Let Us Not Forget….

Now more than ever before it is so important to realize and remember we are, as this song says, many voices with one spirit! As the outer forces continue to try and drive a wedge between the beautiful people on this amazing planet, it is our job to stand together and embrace this message that we are all one in voice and in spirit. Stay strong and stay united no matter what. Blessings….VK


5 thoughts on “Let Us Not Forget….

  1. HI VK,

    A lovely song and perspective.

    We need to always remember that we have a choice. The choice of looking at all the negatives and instill within us a negative occurring, our way of being and acting correlated to that. Or we choose to shift our minds to look at the positives and the blessings that we enjoy. Our occurring too shifts into a positive territory as does our way of being and actions.

    Your post provides me the fuel for what I could write about in my next blog. Thank you for that thought VK.

    With blessings


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    • Thanks Shakti….Yes, your thoughts are the same as mine on this…Choice is so huge and so many do not even realize this gift they have been given! It gives us control and keeps us from becoming victims. I guess sooner or later the world will finally come to all of these grand realizations…Until then we keep writing and sharing ideas 🙂 Go for it! Can’t wait to read it…..Blessings on your day….VK

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