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I was recently discussing our ways of thinking and our belief systems with a friend. I truly believe it is the core of how we will change the world for the better. We have to find a way to coordinate our beliefs to create harmony, but even more importantly we must learn to respect the fact we all have our own ideas and beliefs. We waste so much precious time trying to convince others to see things our way, but why? Why do we feel our way is the only way? I would imagine ego enters the picture here. We seem to have a driving need to have people see the world the way we do. Is this so we can feel we are understood? Accepted? that we fit in? Isn’t this one of the main reasons the world is in such disarray? Everybody is seeing the world a different way and thinking that is the way it must be! Good heavens, that is a lot of differing opinions. I was trying to think of a way to bring millions and billions of different ways of seeing things into one space so we could work on the issues, but that is not possible. So how then do we coordinate and harmonize? By finding a way to believe what we wish to believe but then respecting all others so they too may believe what they wish to believe.

I was thinking well gosh, how do we get on the same page for making laws and keeping things running smoothly? Good question. I guess we have to set aside our own personal beliefs at that time and view the matter in terms of what is good for the whole of society.What works and what does not. Usually we turn to majority rule at this point, but is that the way to go? Is there not some way we can grow beyond that and find ways to satisfy everyone? Yes I would imagine so but it will require us to grow and evolve our thinking beyond where it remains stuck today. It requires the silencing of egos, the ending the need to be right, ending the need to fit in, believing in ourselves and trusting others. We have been made to believe being individuals is somehow not acceptable. We are faced with issues that are continually put before us that pound the drum beat in our heads to be a part of what is considered politically correct( like the confederate flag for instance.). Our ability to be an individual, to be our authentic selves is being bred right out of us! Conform or else! NO. I will not conform or else. I will be who I am, believe in what I believe in, do what I think is best for ME but…I will do it with respect for all others around me.

The main stream media is the biggest destroyer of human individuality. It constantly promotes ideas and twists reality the way it wants us to view reality at the same time sending out that subtle message to join the crowd or be politically incorrect therefore unacceptable. Media creates news stories in such a way as to captivate the audience and capture their thinking so that their thinking can be redirected to what it wants us to think and believe. Media in actuality is creating and pushing their own reality upon us. Regardless if it is true or not, we are duped into believing it is therefore that must be reality. Media is a false reality machine pumping out drama to suck us in. This is why we hear over and over again, “Turn off your television sets”. It is leading the masses astray and destroying our individuality more and more. We are losing sight of who we truly are, what we really feel deep inside and what we truly believe in. This nonsense of political correctness is nothing more than one more way to control us, force us to remain in their reality which in fact is not reality at all. Reality is what we each make it out to be in our minds by what we believe in.

All the ways we are being manipulated are subtle and so often we are totally unaware what is even happening to us. This is why we must force ourselves to be aware, be conscious every moment, to question everything and stop going along with the carefully orchestrated program. We must find the courage to step free, allow our minds to think for themselves again and be exactly who and what we desire to be. Once we free ourselves and look back it becomes so obvious what is happening all around us. Scary thought. So going back to what I was saying in the beginning, part of becoming an individual again requires us to not only think for ourselves, but to accept who we are and allow all others to be who they are as well. We are a planet of individuals who must learn love and compassion and respect for one another if we wish to find ourselves at long last living in peace and harmony. Make it your summer challenge to rediscover your true self and allow your individuality to blossom and stop with the political correctness and following the herd! Stop with the blindly following the leader. Find your own path to go down and walk it proudly. Break free and find peace!

Blessings to us all…


2 thoughts on “Individuality….

  1. Hi there, your post and image made me think of something I read once by a spiritual author (sadly I can’t remember who) that there are many different religions because there are many different personalities. He meant that the seed of truth is planted in a way that each individual can make sense of it. Thinking of it this way reminds me that each of us has a right to our own perception and way of understanding the world as long as we trust in that. A religion is a signpost to the truth inside ourselves. Sorry if this doesn’t feel relevant to you but for some reason your post made me think of it. Blessings.


    • Hey SS….Thanks for dropping by and commenting. What you say is true…We only see things from our level of understanding them. Three people can see a car accident and when asked about it, all three saw something very different. It is strange really. It makes coming together as one a real challenge and this is what we must one day figure out the answer to. Allowing each other the freedom to believe what they believe I think is the first step we need to conquer…Not easy after all the programming we have been through. Glad I stirred some memories within you….Happy 4th….VK 🙂


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