This is very interesting. I choose to see this through positive eyes and hope this new area of space we are now inhabiting with its higher energy, will help us achieve our goal to evolve to a higher consciousness and eventually peace. We seem to be getting a little help from our friends. Thanks to KP.

4 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. All are one… πŸ™‚ And I have also noted how the evenings are drawing in ever faster.. I would be outside playing in daylight this time of night some 50 years ago.. Now it’s nearly dark… something has shifted πŸ™‚


    • Hey DW….yeah, we are definitely in a new sector of space. You can see it and sense it if you are paying attention and staying in the moment. More would be experiencing this if they were not falling for the distractions but rather living in the moment. Their loss…It is quite something to take note of all the new things. The politicians are trying to cram climate change down our throats blaming all of us and wanting to make drastic changes to laws and stuff that will cripple business etc. Wake up you fools! It is not US, it is where our planet is positioned in the universe…..Grrrrr…It always saddens me when the fall approaches and the days become so much shorter…I love fall but it is the grand announcer of winter! Oh NO !!!!!! VK ❀ xxoo


  2. Now that was an interesting watch, VK!
    It makes sense that we’re in a new part of space… we’re constantly moving, and the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies are on a collision course also… which will be more of a merging I would say, rather than a cataclysmic crash, so we are bound to come into contact with these new energies. If we think properly, and use them wisely I think it would be a good thing. As we’re constantly changing, we’re constantly evolving, and so is the space around us.


    • This is what the whole spiritual surge has been about TL and the raising of our consciousness. We are getting help from this new location’s energies in waking up and moving forward. Lets hope it hurries up and completes our task with us. Time to shed this old paradigm!!! VK πŸ™‚


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