Now We’re Talking!

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This is such wonderful news. If we could only get this accepted and embraced globally. WE ARE ALL ONE. We are no better than animals, just as no single race is better than the other. For far too long we have looked upon our beautiful animal family as less than, far beneath us, deserving of abuse and disrespect. Part of our journey we are on is to not only see but feel from our hearts that all are equal and all are worthy of our respect. The day we do away with circuses and zoos is the day my heart will truly sing! As with everything, it is one step at a time, I just hope we step large and step quickly…Here is the article. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Now We’re Talking!

    • We may be progressing slowly DW, or it may seem to be that way, but each small step is miraculous. All our animal family should be accepted and loved as equals to ourselves! VK 🙂


  1. Hi VK,

    This is so true and, I daresay, prophetic.

    What is it that stops us from seeing how we are inextricably linked to everything else, all the flora and fauna, in the world? Is it our intelligence… or lack of it? Why I bring up the second choice is because every other species
    (except Homo Sapiens!) intuitively know how to live sustain-ably and in balance with everything else. How come they are able to do this without the benefit of our ‘intelligence’? Could this imply that these other species are gifted with a different kind of intelligence , and thereby connectivity, that we humans are not even aware of?

    What do you think VK?


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    • Hi Shakti….I think it actually is quite easy to understand. We are the only species being subjected to mind control 24/7 through news, advertising, schooling, social media etc. We have our brains stolen and altered at a very young age and it keeps getting younger all the time. As kids we are programmed for the future robots we are meant to be. We follow the heard and seldom ask questions and if it seems logical we will jump off the cliff along with everybody else. If we had not had our minds captured and messed with as children and were just allowed to live and be who and what we were meant to be our instincts would still be strong and intact. A lot of the unrest we witness I believe is nothing more than the truth buried deep within us trying to be recognized at long last and needing to be free. Somewhere deep within we know things are not right. I believe that is why nature is so important to our survival. It is one of the few times we are connected to truth and our instincts are laid bare for us to act upon. Life is such a massive distraction and is the main cause for our disconnection to ourselves…..I don’t know how to get past this dilemma as a society, we are so far into our own self destruction…. Blessings to you Shakti..VK

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