Missing The Point….

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For all my foreign readers again I am going to comment on a story arising out of the U.S. but hopefully it still can apply to all everywhere. Recently the televisions around the country lit up with the news that two men from Arizona tried to attack and kill a group of people holding a cartoon contest reminding many of the Je Suis Charlie massacre in France. Of course the voices began screaming for free speech and the challenge for supremacy of the airwaves. While I am a staunch believer and supporter of free speech and all other rights we hold dear, I feel we are missing the bigger picture here. Most of course concentrate on the free speech angle but I ask them all to look a bit deeper into what is going on here. Yes we have the right to free speech to say what we feel, but I think it is time we consider more closely what we are saying. As we move forward into this new world and new paradigm, are we not meant to be thinking and acting from our hearts and a place of love? I ask you then, how is feeling a need to mock or belittle other people or other religions coming from a place of love? To me it shows ones own inability to stand on their own merits and accept all in the world as equal. Do I believe what ISIS is doing is correct? Not at all, it is evil in that they partaking in killing others and stripping them of their freedoms which is wrong, but what right or desire should I have to mock them? Does it not lessen my stature in the world to come down to their level rather than being able to rise above it?

Humanity’s need to put others down to raise themselves up has been going on forever, but that does not make it right. We are far greater than having to stoop so low. Were we not told as a child ” If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”? At an early age we were being taught that trying to lessen somebody or something else only lessens ourselves. Our mission is to move beyond this small-minded thinking to occupy far greater spaces. By continuing this way of thinking and being, we remain trapped in the old paradigm that we are desperately trying to free ourselves from. Putting others down is part of the old way of doing things and free speech is being used yet again to keep us locked into that old paradigm by placing the attention on speech rather than the real issue of learning once and for all not to put others down or see ourselves as being better than others.

If we don’t start learning these lessons we are never going to get free. Even the President’s inappropriate dialogue calling the rioters in Baltimore THUGS is just another way of remaining locked into the old paradigm rather than finding the ability to rise above it. Tell me, what good did it do to call them THUGS? Did it help heal how the black people feel? Did it offer hope to them? Did it say ” I understand your plight and while what you did is wrong and punishment is deserved, I understand why you do the things you do and I will try to create more jobs for you, I will better your education, I will give you hope and opportunity to raise yourselves up”? No it most certainly did not and so the old paradigm continues to drown us. Maybe the President doesn’t want to move forward and rise above the old ways, but we do so we should not allow this old abuse to continue. Unless we speak out, unless we make it abundantly clear we will not live this way any longer, it will continue. We are better than this. Putting labels on people or belittling them is part of the dark ages. We are now part of the light age and that means accepting all others as equals, supporting others and helping them to rise up out of the darkness.

Please tell me how mocking or creating distasteful cartoons about someone else’s God is making the world a better place or making them better people? It is not doing any such thing except shining a light on that persons inability to raise themselves up to a higher space of integrity. Do they have the right to say what they choose to say? Absolutely! Is that way of thinking and acting what we want to see in our new world? NO! I say again, we are better than this and it is about time we begin to be who we truly are. If ISIS chooses to continue to butcher and pillage that is their sad choice and let the military resolve that problem, but we don’t need to lower ourselves as well. If we wish to be better we must act better and finding pleasure, fun or sport in putting others down is not moving forward, but instead is standing still in the old paradigm.

Blessings to us all,