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I can remember learning a huge lesson years ago when George Bush Jr.( shrub as many people used to refer to him) was president. I really couldn’t stand the guy to the point that whenever he would come on the television I would race to grab the remote and mute it so I wouldn’t hear his irritating voice of lies. I remember one day having one of my ah ha moments when things became clear to me. I realized if he had not been president and done the hideous things he did pushing us all to the breaking point, we would not be where we are today. He pushed the revulsion button in so many people we were forced to awaken to the truth of what was going on in the out of control world around us. I can see Obama doing the same thing only it’s worse for me this time. Not only do I have to mute his deceitful voice, I most definitely cannot look at his ego driven grins. Makes me rage inside, but then I need to remind myself this is good, we needed this further outrage to awaken more fully. Had we had a great leader we could have all fallen asleep again and never have discovered what we have discovered over all these years. As painful as this may be, it was necessary, crucial, for our movement forward.

Ah Ha moments…Yes, we all have them and well we should, for once again if we just always remained comfortable we would not propel ourselves forward in search of becoming better.Whatever we struggle against the most, is most certainly where our true life lessons lie waiting to be recognized and dealt with. It seems a great many people are facing great truths right now. Mastering these life lessons are key to building up our lives and succeeding in our ventures, but as with anything, this process has its pitfalls as well. It is easy to get sucked into seeing ourselves or the world through negative eyes and blindly walking past the wonders and goodness that shine as well all around and through us. I think in looking more closely at this I would have to say a key lesson to be learned is balance. We tend to get immersed in our journey and sometimes we tip to one side more than the other and then things go further out of whack. Being able to stay balanced in whatever we are doing is a good thing, it gives us stability and more stability allows us to live with less fear and less fear allows our minds to open and our beings to grow and evolve. It is amazing how all of life is interconnected, that string of the web of life that the Native Americans so often refer to.

For so long we have seen the world in terms of what is before us at this moment without regard for the string that connects all things. Our focus stays centered on one thing which in the end causes our balance to waver. Tunnel vision we call it. Seems we have been in our tunnels for a long time now viewing what is wrong with the world and when we finally crawl out of that tunnel, the light is blinding. We must not turn away from it. Put on your sunglasses if you must, but do not shirk the light that shines all around. The light that shines is faith and belief that the world is not at all what we thought it was, but is actually far more wonderful than we ever imagined. Part of the deception we humans have been drowned in is that what we see is all there is. That is far more. It is that belief that there is more to life than what we see that sparks life into being so much more, having deeper meaning. It is our trust and belief in ourselves that allows us to think outside the box and stop marching alongside the herd of sheep going to slaughter. That deception we have been under has destroyed our individuality. Society has been forced to shun being unique individuals and to accept joining the herd and doing what we are told. It is our unique individuality that gives us our strength and that is frowned upon.

Embrace the unique individual that you are! Find the strength and courage to walk away from the herd and find your own way through life. I think this is one reason we see so little action taking place to fight for our freedom. The herd has been made to fear stepping out of line for fear of ridicule and castigation. The world needs action NOW to stop what is taking place and it seems to me that will not happen until we all embrace being individuals again and can break free of the wrong direction the world has been going in. Each and every one of us has a gift to offer to this cause, we have far more to offer than we realize. We must break free of the herd and begin to find our individuality again. Our educational systems have been used to promote the herd mentality in our children so they are easier to mold as an adult. This must stop! We as parents need to take a more active role in our parenting jobs and save our children from losing their individuality. Our strength lies in our uniqueness and it is time we get that back.

Blessings to us all,


P.S. I am sorry if this post drifts all over the place. I just wrote for two hours on a post that disappeared when I tried to save it! I guess my energy to write is waning after that but I did want to get something out.