Baltimore, and for a moment it charged through me with excitement, but sadly that flame was quickly extinguished.

I felt the heaviness we have all be feeling for so long that no matter how much money I could gather up or how many schools I could rebuild and fill with technology, I also knew that will not solve the problem. The same is true for all the rest of the world. Until the string pullers are gone, until our leaders grow up and raise their consciousness and expand their compassion, nothing will change. We know now that the Mayor of Baltimore told the police to stand down and look what happened. By doing that a message was sent to the black people of Baltimore saying you are not worth saving. I will make a bet with anyone, if what we saw happening was being done to an upscale white community, riot police and National Guard would have been there immediately! Businesses would not have burned. So the message was sent loud and clear and people wonder why there is so much anger! Those communities that were ravaged are just as worthy as the community of million dollar homes and until the world both sees and understands this concept, all the money in the world for rebuilding will do nothing to change what is taking place.

What we are seeing are the faces of people who want to be regarded as equal, to know they matter, to know their children will be well-educated just like the million dollar children, and why shouldn’t they be? By our president calling them thugs he has once again perpetuated a vision for the world to see rather than going beneath the surface and addressing the root of the matter to start the healing. If you don’t engage in equality NOTHING will get better. The Government shoves race down the people’s throats in order to keep the division between people strong enabling them to control the people better. ENOUGH! The president has no place belittling the people, shaming the police and tearing apart our country. I purposely used a small letter p in the word president because he has hardly earned the right for a capital letter. So where am I going with this? I don’t really know. I guess I am trying to point out the frustration people are feeling everywhere. I know I feel it because I cannot figure out a way to rid the world of small thinking and string pullers, and I know in my heart both of those need to be addressed if we ever wish to see change. And so I am left with the big question I am always left with, ” How do we make these changes?” which in turn leaves me sadly depressed. I know how frustrated I feel inside and exhausted from the long and tumultuous journey we have all been on, but I dare not even allow myself to feel the pain and hopelessness the people of Baltimore feel everyday as they struggle to just be accepted. It is time for the white people to stand alongside the black people and link arms and demand change. The world is screaming for it! To hell with the Government, it is time for WE THE PEOPLE to create change!

Blessings to us all,


5 thoughts on “Look Beneath The Surface…

  1. Yes the unrest felt is just not within the streets of Baltimore .. But all around our world.. its simmering just under the surface. All it takes is for something such has happened in Baltimore to trigger the chain reactions..

    I do not see it going away soon.. and like all pots which simmer… there comes a boiling point where it spills out touching others.. Sigh.. I hope we can heal from all of our pains .. And learn we are ALL of us ONE.. each a Human Being with rights..

    Sending love and Blessings VK.. I feel your thoughts and hope we can stop the hating and anger.. It becomes so draining if we get caught within the trap of emotions..

    Love DW xxx


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