I think it is important for everyone to be aware of the dangers festering within the new Windows 10 that has just come out. So many people jump at the latest available in the technology world but so few take the time to really dig deep and find the truth regarding the latest development they are getting ready to purchase. Please take time to read and save yourself a lot of grief later on down the road. Here is the article:

5 thoughts on “FYI…

  1. I’m using 10, VK, and I’ve deactivated everything that I can deactivate. Including the ability to add pictures to my pictures folder… but it’s OK. I’ve given myself permission to do so again now. There will be teething problems, I suppose… I’ll have to wait and see!


  2. Not only that, but having installed the upgrade by mistake (I clicked on the little icon to see what was up & the install just started with no way to stop it), I decided to give it a spin… first the privacy issue(s), which took time to set ‘off’… then, the interface is what’s called ‘flat’ so it looks like an old system (but that’s only visual, so ok)… but worse, on my semi-customized system things didn’t work right… programs (speedfan) put into start menu did not start… others came up with errors on start (autohotkeys) but worked after some (unknown) delay – or if I started without any windows showing (all minimized)… sounds played at about 1/2 volume of similar settings in win7… mouse events (clicking) seemed delayed somehow so a click here & then there turned out to be a double click here… no favorites in start menu (only recently used) and folders within folders show all items in parent folder… there’s more, but suffice to say that IMHO win10 is not ready for prime time… needless to say, after 2 days of messing around with it I deleted it and restored my win7 setup… I will not be migrating to win10 but instead will be learning & moving to linux (either xubuntu ot linuxmint)…


    • Jeez Sprinkle!!! Talk about things going wrong! Sorry to hear that happened. Glad you deleted it and went back to the old. I don’t know enough about computers to get Linux but most I know love it. It does require computer knowledge however. Go for it! Get Bill Gates off your computer and run free and wild. His systems are nothing but Govt back doors to spy on all of us. He is such an evil soul…I hope he gets whats coming to him one day…Good luck!!! VK


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