Time To Advance Ourselves!

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This is such a tragic happening! Of course because Cecil is now dead after great suffering and yes that is very tragic, but tragic as well to think that here we are in the 21st century and ego driven zealots like this ignorant dentist still take pleasure in killing magnificent, innocent animals. Really? Are we still stuck in this same place after so much struggle to advance our species? Killing ourselves? And that is indeed what we are doing for we are all one. I truly hope this amazingly beautiful beast’s slaughter brings enough awareness to shift us out of this stage of evolution into a higher space where we sincerely care for ALL living beings and stop this seriously sick practice of destruction to pump up ego…So very, very sad! Put your own head on the wall if you want to feel cool…Grrrrrrr….Bless you Cecil. I pray you are at peace now and the pain is over. Thank you for being you. Let us finally put an end to hunting and killing for sport.

Petition….Please sign

9 thoughts on “Time To Advance Ourselves!

    • Hey there lady!!! Good to see you šŸ™‚ Yep, you are so right. I remember hating George Bush to the point I would mute the TV if he came on…I just had such dislike for his evil ways, BUT….because of the awful things he did his outrageous actions opened peoples eyes and God awful Obama is doing the same thing. Now Cecil the lion….The internet is on fire and the anger is rising. I hate so much he died such a terrible death and suffered for so long, but this may well end legal hunting of wild animals. We have to evolve upwards enough to stop finding joy in killing innocent animals. It is barbaric and so UN evolved! This dude is trying to defend himself, but there is nothing to defend. His best bet would be to awaken to his error and go the opposite direction. Fight to end the useless killing. As I keep saying, let him put his own head up on the wall….Its where it belongs….Thanks for sharing the petition….I’ll email soon. Very heavy times right now. Hope all is well with you…..Hugs…VK ā¤


  1. I was unaware of this story until just now VK.. and have read in horror that such hunting by so called intelligent human beings is flaunted in this way.. I signed the petition and followed your links.. A dentist who I hope losers many clients from his hunting actions..
    Sad very sad..
    DW xx


    • Yeah….It’s all over the news here thank Goodness…It just amazes me that people still think this way and are so unevolved…That poor lion suffered for 40 hrs with an arrow in it until this jerk found him and finished him off. Like I said in my post, let them put their own heads up on the wall to satisfy their sick egos…He is already receiving death threats and yes, his practice will suffer greatly I think…People are furious! This world truly tires me out and attempts to break my spirit. So sick of it all! Blessings and hugs to you DW. Thanks for signing šŸ™‚ VK ā¤

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      • Remember VK.. for every one bad deed reported.. I am sure 10 good deeds go without notice.. even more.. its the way of the world.. Chin up.. and keep shining.. Don’t let them grind you down. xxx


      • Remember.. this is why we came. and yes its going to get tough.. but we know we keep smiling, why? because we know its far from the end. and we we came for this very reason.. to help spread the Light and knowledge.. Its always darkest before the Dawn Light.. xxx

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      • Take care in town.. and laughing at the thought of us with flash light entering dark tunnels.. :-).. How about a Search Light! šŸ™‚ mounted on the back of great Truck.. šŸ˜€


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