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What a roller coaster ride I have been on lately. Up one hill and down into a valley, inside me and outside me, into the world and way far out of it. It has been surreal to say the least. I am certain there are many others out there who have been on this same journey as I recently. It is inevitable, if we are to heal ourselves, become whole and move forward. It just is what we have to do, no questions asked, face it head on and survive it. The main issue on my journey has been money and survival. Both very huge fears to face, and I’ve learned a great deal. It was during this learning process that I suddenly realized a grave need that we light workers probably all have. All people probably have it actually. We need to find a way to not only escape the toxic grip money has over the world as well as our own worlds, but a place to gather together to learn how to break this illusion drowning us all. It is all an illusion, money was created by the Dark to control the people, make themselves money and most importantly steal the people’s power. Lets face it, we all seem to be hooked by the belief we can’t make it in this world without money. That in itself takes away the power from ourselves because we believe that nonsense.

Money, its death grip and its powerful control meme it instills in us, was created a very long time ago with an agenda and not a good agenda mind you. As always the Dark has a brilliant way of spinning their messages so it convinces the people what they are doing is for our good and the good of the world. Who knew words when arranged into sentences could hold so much power but they can and they do. We are victims of the continual word games and spin they put forth daily. It wasn’t too long ago that the creation of killing massacres around the country were contrived with the end result of convincing the people gun control( confiscation) was necessary for a peaceful resolution. We bought it for a while back when we were still sound asleep to truth. Well, we have awakened and we can see the true agenda behind their chant for gun control. They want nothing more than to take away our guns rendering us all helpless. Nope! It isn’t going to work any longer. We are onto the word spin they create and we have closed our ears.

The giant and grand illusion they created long, long ago was the meme ” You have to have money to exist in this world.” We bought it hook, line and sinker and now have been paying dearly for that belief by being slaves to our masters. I mean think about it! The Native Americans and early settlers didn’t have paper or metal money and yet they were able to survive. Certainly the animal kingdom and the environment don’t pay to live on earth, only WE pay to live on earth. Why? They all survived by helping one another, sharing and caring for all. We have grown way to big now, we have adopted the ” This is MINE” attitude, we have constructed walls both physically and mentally to create boundaries, we have grown apart rather than grown together, we dwell upon ourselves rather than think about others. The world that was constructed around us was not one of freedom but one constructed to keep us in and under control. The Dark kept creating word speak that was soft and fuzzy and of course ‘was for our own good’…Year after year, decade after decade, century after century we bought into the fabrication of ‘this is what life is all about. Money.’

It has never felt RIGHT to me ever. Since very, very young I have bucked the system, not to be belligerent, but because I could never see the truth of the story that I was being told. I certainly don’t now! I mean really? We should work 9-5 everyday, five or six days a week and not LIVE our lives as Creator intended? Do you honestly believe Creator put us on earth to work, earn money, eat then sleep our lives away never appreciating his creations? It is clearly obvious now what the agenda is that we have been stuck with. We have allowed ourselves to fall for the belief that money is powerful, necessary and mandatory for survival. This is where we have been hooked like fish dangling on the end of the fishing line. There has to be a way to get back to surviving and living a happy life without money. To be able to do that is to truly escape the Matrix and be free. The very thing the Dark fights so hard to keep us from doing. Once one mouse finds its way out of the cage eventually they all will if the hole is not plugged up. They are desperately trying to plug the hole believe me. Way too many are finding the hole now.

So this is our quest now I believe. Awaken others yes, but also to find ways to live and survive without money but most importantly, TOGETHER! We can’t do this on our own. This brings to mind the 1960’s communes they loved to raid and tear apart. Why? To bring the mice who had escaped back to the trap and keep the illusion going. The illusion is getting ready to implode any day now as is the financial system. Soon many will be without money, not just I, and we need to be figuring out ways to survive, live and love without it. We cannot do this alone, it will require community thinking and assisting one another. It will require us to let go of the illusion of division by race, gender, religion etc. and see one another as OURSELVES. We need to create a place online where people can go to join together and brainstorm with others and find ways to live life free of the money restrictions and create community. I am certain it can be done and it is a good place where we should all be putting our energies now instead of worrying and being afraid playing out our parts in the old paradigm. It is time to break free, shatter old beliefs and start anew…

Blessings and good luck to us all,


Doing The work…

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I have been faced with several heavy issues lately and at times the issues seemed overwhelming and suffocating. It brought up every fear I have ever harbored within and left me feeling vulnerable, at times victimized. I didn’t like feeling that at all, and so I had to figure out a way to get beyond these discomforting feelings.  At first I felt myself thrown into panic and overwhelm, it all seemed more than my mind was willing to accept, I often felt like a caged animal in a trap. This was exhausting and not helping me at all, so something had to change. I do a great deal of what I call ‘inside work’. Instead of reading a book, watching TV, listening to quiet music etc. I will sit in silence with a pad of paper and a pen and begin to ask myself questions. Why do I feel this or that? Where did this feeling originate from? If I break this feeling down what is the core issue that is creating it? Not only does this process eventually bring me answers, you get to really know who you are. I believe this is a problem many are facing today, not truly knowing themselves inside and out. We may feel things and  struggle with those feelings, but how often do we ask ourselves where those feelings came from and why?

I think there are many things we don’t do, not because we don’t want to, but because we simply don’t think to do them. I remember once thinking I saw something fly by the moon, but in heaven’s name what could be that big that I would see it? I grabbed my binoculars and took a look and was startled by what the moon looked like just a bit closer up. In all the years I’d lived, it never occurred to me to look at the moon through binoculars. It can be the same for how we work on ourselves as well. What questions to ask ourselves that never entered our minds, how we figure out to deal with issues so they are not overwhelming. What occurs to me may not occur to you. This is what the value of sharing is all about, sharing inspiring new ways of thinking and seeing so that change and improvement can take place allowing us all to move forward.

I recently read a book called Small Move, Big Change by Caroline Arnold. What a simple yet profound book of wisdom. She essentially shows you ways to make small changes in your life that will lead to greater change overall. She calls it the Microsolution System. A complete set of rules, models and examples to help you master the art of instant and sustainable self-improvement. It really is a great book and inspires one into finally feeling they can make change and be successful at it! It certainly took away my feelings of overwhelm and replaced it with the knowing I could make changes and never go back to what was. These are all the small steps we all need to be taking right now to become more secure and trusting in who we are and what we can accomplish. For far too long many in the world have followed along with the herd doing what the a Government says is best and NOT thinking for ourselves. It has caused us to become disconnected from our essence. If we are to win this battle for light and love we must be strong and know who we are and what we can become.

It is time to set aside the technology for a short while and just sit and be with ourselves and the silence of the universe. That is where we will find the answers to many of our questions. A good example of a Caroline’s Microsolution for our technology filled lives might be to make a pact with yourself. Nothing too big or you will never stay committed to it. So start small like committing to saving one of your weekend days to go technology free every weekend or even half a day to start. It takes 6-8 weeks to create a habit that will stick so be vigilant. Often times while partaking in our commitment we begin to like what we are doing, our time away from computers and iphones  for example. Sometimes we enjoy it so much we extend our time frames to include more time to do what we are doing.

So write down a list of habits you would like to change to become a better and healthier person. Once you have the list choose two of them and begin your work of changing them by the Microsolution way. It is manageable and the end result can do nothing but inspire you to do more as you begin to change into the person you have dreamed about being. Give it try. Self improvement is a wonderful journey with great rewards if you are willing to stick with it. Best of luck…

Blessings to us all,



While we are all waiting for whatever the end of this long journey will bring for the planet, let us seriously ask ourselves ” What would you do to save your world?” It is time we find the answers and take action, no more waiting. [ Quote by Kerry Muzzey]

Critical Times…

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I am certain we all are well aware of the continual chaos that seems to blanket the world right now. A day doesn’t go by that we aren’t hearing about some new catastrophe unfolding either here or abroad. It seems never-ending. Indeed these are very chaotic and critical times for the planet. Most everyone you talk to is speaking about this fall  as being the time frame for the inevitable final battle we must engage in for the light and love to finally prevail over the darkness that has been suffocating us for so long now. It is so important for each and every one of us to center our intentions on positive thinking as so many seem to be experiencing a great deal of fear of scarcity and a lack of safety right now. This is all by our oppressors design and our true battle as we near the end is to not fall into fear and doubt but rather to rise above such thinking and secure ourselves in the power of TRUST.

So many things we have taken for granted on life’s journey as always being there for us and being stability in our lives, have been shattered. For many it seems as if the ground beneath our feet is constantly shifting and throwing us off-balance and into turmoil. It is trust that will help us win this battle in the end. Trust and belief in ourselves first and foremost. Propaganda and conditioning over decades and decades have left many doubting themselves and certainly the insane antics of what has been called business as usual in Washington has had a huge impact on people’s ability to trust anything any more. It is glaringly obvious when one looks at the polls in our Presidential race. Many of the top front-runners are people with no political backgrounds at all. The people are shouting out loudly and clearly to Washington. We will no longer tolerate business as usual, no more career politicians and their lies, their divisive partisanship and their inability to do what the people ask of them. It is almost over if we keep our intentions to end all of this insanity firmly in our minds. We must not waver.

We need to remain aware and awake and most importantly be willing to look at the truth head on and stop all of our denial of what is happening, regardless of how fearful that may seem to us. Sheltering safely in denial is what has brought us to this critical juncture in life. This is our final battle coming up and it will demand our trust, our ability to accept the truth and great strength in being able to push aside fear. Part of the truth we must swallow is the understanding that fear is being manufactured at an alarming rate and tossed at us with the specific goal of wearing us down and destroying our trust. We must trust that we know better, that we can see through all of the deceit and to know and deeply believe there is more to life than what we have been told. We are such powerful beings created with love in our hearts and a caring for all those around us. We are not separate as we have been brainwashed into believing, color means nothing except as a political tool to divide us and weaken us. That is not who we are at our cores and we are beginning to understand this now. It is what drives us forward to gain our freedom to finally discover who we TRULY are.

As we quickly head towards the light at the end of this dark tunnel we have been stumbling through, it is critical we maintain positive thoughts, hopeful thoughts and brave thoughts of becoming better than we are now. We must allow ourselves to be inspiring both to ourselves and to each other and take hold of that divine knowing inside that we were meant for greatness, that beneath all of the lies we have been told we choose to see the truth of humanity, that it is good and caring if given the chance. That is the true core to all of this chaos. We have never been given the chance to become who we really are, to shine our light and relish in the thought that we can be whomever we choose to be, better and brighter than ever before. We are not the war and death and scarcity we have been taught. That is who our oppressors are. We are just the opposite! Let us all shine up our tarnished stars within and shine our radiant light outward into the darkness and create hope for all. Please remember, don’t fall into hating our oppressors either, as that creates negative thinking and negative frequency, and besides, the stars can’t shine without darkness…

Blessings to us all,