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It always amazes me how life works. You do one thing but end up learning or seeing something else. It is an example of all the little ways we can learn and expand even when we aren’t expecting to. I watched the last half hour of a show on TV that I came across this morning. Mostly out of curiosity, but towards the end I realized I was seeing the bigger picture once again and being shown not only a lesson to be learned but a direction to go in next. As I always say in my writings, “Out of all bad comes the good”, we just have to stay aware and look for it. It is always there for us to grasp onto. I find a great deal of chaos and upheaval going on in the world and at times it can become overwhelming and very disheartening, but as these chaotic disasters occur what is the lesson beneath the tragedies we are witnessing? Are we getting the messages or are we just wallowing in the chaos and tuning out? It is so important we don’t tune out. The show I spoke of that I watched, was about life after Armageddon and how people survive the ravages of destruction. As I watched what the people were going through, who was rising up in violence and who was lending a helping hand, I heard and saw the message loud and clear we are all meant to know and understand.

In times of desperation we often see the impoverished displaying the most unrest and acting out. Their lives are  already hopeless, so what do they have to lose, they have little and they see no way out of the dilemma they are trapped in. If an Armageddon type scenario ever broke out in the world, the unrest and violence would be overwhelming on so many levels, danger would be everywhere, but would it not be of our own doing? Far too long we have allowed the world to be divided into the haves and have-nots. We have survived in our own little worlds of comfort and looked away from those who had nothing. We saw them as THEM and WE were not like them. But we are in every sense of the word. By allowing those who have very little to continue to suffer the effects of not having what they need to have a good life, eventually those very souls will turn against the world that has tuned them out forever. How can we expect respect and consideration of others from those who have never been shown it, by those who were never allowed an education so they could move ahead and join in and be just like everybody else? This is the lesson we must learn! We may not be able to escape the immediate violence and chaos of an Armageddon that gets inflicted upon us, for it has been in the making for far too long now, but we can rise up and say ENOUGH to anymore further alienation from well deserved people! We can force an end to living divided lives by our words and actions and no longer remaining silent to injustice.

Today is Mother’s day. How many mothers are suffering today around the world because of injustice? That is what the new world is all about. Fighting hard to end injustice and our loving and caring for all people because they are us and we are them. This is the message I received today, this is the direction I see we must all go in now and far more actively than we have been. This is the point in our evolution where we not only see the problems, we no longer allow them to be. We are so much better than this. It takes very little to activate and promote ways to end injustice. It takes a loud voice, a determined spirit and a strong desire to see the world change for the better. We can do this, we must do this and we will do this! I send prayers, hugs and love to all those mothers unable to find joy and love today. Please know your suffering is coming to an end as more people wake up and take a stand for what is right!

Blessings to us all,



3 thoughts on “Are We Learning Yet ?

  1. I join you in your prayers VK for Mother’s everywhere.. I sometimes think we have to see the Bigger Picture of the lessons.. hard as they are .. I just hope that we open our hearts to the compassion and do not allow them to close up in prejudices and hate..

    Love to you VK… another wise post my friend xxx


    • Thanks DW….It is going to take all of us standing up for what is right and refusing to be a part of what is wrong. Too much sitting on the fence and turning away. We will experience much harsher reality from the oppressed in desperate times unless we work harder TOGETHER to lift them up from the abyss of poverty and lack of education! Hope we can find a way to rally together and fight back….Blessings and hugs to you Mama….VK ❤

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