3 thoughts on “Something To Ponder Seriously….

  1. Dear VK… a great share.. I can relate to this.. even though I love taking photo’s on my walks, its still the details that catch my eye… Lovely to catch you in the reader this evening VK… Hope all is well with you too?
    All is fine here.. Enjoying every new dawn LOL.. and Just BEing! for a change.. Loving it.. xxx ❤


    • Hi DW…Yes, every post I read from you these days speaks to your pleasure in being free to just BE and that is so wonderful. You waste nary a minute either. You are going for all life has to offer. I am so glad you are at peace and enjoying things 🙂 Be well my friend. I’ll email soon to touch base. I’ve been enjoying fresh veggies again. It always makes meal time so much more inviting! I’m sure you are enjoying the rewards of your garden as well. Tonight is simple but oh so yum! Having green beans, corn on the cob and sliced tomatoes. Can’t wait. Take care and hugs to you….VK xxoo ❤

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      • Oh so good to know you are harvesting too… I had fresh broccoli today and new potatoes, plus loganberries 🙂 .. we have had rainbow chard, kale, courgettes, .. The green beans still have to grow but we have flowers on them.. but I hope to get peas this weekend.. 🙂 all GOOD and will look out for that email.. it will be good to catch up.. HUGS right on back.. and cant wait for our corn and tomatoes either.. 🙂 xxx ❤

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